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PUBLISHER: Andrzej Brzezinski & Marek Kosznik
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 or compatible with 512KB of memory
RECOMMENDED: expanded memory and/or disk cache software


Easy Comm is an easy-to-use, general purpose, communication program for
IBM PC compatible microcomputers. Easy Comm allows communicating with
remote computers through the modem or through the direct link (COM port).
All functions of Easy Comm can be selected either from pull-down menus or
by pressing short-cut keys.


Easy Comm is a general purpose communication program. Easy Comm
allows communicating with remote computers through the modem or through the
direct link (COM port). You can upload files to or download files from the
remote system using one of the several built-in file transfer protocols
(XModem, YModem, YModemG, ZModem, ASCII). Emulation of ANSI and VT100
terminals is supported by Easy Comm. Another useful feature is a 10-screen
buffer for a modem window which allows you viewing the last 10 screens of
the modem window text. Connecting with a remote system is very easy - just
add a new entry to the dial directory if it does not exist, set all the
required parameters including the phone number, and press Alt-D. All new
entries in the dial directory will be automatically stored on your disk. A
chat mode is a convenient way of conducting a dialog with a remote system
user. Auto-login feature of Easy Comm allows you to write simple scripts
for automatic logging in to remote systems. Modem control strings can be
customized for your modem requirements.

Easy Comm also has a built-in, very flexible, text editor. It allows
editing multiple files simultaneously. Each file will be opened in a
separate window. Most functions can be selected from pull-down menus so you
do not have to remember any commands (using mouse). More experienced users
can invoke many commands with a single or double-key stroke (hot keys). If
you have a problem or are not sure about something you can use a
context-sensitive, on-line help by pressing F1 key.

You can customize some features of Easy Comm. You can change the colors of
edit windows, dialog boxes and other elements of the user interface.

Easy Comm allows printing files. You can define various printer settings
in a Print Options dialog box. You can also define headers and footers.


Individual users may freely copy this disk and share it with friends
and family.
Nonprofit groups (including user groups and BBSs) may distribute copies
of this disk. A fee of no more than $5 may be charged to cover disk copying
costs. If the files on this disk have dates more than a year old, we
request that you contact us for a free upgrade to the current version.
Disk distributors and dealers must have written permission before selling
copies of this disk. When you contact us, you will receive a free copy of
the latest version and you will be placed on our mailing list to receive
updates as they are released. Disk distributors may charge no more than $10
per disk for copies of this software. If, as a distributor, you supply
copies to other resellers, the end price to the user may not exceed $10.
Ayone distributing copies of this software, whether for profit or as a
nonprofit organizition, must conform to the following:
The files on each disk may not be modified or adapted in any way. All of
the files provided on the disk must be distributed together. Individual
files or groups of files may not be sold separately. Additional files may
be added and this software may be combined on a disk with other programs.
This software may not be represented as anything other than shareware and
the shareware concept must be explained in any ad or catalog that includes
this software and on any packaging used to display the disk.
You must immediately stop selling/distributing copies of this disk upon
notice from the authors.

REGISTRATION: $35.00 (for a single computer)

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Archive   : ECOMM225.ZIP
Filename : VENDOR.TXT

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