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Archive   : DSZ0202X.ZIP
Filename : EXE_READ.ME

Output of file : EXE_READ.ME contained in archive : DSZ0202X.ZIP

Current versions of DSZ.EXE are compiled on the Xenix to DOS cross
compiler from the same source files as DSZ.COM.

The .EXE version requires more memory than the .COM version.

It is included for the following reasons:

1. It is slightly faster than the .COM version when used on
4.77 mHz PC's at 19200 bps. Noticeably faster at 115kb on
6/8 MHz AT machines.

The .EXE version uses macro expansions instead of subroutine
calls for CRC calculations, the compilation is speed optimized,
and the MS library routines may be faster than their TurboC

2. The .EXE version allows B parameter values up to 16384.
If you are having problems with overruns on disk writes
(Line Status Register 02 error) try the following if
"handshake slow" doesn't help:
dsz pB16384 z pl16384 t
dsz pB16384 z pl16384 rz

3. Some bulletin board interfaces are "hard wired" to
use the .EXE version in various mysterious ways.

Please refer to DSZ.DOC, part of DSZ.ZIP for information on how to run
this program.

NOTE: DOS searches for .COM programs before it searches for .EXE
programs, even if an extension is specified! This causes unexpected
results if you have both DSZ.COM and DSZ.EXE. Some versions of DOS
will pick even if you give dsz.exe on the command line!