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CCOLOR Version 1.3 Disk Vendor Documentation

CCOLOR is copyright 1986-1991, by CABER Software (R. Scott McGinnis). All
Rights Reserved. CCOLOR is published by: CABER Software, P.O.Box 3607 MDSE
MART, Chicago, IL 60657-0607, USA.

Nonprofit user group libraries, educational institutions, individuals or
BBSes are free to redistribute CCOLOR with a reasonable fee for copying
disks. This file states CABER Software's policy for the distribution of
copies of CCOLOR by commercial Disk Vendors. Please note that this policy
for distribution of CCOLOR applies only to commercial Vendors.

A commercial Vendor is required to obtain written permission from CABER
Software before placing CCOLOR in a library, unless the Vendor has been
approved by the Association of Shareware Professionals and has notified
CABER Software that it wishes to distribute CCOLOR.

Before CABER will release a distribution copy of CCOLOR and give permission
distribute it, a Vendor must meet ONE of the following two conditions:

1. Send a copy of standard written materials (catalogs, flyers, ads, etc.)
which clearly explain the shareware concept, the need for users to
register shareware products they use, and the fact that the price of
disks, that the user pays to you, is a copying fee ONLY and does not
constitute payment for the product. The material must also clearly
differentiate between Shareware and Public Domain software.

NOTE: it is not sufficient to tell CABER these issues are explained
to customers in person; it must be clearly reflected in textual form.

2. Become an Approved Vendor of the Association of Shareware Professionals
ASP). For more information on the ASP vendor program, contact ASP at:

Association of Shareware Professionals
Vendor Certification Committee
P.O. Box 5786
Bellevue, WA 98006

If not already an ASP approved Vendor, it is strongly recommended that you
become an ASP approved vendor. The ASP vendor program provides an important
service for both authors and vendors, and promotes customers confidence that
reasonable standards are met in the distribution of shareware products.

It necessary that Vendors meet one of the two conditions above in order to
qualify for shareware distribution of CCOLOR, due to a widespread confusion
about shareware in the marketplace, and the occasionally troublesome prac-
tices of some parties. Please feel free to contact CABER if there are any
questions or comments on our product or our policies.

CABER Software may be contacted at any of the addresses below. Please mail
materials to CABER Software through the P.O.Box address.

CompuServe .... 73147,2665
Fax ........... (312) 477-0925
US Mail ....... CABER Software
P.O.Box 3607 MDSE MART
Chicago, IL 60654-0607

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Archive   : CCOLOR13.ZIP
Filename : VENDOR.DOC

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