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Send modem commands from the DOS command line or in a batch file.
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Send modem commands from the DOS command line or in a batch file.
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Donavon Kuhn Jon Niedfeldt
4518 Beau Monde Drive #202 1595 Waldorth Ct
Lisle, IL 60532 Wheaton, IL 60187
ID0007 (Gene Plantz's BBS)
You may use these programs for whatever purpose you like.
Distribute them freely and include them with other packages.

I'm not even going to lower myself by asking for donations
like some other people do.

o DTR allows you to raise and lower DTR on any of the active
communications ports. Use the form:


The default is COM1:. DTR must be active for your modem
to accept commands.

o AT allows you to send commands to your Smartmodem. Make
sure to set the baud rate on the serial port selected
with the DOS command MODE. The default settings for each
communications port are 2400,N,8,1. Use the form:

AT [COM1:|COM2:|COM3:|COM4:] command string

The default is COM1:. Ex: 'AT Z' will cause the modem
to reset. Also note you will not see the 'OK' response
from the modem.

o The following batch file will cause the modem attached to
COM1: to reset.


o The following batch file will call Sportsline here in Chicago
(so you can check up on the Cubbies).

AT DT9761313;

Later the command: 'AT H0' will hang up the phone.

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