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Allows DOS machine to be controlled via COM Port (RS232). Works with other PC's, C64, etc.
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Allows DOS machine to be controlled via COM Port (RS232). Works with other PC’s, C64, etc.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AUTOEXEC.BAT 2233 898 deflated
CONFIG.SYS 109 87 deflated
DOSSYS 0 0 stored
40.DOC 425 254 deflated
CED.CFG 1331 637 deflated
CED.COM 7156 3979 deflated
DISC.EXE 12139 7790 deflated
DOS.DOC 1715 739 deflated
DUMMY.COM 5 5 stored
END.EXE 12087 7814 deflated
GATE 0 0 stored
DOSGATE.SYS 10706 3304 deflated
HELP.DOC 1487 637 deflated
HELP.EXE 10043 6271 deflated
INFO.DOC 580 337 deflated
NOTES.DOC 610 352 deflated
RUN.DOC 311 175 deflated
SORRY.COM 125 118 deflated
START.EXE 13641 8709 deflated
TALK.EXE 7901 5077 deflated
TOOLS 0 0 stored
CED.DOC 70472 19104 deflated
DOSATTR.EXE 9705 5969 deflated
DOSGATE.DOC 21860 7861 deflated
DOSMAIL.DOC 3796 1480 deflated
FILES.DOC 3035 1236 deflated
MAINTAIN.EXE 22811 14114 deflated
PURGE.EXE 22887 14146 deflated
URGENT.DOC 1964 1012 deflated
WELCOME.DOC 114 107 deflated
MAILSYS 0 0 stored
KILL.EXE 24141 14757 deflated
LIST.EXE 23149 14275 deflated
MAIL.DOC 1704 781 deflated
READ.EXE 25963 15653 deflated
SEND.EXE 24729 15138 deflated
READ.ME 1565 765 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


The directory 'DOSSYS\TOOLS' contains files and documentation that SHOULD NOT
BE LEFT ON YOUR SYSTEM where remote users can gain access to them.

See the files in the DOSSYS\TOOLS directory for documentation on the system.

Be sure not to install ANY of these files on your system. Keep them on
a SEPARATE diskette so that a remote user cannot stumble on them.

Also, DO NOT leave THIS FILE on your system where a REMOTE user can find it!

You must read all .DOC files and make changes needed for your system, many
of the files are supplied as examples for you.

Please become VERY familliar will all the documentation and executable files
on this system BEFORE you try to install the DOSGATE system and let remote
users access your system!!!

See the example AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files on this disk. The
AUTOEXEC.BAT has a lot of comments in it that may help you (and can be
removed in your final version).

Check the entries in the CED.CFG file that is supplied, understand what each
entry is for. Some may not apply to your system, and are provided as an

For a successful DOSGATE implementation that remote users can use, you must
HIDE certain files and subdirectories from the user. The DOSATTRIB command
has been supplied to allow you to do this. Read ALL DOCUMENTATION to be
sure that you understand what should be hidden from the users. Files
such as CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT and the MAILSYS, and DOSSYS directories
should be hidden! Again: READ ALL DOCUMENTATION!!!

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