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COMMOU5F contains support files for COMMO50. It consists
basically of popular San Diego BBSs, Autologons, and Protocol
macros. It has been updated as of 9-30-91.
The Autologons can bypass the Front-End Mailer, besides
taking care of the Name, Password, Birthdate, Phone Number,
City, State, Graphics Prompt, Etc. They are designed to take
you all the way to the Main Menu of each BBS. If the macro
in question does not make it to the Main Menu, it will either
run out or can be aborted.
The Protocol macros were tested in a multitasking arena
on a 2400 baud non-MNP modem. Before adjusting any macros,
please consult the applicable documentation. I hope users
will find these files of benefit! For the latest update,
drop me a line at ArtWorld BBS(619-462-6887) in San Diego.

Richard Grant

COMMOU3A, COMMOU4A-4O and COMMOU5A-5E are obsolete!