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This MAIL system is fairly simple to use, there are only 3 commands.
To SEND mail to someone use the command SEND as follows:


Where NM1D is the person to whom you would like the mail addressed
to. If you don't specify an ID, you will be prompted for it. You
may also be prompted for your ID, if so please provide it. 'ID' may
be a maximum of 8 characters!
The following characters are ILLEGAL in an ID: " - \ / + | * ? . > < "

You will be prompted for a subject, simply enter a short (1 line)
couple of words to describe the contents of the message that you
are going to enter. ie: Help needed on 'C' programming.

Then you will be prompted for the message. Enter the message a line
at a time (ending each line with your RETURN or ENTER key). When
you are ready to end your message, enter CONTROL-Z (press and hold
down your CONTROL key, then press the letter 'Z') to end the message.

To READ your mail use the command READ as follows:

or READ ALL to read MAIL addressed to ALL
or READ 1 to read MAIL message number 1

Please delete your mail when you have read it. You will be asked if
you want you mail deleted, answer yes for the system to delete your
mail for you.

To LIST pending mail use the command:

LIST to list all messages
or LIST ALL to list messages to ALL
or LIST NM1D to list messages addressed to NM1D
or LIST -fN1CRZ to list messages from N1CRZ
or LIST -sDOSGATE to list messages with the word 'DOSGATE' in the subject

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Archive   : DOSGAT16.ZIP
Filename : MAIL.DOC

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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