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Comm program with editor/calculator/Xmodem/Ymodem and mouse.
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Comm program with editor/calculator/Xmodem/Ymodem and mouse.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ASADREAD.TXT 596 359 deflated
ATT.BGI 6348 4417 deflated
CGA.BGI 6332 4383 deflated
COPYRGHT.TXT 138 55 deflated
DESCRIPT.TXT 2661 1266 deflated
ECMANUAL.TXT 53240 16440 deflated
ECOMM.DIR 2831 1011 deflated
ECOMM.DSK 107 80 deflated
ECOMM.EXE 87232 46781 deflated
ECOMM.HLP 107489 30476 deflated
ECOMM.OVR 355375 142449 deflated
EGAVGA.BGI 5554 4021 deflated
FORM1.TXT 1380 513 deflated
FORM2.TXT 1673 575 deflated
HERC.BGI 6204 4368 deflated
IBM8514.BGI 6665 3434 deflated
LICENSE.DOC 4040 1795 deflated
PC3270.BGI 6012 4196 deflated
README.TXT 2023 919 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 2677 1110 deflated
VENDOR.TXT 4530 2049 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file


This file contains important information regarding Easy Comm version 2.5.
Please read it carefully.


Easy Comm comes with the following files:
- README.TXT: this file;
- DESCRIPT.TXT: short description of Easy Comm for shareware distributors;
- REGISTER.TXT: registration instructions;
- FORM1.TXT: registration form for a single-computer registration;
- FORM2.TXT: registration form for a multiple-computer and network
- VENDOR.TXT: information for software distributors and BBS SysOps;
- ECMANUAL.TXT: a text file containing the manual;
- LICENSE.DOC: discription of Shareware concept, Warranty;
- ECOMM.EXE: program file;
- ECOMM.HLP: help file;
- ECOMM.OVR: program file (overlayed code);
- ECOMM.RES: Easy Comm resource file;
- ECOMM.DSK: Easy Comm desktop file;
- ECOMM.DIR: Easy Comm directory file;
- ATT.BGI, CGA.BGI, EGAVGA.BGI, IBM8514.BGI, PC3270.BGI: graphics drivers.

If you used any of the older versions of Easy Comm (< 2.5), make sure you have
removed ecomm.opt and all ecomm.dsk files. The new options and desktop files
are not compatible with the old ones. If you do not remove the old ecomm.opt
and ecomm.dsk warning messages will be displayed: "Error reading Options
file." and "Error reading Desktop file.".

We recommend that you add Easy Comm directory to the PATH statement in your
AUTOEXEC.BAT file e.g.:

For a better performance we recommend that you install expanded memory and
a disk cache software if possible.

If you want to use a File|Run Spelling Checker command you must have a
separate Spelling Checker program e.g. Share Spell by Acropolis Software.

Easy Comm
(c) Copyright 1991, 1992
Andrzej Brzezinski & Marek Kosznik
All rights reserved

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