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Cedar Island Link Multitasking Telecom Program DV and Win aware.

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Cedar Island Link V3.0d
Elegantly Simple to use MouseBased COMM
program. Supports Zmodem auto & resume,
Ymodem, YmodemG, Xmodem, Xmodem 1KG,
Kermit,ASCII,B+,extern. Scripts,macros.
ScrollBack buffer "Mouse Pass-through"

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Category Communications
Cedar Island Link Multitasking Telecom Program DV and Win aware.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
#README.DOC 1059 564 deflated
1538.DOC 621 348 deflated
CILINK#1.EXE 131108 130910 deflated
CILINK.EXE 169360 162955 deflated
CILINK.SDA 2595 1296 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 358 214 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 18490 17814 deflated

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Contents of the #README.DOC file

You MUST run INSTALL.EXE to properly install Cedar Island Link.



CILINK#1.EXE is a self-extracting archive. The files which are
contained in this archive will get extracted during the install.

Thanks, Mike Caughran
Cedar Island Software
9018 Division St
Juneau Alaska 99801

CompuServ Id: [71034,2371]
InterNet Id: 71034,[email protected]

>>>>> NOTE!!: CompuServe users may register online by typing GO SWREG from
>>>>> NOTE!!: any CompuServe prompt. Registration ID = #1538.

We hope that this convenient procedure will encourage you to
register CILINK. Benefits of registration include:
A remote control program, "Learn-mode" scripts, A GIF image viewer,
A useful batch utility which simplifies the creation of external
protocol batch programs and, of course, The latest registered
version of Cedar Island Link including all program enhancements
and fixes.

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