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CATBOX Version 1.2 Modifications

December, 1992

1. If your catalog did not match your template, and CATBOX could never
find a header, you would load 0 records. CATBOX thought the catalog
was open. If you tried to sort the index with 0 records, your machine
could hang up.

If 0 records is the result of an open, CATBOX pops up a message indi-
cating a possible catalog/template mismatch and no longer thinks the
catalog is open. If you try any operations on the catalog (such as
SORT) nothing happens when you try to make the selection from the menu,
just as if no catalog had yet been opened.

2. During a SAVE operation, a work catalog is created. This catalog is the
same name as the orginal except that the last character is replaced with
a dollar sign. This catalog was not being deleted after the save oper-
ation. This file is now deleted.

3. Exiting the program via ESCAPE was to easy to do inadvertantly. An Exit
menu item has now been added to the File menu. You must now exit via
this menu item or its shortcut key, CTRL-X.

4. Shortcut key combinations were added to several of the more often-used
functions of the File menu. These include:

ALT-O - Open
ALT-S - Save
ALT-P - Print
ALT-U - Print using
ALT-X - Exit

I also added a CTRL-S shortcut key to pop up the Sort dialog box.

These shortcut keys may be pressed from anywhere in the menu system, but
not from data entry dialog boxes or while viewing an entry.

5. Since several items accessible via shortcut keys pop up dialog boxes, I
put headings on these boxes so that you would be sure of which function
you selected.

6. Limited mouse support has been added if you have a mouse driver loaded.
The mouse woks in the following circumstances:

1. You may select any menu item from the current menu with the mouse.
2. If you are in a pull-down menu you must close the menu with the
right mouse button before you can select another item from the main
menu bar.
3. While in dialog boxes, you can move the input cursor between fields
by moving the mouse. Pressing the left key is the same as pressing
ENTER with the cursor in that field. Pressing the right key is the
same as pressing ESCAPE.

7. It is important to OZCIS users to keep the file date/time on catalogs
of the last update by OZCIS. In release 1.1, I added the FILETIME.EXE
utility with which users could set the time as they wished. This was
still cumbersome, so I have now included an option on the FILE/SAVE
dialog box to use the same file time as the file that was last opened.

I also added a configuration file line, SAMETIME=, which has an object
of Y or N. This lets me keep track of what was last requested so that
it can be displayed as the default in the SAVE dialog box.

I will leave FILETIME.EXE in the distribution ZIP file because it is
still a handy utility.

If you want to use other than the current time on target catalogs for
EXTARCT and MOVE, you must use FILETIME.EXE to change the date/time on
these catalogs.

8. If a template was loaded and the user selected CONVERT before opening
a catalog, the template reverted to the standard template, CBOXSTD.TPL.
Then when trying to open the catalog, the wrong template may be used.

This has been corrected by not allowing any processing in CONVERT until
a catalog is opened.

9. In certain rare situations, the pick list would not display when loading
a new template. This has been corrected.

10. The CATBOX.DOC and help files have been updated to reflect the above

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Archive   : CATBOX.ZIP
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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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