Category : Communication (modem) tools and utilities
Archive   : DOSGAT16.ZIP
Filename : FILES.DOC

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FILES.DOC - documentation for distribution files.

The following files are included in the DOSGATE distribution:

DOSGATE.EXE - This is the main DOSGATE driver. It is to be installed
from the CONFIG.SYS file. See DOSGATE.DOC for more info.

LIST.EXE - These programs belong to the DOSMAIL system. They depend on
SEND.EXE the envionment variable MSG to be set to the drive and
READ.EXE directory to be specified correctly. See DOSMAIL.DOC.

START.EXE - This program is executed when a user connects.
See dosgate.doc.

END.EXE - This program is executed when a use disconnects.
See dosgate.doc.

TALK.EXE - This program allows a remote user to 'Chat' with the DOSGATE
sysop. It make use of the 'SYSOP' environment variable.

SORRY.COM - This program simply prints a 'sorry, command not available'
message. This program should be used in place of some of
the commands that the user could use to destroy the system.

HELP.EXE - This is the help utility for DOSGATE. It looks for a file
with the extention of '.DOC'; ie: if the user types 'HELP ME',
HELP.exe will look for the file 'ME.DOC', and if found, give
that to the user a page at a time. If the user simply types
'HELP' then help.exe will look for a file called 'HELP.DOC' and
give that to the user a page at a time. This method allows the
sysop to customize all help files as needed.

The following help files are an example of some help that
are implemented. Note that several files refer to each other.


WELCOME.DOC This file is output to the user when he first connects

CED.COM This public domain program is included AT NO COST.
It is used to set synonyms for various commands.
See the CED.DOC file for information about this command.

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Archive   : DOSGAT16.ZIP
Filename : FILES.DOC

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