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Comset Copyr. 1987-1993 Hank Volpe
P.O. Box 43214
Baltimore MD 21236
Voice : 410-256-5767
BBS : 410-256-3631

US and Canada ordering information
Comset is one of the easiest ways to setup your serial port and modem. With
errorlevels, IRQ selection, 16550A buffer control Comset is powerful too!
Registration is simple. The price for Comset is $10, which includes US
and Canada shipping charges. Payment can be made by Check or Money Order.
We can handle COD's, however all shipping and handling charges for COD's
must be paid by you and arraigned prior to shipment. Maryland residents
should add the sales tax, if appropriate.

International Orders
International Orders should submit a money order payable in US funds. We
cannot accept checks drawn on foreign banks that do not have a US bank
affiliation. International orders should also include $2.00 for shipping
and handling (except Canada where shipping is included).

Remember...shipping is paid for in the US and Canada except for COD's.
International Orders must include $2.00. All payments in US FUNDS, no
checks drawn on a foreign bank that does not have a US affiliation can be

Discount pricing -
Quantity Price Discount
-------- ----- --------
1 - 3 10.00 0 %
4 - 6 9.00 10 %
7 -10 8.50 15 %
11+ 8.00 20 %

Site licenses are also available, for site information please call us at
410-256-5767. There is also a generous dealer discount available for
quantity purchases. Please call the previously listed number for

Updates from Earlier Versions.
If you are a registered user of an earlier version of Comset, you can
update to Version 12.0 for $5.00 (including US and Canada shipping). All
you need to do is include your Comset serial number (on your original disk
or available when you first start Comset) with this form. Please fill out
the serial number information so we can send you the latest version of

Finally, we enjoy reading the letters we receive from you. If you have a
suggestion or a comment for us, drop us a line. The next page contains the
order form. Please fill it out, include your payment and the form. Allow
two to four weeks for delivery via US Mail. Remember, you can always
download the latest version of Comset from the Modem Doctor BBS. Please
call us at 410-256-3631. We support baud rates from 300 -> 16.8kbps and
specialize in communication programs and utilities from many shareware

Comset Ver 12.0 Ordering form
Hank Volpe
P.O. Box 43214
Baltimore MD 21236

Company name (if applicable) ___________________________________________

First Name _________________________ Last Name ________________________

Street _____________________________________________________________

City _____________________ State _________________ Zip __________

Phone # (optional) __________________ Purchase order # ________________


Disk preference 5.25 ___ 3.5 ___

Are you updating from an earlier version? Yes__ No__

If Yes, list the serial number of your copy ____________________________

Please fill in your order request below;

Quantity Price + Sales Tax + Shipping = Total Due
------- ------- ---------- -------- ---------
_______ _______ __________ ________ _________

Please make all checks payable to; Hank Volpe.

Thank you for your order.

Hank Volpe

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Archive   : COMST12.ZIP
Filename : COMORDR.DOC

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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