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"Welcome to the machine"


This system consists of a an 8088 based micro-computer,
it currrently has 640K ram, two 10 megabyte hard disk drives,
and a Kantronics TNC running through an ICOM IC-275. The
operating system is MS-DOS (similar to PC-DOS). The TNC is
connected via a serial port at 1200 baud and is paralleled with
the "system console" via "DOSGATE", a software device driver
which allows the SYS-OP to monitor and control the remote user

Currently available:

DOSMAIL - Type HELP MAIL for info.
HELP - A simple guide to the system.

Other programs will be made available for use as they
are deemed useful to the packet community. If there is
something that you would like to see, ask for it!!

If you wish to write programs for this system, please
keep the following points in mind:

1 - The program MUST NOT BE HARDWARE SPECIFIC in any way
and it must make only generic MS-DOS function
calls for I/O. If you don't know what this
means, ASK!!!

2 - The program must not perform any graphics or escape
sequences. This allows the program to be used
by the majority of packet users.

If you want to talk to the SYSOP, use the TALK utility.
To exit talk hit CTRL-Z. You may have to get the SYSOP's attention
somehow, Try hitting a few control-G's. If you get no
response in a short time, be sure and exit with CTRL-Z!

When done with any of the programs, PLEASE be sure
you are at the operating system level (you will see the
DOSGATE prompt) so that the next user will enter at the
same place that you did. Also, BE SURE YOU GET A PROPER
DISCONNECT message!!! If you do-not, this system will not allow
the next user on line.

Enjoy the system . . .

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Archive   : DOSGAT16.ZIP
Filename : INFO.DOC

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