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This is EXTRA.MAC of COMMOU5F for COMMO50.
These are autologons for various BBSs updated as of 9-30-91.
Courtesy of: Richard Grant ArtWorld BBS! (619)462-6887
{:dmg} {exec del c:\commo\commo.cap} {clear} {setl 60,hng,6,|}
{:dm0} {golo dma,esc} {golo dmb,Name:}
{look Password:} {send %_pas|} {}
{:dma} {send ^[^[} {goto dm0}
{:dmb} {send JONATHAN DEER|} {goto dm0} (First and Last Name)
{:pro} {exec del c:\commo\commo.cap} {clear} {setl 60,hng,6,|}
{:pr2} {golo prf,select} {golo prg,new user}
{look Password} {send %_pas|} {}
{:prf} {send 1|} {goto pr2}
{:prg} {send JONATHAN DEER|} {goto pr2} (First and Last Name)
Micro BBS
{:mbb} {exec del c:\commo\commo.cap} {clear} {setl 60,hng,6,n|}
{:mb0} {golo mba,FIRST name?} {golo mbc,LAST name?}
{look password?} {send %_pas|} {}
{:mba} {send JONATHAN|} {goto mb0} (First Name)
{:mbc} {send DEER|} {goto mb0} (Last Name)

{:tan} {exec del c:\commo\commo.cap} {clear} {setl 60,hng,6,|}
{look Name :} {send ~JONATHAN DEER|} (First and Last Name)
{:ta0} {golo taa,[Y/N]}
{look Password :} {send %_pas|} {}
{:taa} {send Y} {goto ta0}
{:img} {exec del c:\commo\commo.cap} {clear} {setl 60,hng,6,|}
{:im0} {golo ima,IBM Graphics?} {golo imb,ID Number.}
{look Password} {send ~%_pas|} {}
{:ima} {send Y} {goto im0} (Graphics Prompt)
{:imb} {send ~0000|} {goto im0} (Last Four of Phone Number)
Dialog Professional
{:dlg} {exec del c:\commo\commo.cap} {clear} {setl 60,hng,6,|}
{:dl0} {golo dla,Name =>}
{look Password =>} {send %_pas|} {}
{:dla} {send JONATHAN DEER|} {goto dl0} (First and Last Name)
{:lam} {exec del c:\commo\commo.cap} {clear} {setl 60,hng,6,Y|}
{:la0} {golo laa,Username:}
{look Password:} {send %_pas|} {}
{:laa} {send JONATHAN DEER|} {goto la0} (First and Last Name)
{:pbb} {exec del c:\commo\commo.cap} {clear} {setl 60,hng,6,|}
{:pb0} {golo pba,<<--}
{look Password:} {send %_pas|} {}
{:pba} {send JONATHAN DEER|} {goto pb0} (First and Last Name)
{:cis} {setlook 45,hng,2,^c}
{send ^c} {capt y,c:\commo\cis.cap} {asci ,:}
{lookfor User ID:} {send 00000,000|}
{setl 20,hng} {lookfor Password:} {send %_pas|} {}
Elite BBS
{:elt} {exec del c:\commo\commo.cap} {clear} {setl 60,hng,6,|}
{:el0} {golo ela,graphics (y/n)} {golo elb,More..(y/n/s)} {golo elc,login:}
{look Password:} {send %_pas|}
{:el1} {golo eld,Pause...} {golo ele,posts (y/n)} {golo elf,files (y/n)}
{golo elg,More..(y/n/s)}
{look [Main Menu]} {}
{:ela} {send n} {goto el0} (Graphics Prompt)
{:elb} {send n} {goto el0}
{:elc} {send ACCOUNT NUMBER|} {goto el0} (Account Number)
{:eld} {send |} {goto el1}
{:ele} {send n} {goto el1}
{:elf} {send n} {goto el1}
{:elg} {send n} {goto el1}
Procomm Plus Hostmode

{:pph} {exec del c:\commo\commo.cap} {clear} {setl 60,hng,6,|}
{:pp0} {golo ppa,First name} {golo ppb,Last name} {golo ppc,correct (Y/N)}
{look password:} {send %_pas|} {}
{:ppa} {send JONATHAN|} {goto pp0}
{:ppb} {send DEER|} {goto pp0}
{:ppc} {send Y} {goto pp0}
TBBS (Rendevous)
{:tbz} {exec del c:\commo\commo.cap} {clear} {setl 60,hng,6,|}
{look First Name?}
{look Last Name?}
{:tb2} {golo tbi,First Name?} {golo tbj,Last Name?}
{look Password:} {send %_pas|}
{:tb3} {golo tbk,-More-} {golo tbl,Press Any Key}
{look Command:} {}
{:tbi} {send JONATHAN|} {goto tb2} (First Name)
{:tbj} {send USER NUMBER|} {goto tb2} (User Number for Last Name)
{:tbk} {send |} {goto tb3}
{:tbl} {send |} {goto tb3}
Proboard (City Limits)
{:prb} {exec del c:\commo\commo.cap} {clear} {setl 60,hng,6,|}
{:pr3} {golo prh,esc} {golo pri,User Number} {golo prj,last name}
{look Password} {send %_pas|}
{:pr4} {golo prk,[ENTER] to continue} {golo prm,[Enter = Quit]}
{golo prn,more ?}
{look Main} {}
{:prh} {send ^[^[} {goto pr3}
{:pri} {send JONATHAN|} {goto pr3} (First Name)
{:prj} {send DEER|} {goto pr3} (Last Name)
{:prk} {send |} {goto pr4}
{:prm} {send |} {goto pr4}
{:prn} {send n} {goto pr4}