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Memory Resident Drop - DTR. By Deepak Jain June, 1990 v2

This program, along with all it accompanying files are copyrighted by Deepak
Jain, with all rights strictly reserved by Deepak Jain. Further, this program,
along with its accompanying files are distributed with no warranty expressed
or implied. This program is distributed under the concept of Shareware ,
with all legal responsibilities of its use under Shareware being passed on to
you, the user. This program may not be modified without the written permission
of Deepak Jain, and to do so may risk prosecution under the law. Site Licenses
are available if needed, please direct all inquiries regarding such to the
address below.

To Register Drop-DTR please send check in the amount of ($15 US) to:

Deepak Jain
5443 Hound Hill Ct
Columbia, MD 21045

Along with your name, date of birth, address and telephone number.

To Register Drop-Dtr and receive free updates [mailed to you] along with
a list of all other software written by Deepak Jain mail ($30 US) to same


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5568 Implode 3974 29% 06-06-90 16:34 0163be15 --w DROP-DTR.EXE
3728 Implode 2653 29% 06-06-90 16:34 5408f27e --w DROP-MOD.EXE
------ ------ --- -------
9296 6627 29% 2

Memory Resident Drop-Dtr is a program that does just that, drops DTR by hotkey.

To install Drop-Dtr in memory, just run it with the command line parameter
for comport [1-4]. To use it, hit Alt-Right Shift and a message should appear
on your screen to tell you that it has been executed. This is a fairly well-
mannered TSR, which occupies only 4 vectors, but to help insure its consistent
reliability, it may be best to run it as the LAST TSR loaded.

The second program included is DROP-MOD, this is just an extra program which
will modify the 2 vectors that DROP-DTR uses to maintain the comport, this is
especially helpful if you change the ports you operate your modem on. It can
be run with or without parameters, when run with the comport designator, it
will change DROP-DTR to function on that comport, otherwise it will tell you
what comport DROP-DTR is already on.

If you have any problems/questions/comments please direct them to me on
Programmer's Corner - 301/596-1180.

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Archive   : DROP-DTR.ZIP
Filename : DROP-DTR.DOC

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