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ClearPort (c)1988 Steve Sneed Released to the public domain

CLRPORT resets a comm port to non-initialized status. Existing info on
baud rate, parity, etc. is retained, but all control registers are cleared
to off-line status (all interupts disabled, the internal buffer disabled
on the 16550-series UARTs turned off, etc.)


CLRPORT {port} {base address}

Both params are optional. {Port} can be 1 thru 5 - ports 1 thru 4 are at the
standard base addresses (COM1 = 3F8h, COM2 = 2F8h, COM3 = 3E8h, COM4 = 2E8h),
and 5 is definable by adding the base address as the second parameter. You
can also redefine the base address of ports 1 thru 4 by providing the second
parameter. The default is COM1 at the standard address.

The program verifies the existance of the port and then clears the nessessary
registers. Any error is reported and the program aborts.

Steve Sneed
Ozarks West Software
CIS ID 71520,77