Category : Communication (modem) tools and utilities
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The following commands may be useful to DOSGATE users:

DIR Give a list of the files in the current drive and directory.
Note: An entry '..' in the directory listing is an easy method
to access the 'parent' directory'.

CD Change Directory - This is used to set the current working directory.
Special cases:
CD \ <-- This will select the root directory on the current
CD .. <-- This will move the current directory up one level
to the 'parent' directory.

TYPE Used for reading text files.
DO NOT USE for files with the extention .EXE, .COM, .SYS!!!!!
Usually for reading .DOC, .MSG, or .TXT files.
Note the length of the file (by using the DIR command) so as
have an idea as to how long the file is, you might want to
wait for a quiet time before reading long files.
Note: An 80 Column by 25 Line display is 2,000 bytes.

CTRL-C Used to abort a program that is running. Try and use the programs exit
method, and only use CTRL-C when you have to.
NOTE: To enter this via packet you will have to enter CTRL-V CTRL-C on
your TNC, (for most TAPR compatible TNC's). Remember that you
will also have to hit RETURN to send the packet. This should
abort most programs.
Remember, if you are running a program that has a lot of
output, and you need to hit CTRL-C, a lot of data may be
buffered and waiting in the TNC to be sent to you....

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Archive   : DOSGT114.ZIP
Filename : DOS.DOC

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