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Copyright (c) 1987

Rich Bono, NM1D
7 Redfield Circle
Derry, New Hampshire 03038

This document describes DOSGATE version 1.6

DOSGATE is a system which allows an industry standard MS-DOS computer
to be controlled via an RS-232 serial port. The port is considered to
be a remote user. The traditional console of the machine is still in
complete control and can supervise and disable/enable the remote user
at will. There is a simple 'Chat' mode that may be entered from the
console to allow 'talking' with the remote user to give assistance or
instructions. In addition to chat mode, there is a simple terminal
emulator to allow control of a modem or other device connected to the
serial port.

The remote user may be connected directly with an RS-232 terminal,
via a modem over telephone lines, or with a TNC for remote operation
via radio!

The local console may still be used for any software
that normally runs. The remote user is capable of running any
software that calls only MS-DOS (int 21h) system calls. Any software
that by-passes MS-DOS and interfaces with the BIOS or directly with the
hardware for I/O will not be usable by the remote user.

This version of DOSGATE is being distributed as SHAREWARE. You are
allowed to use DOSGATE on a trial basis for a limited period of time.
After the trial period, you must register your use of DOSGATE with the
author ($20). Remember, DOSGATE is NOT in the public domain, and as
such it is NOT free software. You may give a copy of DOSGATE to others
as long as you do NOT make any profit from doing so (OK to distribute
via USENET, COMPUSERVE, and other networks).

This distribution of dosgate is three files:


The files in each .ARC file should be installed on a
diskette in the subdirectories shown. This way, the
documentation will match the file system.

Basically the file system is set up as follows:

\ (root) Contains {from DOSGATE1.ARC}
DOSSYS (hidden directory, see .DOCs)
MAILSYS (hidden directory, see .DOCs)

\DOSSYS contains {from DOSGATE2.ARC}
see filelist below

\DOSSYS\GATE contains {from DOSGATE3.ARC}

\DOSSYS\TOOLS contains {from DOSGATE4.ARC}
see filelist below
(note: Don't install these files
on your DOSGATE system,

\MAILSYS contains {from DOSGATE5.ARC}
see filelist below

ARC version 5.12 was used to create these files

DOSGATE1.ARC contains the following files:
(mostly files for the root directory)

README 1ST 5114 12-09-88 8:17a
AUTOEXEC BAT 1986 12-08-88 2:23p
READ ME 485 12-08-88 1:46p
CONFIG SYS 109 12-08-88 1:40p

DOSGATE2.ARC contains the following:
(main DOSGATE files)

DISC EXE 12155 11-25-88 6:20p
END EXE 9837 11-25-88 6:20p
START EXE 12807 11-25-88 6:21p
TALK EXE 7901 11-25-88 6:20p
CED COM 7156 12-06-85 1:18p
HELP EXE 9979 11-25-88 6:20p
SORRY COM 125 12-08-88 2:03p
DOS DOC 1715 12-08-88 1:33p
EDLIN DOC 1014 12-08-88 1:34p
CED CFG 1323 12-08-88 1:53p
HELP DOC 1487 12-08-88 1:22p
INFO DOC 2170 12-08-88 1:36p
NOTES DOC 610 12-08-88 1:38p
RUN DOC 311 12-08-88 1:37p
40 DOC 425 12-08-88 1:38p
WELCOME DOC 200 12-08-88 1:32p

Directory of \DOSSYS\GATE

DOSGATE3.ARC contains the following:

DOSGATE EXE 10172 11-25-88 5:53p

DOSGATE4.ARC contains the following:
(Note: These files are NOT to be installed on your
system where remote users can get at them,
read the .DOC files!)

Directory of DOSSYS\TOOLS

PURGE EXE 19673 11-25-88 6:06p
DOSGATE DOC 15934 12-08-88 1:09p
FILES DOC 2128 12-08-88 1:12p
URGENT DOC 1964 12-08-88 1:43p
CED DOC 70472 12-06-85 4:38p
DOSMAIL DOC 3112 12-08-88 1:04p

DOSGATE3.ARC contains:
(DOSMAIL system)

Directory of \MAILSYS

1 MSG 230 11-25-88 6:14p
INDEX MSG 95 11-25-88 6:14p
LIST EXE 19935 11-25-88 6:11p
READ EXE 22895 11-25-88 6:10p
SEND EXE 21637 11-25-88 6:05p
MAIL DOC 1557 12-08-88 1:29p

See the .DOC files for information in setting up the system.

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