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COM-AND, a communications program for the PC. Part 3 of 4.

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COM-AND, a comm program for the PC, 10th
release. This ZIP contains script files
and documents.ASP, Shareware!

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COM-AND, a communications program for the PC. Part 3 of 4.
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ALARM.CMD 7041 2282 deflated
ANSI.CMD 1888 910 deflated
ANSI.HLP 2842 1153 deflated
BBMAINT.CMD 8889 2894 deflated
BBMAINT1.CMD 19997 4914 deflated
BBMAINT2.CMD 24355 5431 deflated
BBMAINT3.CMD 24342 5443 deflated
BBMAINT4.CMD 34917 7999 deflated
BBS.CMD 24096 6564 deflated
BBS.DOC 44378 12880 deflated
BBS.SRC 76070 16437 deflated
BBSETUP.CMD 28131 5737 deflated
BIX.CMD 1645 686 deflated
BREAKOUT.CMD 5283 1562 deflated
CIS.CMD 2045 878 deflated
CONALARM.CMD 649 313 deflated
CONNECT.CMD 2580 1002 deflated
DD.CMD 3172 1308 deflated
DELPHISN.CMD 1830 789 deflated
DELPHITN.CMD 1847 785 deflated
DIAL.CMD 3794 1503 deflated
DIALER.CMD 21925 6472 deflated
DOORWAY.CMD 1533 798 deflated
DSZDOWN.CMD 713 381 deflated
DSZUP.CMD 1473 735 deflated
FILEMGR.CMD 24008 5559 deflated
FILEMGR.DOC 7679 2843 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 119 112 deflated
FINDNAME.CMD 1666 762 deflated
GENIE.CMD 2261 943 deflated
HOSETUP.CMD 14057 3585 deflated
HOST.CMD 6213 1967 deflated
HOST.DOC 16241 5384 deflated
HOST.SRC 17524 4837 deflated
HOSTART.CMD 471 257 deflated
INDIR.CMD 2753 944 deflated
KERDOWN.CMD 449 225 deflated
KERMSERV.CMD 3285 1344 deflated
KERUP.CMD 1222 595 deflated
LEARN.CMD 22357 6097 deflated
LEARN.DOC 20837 6534 deflated
LEARN.SRC 49656 10885 deflated
LISTER.CMD 7838 2812 deflated
MCI.CMD 1801 751 deflated
MDMDIAG.CMD 7098 2020 deflated
MKLOGON.CMD 6642 2071 deflated
OUTDIR.CMD 2035 730 deflated
PC-2-PC.CMD 23278 6314 deflated
PC-2-PC.DOC 22138 7199 deflated
PC-2-PC.SRC 53471 12445 deflated
PLINK.CMD 1542 709 deflated
README.DOC 25401 8420 deflated
REMAP.CMD 28468 7663 deflated
REMAP.DOC 28275 8728 deflated
REMAPS.TXT 5579 1073 deflated
SCRDUMP.CMD 1132 562 deflated
SCRIPTS.DOC 14905 4640 deflated
SETTIME.CMD 4075 1878 deflated
SPRINT.CMD 2965 1029 deflated
STRIPPER.CMD 6772 2197 deflated
TTY.CMD 372 198 deflated
TYMNET.CMD 1631 720 deflated
UARTTYPE.CMD 1113 506 deflated
UNISON.CMD 2090 911 deflated
URGENT.CMD 1434 704 deflated
VT100.CMD 1916 919 deflated
VT100.HLP 2753 1159 deflated
VT52.CMD 1908 912 deflated
VT52.HLP 2842 1164 deflated
XLATE.CMD 14966 4561 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

COM-AND, a comm program for the PC, 10th
release. This ZIP contains script files
and documents.ASP, Shareware!

921209COM-AND 2.9Page 1
This release of COM-AND:

oThis is the tenth release of COM-AND (version 2.9). This release
corrects problems reported with version 2.8 and adds features.

oRun instructions and installation procedures will be found following
this page.

oChanges to the previous version (additions and corrections) are to
be found following run/installation pages.

oThe author asks for comments and criticisms of this program.
You may contact the author:

CABER SoftwareGEnie, Delphi: TARTAN
R. (Scott) McGinnisUNISON: SCOTTM (PARTI: Scott McGinnis)
P.O. Box 3607 Mdse Mart CIS: 73147,2665
Chicago, IL 60654-0607Internet: [email protected]

Release history (not including public beta releases)

860806: PC-VCO 1.0
860929: PC-VCO 1.1
861119: PC-VCO 1.2
861222: PC-VCO 1.3
861226: PC-VCO 1.31
870814: PC-VCO 2.0 COM-AND 2.0 CCHESS 1.0
871202: PC-VCO 2.1 COM-AND 2.1 CCHESS 1.1
871211: CBRIDG 1.0
880122: CCOLOR 1.0
880713: PC-VCO 2.2 COM-AND 2.2 CCHESS 1.2 CBRIDG 1.1 CCOLOR 1.1
881202: COM-AND 2.3
890309: COM-AND 2.4
891020: COM-AND 2.5
900426: COM-AND 2.6
901019: COM-AND 2.7 CACMP 1.0
901213: CCOLOR 1.2
910801: COM-AND 2.8 CACMP 1.1
921209: COM-AND 2.9 CACMP 1.2 (You are here)

Notice: Encryption changes

oWith this version of 2.9, we have removed DES encryption from COM-AND.
Federal law does not permit export of DES encryption software.The
file DELAYED.DOC discusses this matter somewhat.

921209COM-AND 2.9Page 2
Notice: COM-AND registration changes:

*With this version 2.9, we are beginning several new registration
procedures. First, we are sending a 'registered' diskette to each
individual registering COM-AND through CABER. Previously, we acknow-
leged each registration, but did supply a 'registered' version.

If you have registered a previous version of COM-AND and wish an
upgrade, print, fill out, and send us the form REGISTER.FRM along
with the necessary shipping and handling fee (see REGISTER.FRM).

If you purchased a registered copy of COM-AND bundled with other
software and desire an upgrade, you MUST include proof-of-purchase
with your request. You may obtain proof-of-purchase (in some form)
from the original distributor.

*Second, we offer additional benefits to those who register COM-AND.
Registration entitles you to use COM-AND, and licenses you to use all
future shareware versions of COM-AND. On registration we offer:

.A free Compuserve intro-pack with $15.00 usage credit

.License to use the CISAUTO scripts for Compuserve (for a small fee)

.A dialing directory of BBSes tailored to your area code and your
expressed interests (for a small fee)

.A reduced rate for subscription to Shareware Magazine (50% off)

.A reduced rate for subscription to the Houston Public (Software)
Library (PsL) magazine (33% off)

.A reduced price for the "the Source Book", the 700-page guide to
PD/Shareware (33% off); including a four-disk set of the latest
PsL Reviews Disks.

.License to use all COM-AND accessory programs.These are currently:

Please read the document REGISTER.DOC for more information on these
offers. Fill out REGISTER.FRM with your registration, and indicate
which you'd like to receive.

*Third, REGISTER.DOC now contains a formal user license. Shareware
software is NOT public domain - the user license is a legal document.

VENDOR.DOC describes CABER's policy on redistribution of COM-AND.
Please read VENDOR.DOC if you are an organization distributing share-
ware software, and wish to include COM-AND in your library.

921209COM-AND 2.9Page 3
Files in this distribution:


README.DOCThis file.
REGISTER.DOCRegistration information - PLEASE read!
VENDOR.DOCLimitations on commercial redistribution
INTRO.DOCAn introduction to modems and COM-AND
DELAYED.DOCWhy 2.9 was delayed in its release
COM-AND.EXE2.9 executable program file
COM-AND.PIFPIF file for Windows
COM-AND.DVPDVP file for DesqView
COM-AND.ICOWindows 3.0 ICON file (Dr. David Snyder thank you!)
INSTALL.CMDFirst-time installation script
REGISTER.CMDShort script to print REGISTER.FRM
REGISTER.FRMRegistration form


README.DOCThis file.
REGISTER.DOCRegistration information - PLEASE read!
VENDOR.DOCLimitations on commercial redistribution
COM-AND.DOCDocumentation for version 2.9 manual functions
CASCRIPT.DOCDocumentation for version 2.9 script language
CAEDIT.DOCDocumentation for version 2.9 editor


README.DOCThis file.
SCRIPTS.DOCSummary documentation for scripts
*.SRCCommented scripts where *.CMD has been stripped


README.DOCThis file.
CACMP.EXECOM-AND script syntax/semantic check
CACMP.DOCDocumentation for CACMP.EXE
OVERLAY.*Sample script overlay files
PC-VCO.EXCException file for TALKER.CMD script
TALKER.*Sample script overlay supporting limited speech synth
TESTVOIC.CMDSample script to test the voice driver
VEND.COMVoice driver termination utility
VOICE*.*Voice driver, scripts and documentation
*COM-AND creates any files it requires that it does not find on the
drive:subdirectory where it is loaded (or on the drive:subdirectory
where the environment variable COM-AND= directs the processor)
*To print a document file, extract the file to disk and use the DOS
command "PRINT .DOC". COM-AND documents are formatted 55 lines
to the page, with top-of-forms as page breaks, using tab characters.

921209 COM-AND 2.9Page 4
Run instructions:

oTo run COM-AND from the DOS prompt, install the release as
described below, then type:



1)Set the current subdirectory to the subdirectory where you wish to
install COM-AND... where you've already installed previous COM-ANDs
(if you've used one). We'd suggest "\COM-AND".

2)Dearc the distribution file. Have a care not to overwrite files

you want to keep!

3)Load COM-AND (i.e. COM-AND ). If this is the first time,
follow the prompts provided by INSTALL.CMD (automatically invoked).
After INSTALL (if INSTALL was automatic) and otherwise:

o Check Alt-S
.. Check modem parameters - you may want to change them.
.. The backscreen buffer size defaults to 4K. It may be set
up to 64K, for redisplay and transcripting.
.. Remember to save the new settings.

o Check Alt-P
.. Check the COM port you use (1/2/3/4).
.. Default speed selection is not usually important (if you
always use the dialing directory). Set it anyway.
.. Remember to save new settings.

o Check Alt-O
.. Set flags the way you want them (e.g. exit query on, d*mned
advert off, and so on; Note BIOS/DIRECT and PCJr settings)
.. Remember to save new settings.

4)Review the accessories (F1).

You may review the contents of accessory definitions with the 'r'
subcommand.You may wish to add entries for a listing program
and editor.. and perhaps PC-VCO... CCOLOR... Remember to save...

5)Exit COM-AND with Alt-X, and restart.

921209 COM-AND 2.9Page 5
Additions and corrections this release:

Changes and corrections to 2.8 COM-AND:

oCorrected a bug in VIDTEX mode on a monochrome adapter (#lines)
oWhen a non-existant port is specified and data is written to it,
2.8 and prior hung (for up to 2 minutes). Corrected, it appears.
oCorrected Alt-V: 'Remap' and 'Translate' were interchanged
oCorrected shell-to-DOS lockup (only occurred on certain mono adapters)
oCorrected an error condition in Super KERMIT (when receiver NAKs after
timeout and sender is awaiting an ACK... lost ACK condition)
oCorrected a timing error in buffered sends (SLOW OFF).This error
only impacted transfers ABOVE 19.2k bps (on an 8Mhz machine)
oCorrected ANSI/VT100 color attribute algorithm
oCorrected handling of some ANSI music strings

oChanged ZMODEM send timeout (reduced it to 20 seconds)
oChanged alarm to NOT play at all if display duration = 0
oChanged PCJr mode to perform RTS/CTS flow control (as well as XON/XOFF)
oAttempted (again) to clear XOFF condition during HANGUP sequence
oChanged dialing directory revise queries for speed, parity, data and
stop bits to use simple tables for selection.
oChanged video set/reset of character generator tables (for foreign)
oChanged PgDn/PgUp to offer BPlus instead of Quick-B
oChanged Alt-P to allow a 4 digit (hex) port base address

oImproved display speed considerably (time to display a character)
oImproved receive overhead considerably (time to receive a character)
oImproved ASCII Send speed considerably
oReduced 16550 FIFO trigger level to 8 characters
oImproved Auto-CISB recognition... fewer false triggers
oRemoved DES encryption per DTC requirement for mass market software

Additions to 2.8 COM-AND:

oAlt-Q invokes an embedded editor. The editor is described in the
following pages. Separate documentation is provided: CAEDIT.DOC.
oThe Editor has been added to the menu mode 'Miscellaneous' pulldown.
o"?" and "*" in a transfer file name (batch mode) are changed to "_".
oAdded 14.4kbps speed to Alt-P comm parms
oAdded runtime parameter 14k (for 14.4kbps)
oAdded 14k to Alt-D dialing directory
oAdded 'Dft' to Alt-D speeds... this selection implies that the speed
to be used is the default speed obtaining when the entry is executed
oAdded CIS BPlus, with failed download recovery (Alt-O option)
oAdded current parameters (speed, parity, etc) to Connect window
oAdded tab, shift-tab to all selections windows.

921209 COM-AND 2.9Page 6
Additions and corrections this release:

Script changes and corrections:

oCorrected errors in FRESTOREO handling
oCorrected PRESERVE to double grave characters as well as ^s and !s
oCorrected an error in grave handling in output strings
oCorrected handling of OVERLAY.Previously, if an OVL and CMD file
existed of the same name, the overlay would not load
oCorrected OVERLAY CLEAR. An upper case 'C' in CLEAR was required.
oCorrected SCREEN: If top row < last row number, no display is done
oCorrected "&" (concatenate with) trim when string contains many nulls
oCorrected WAITFOR/RGET/PAUSE/SUSPEND to properly 'hit' on SILENCE
oCorrected an error at load time with (some) monochrome adapters
oCorrected ATGET: ESCape pressed when ATGET buffer is full now works
oCorrected "_AUPZ": now returns SEND/STOP (was SEND/STRIP)
oCorrected encrypted script decryption error that led to occasional
abrupt termination of the script on a transfer-of-control (branch)
oCorrected STRCMP when comparing strings containing "!", "`" or "^"s
oCorrected error in ATOI (and others) not allowing indices on target

oChanged ATSAY (and similar) to NOT write into log
oChanged SCROLL: If first parameter is negative, it scrolls down.
oChanged WAITFOR: Clear incoming buffer at start of EACH WAITFOR;
This eliminates an undesirable interaction with prior RGETs.
oChanged first DFT file creation; 2.9 now searches for an existing
comm port, and uses that as a default (previously, defaulted to COM1).
oDisable menu mode on entry to script; reenable (if still set) on exit.
oChanged SET PARI!DATA!STOP to accept string operand as well as literal.

oChanged PRINT to set ERROR if printer timeout.

oClear ON ESCAPE and ON SILENCE conditions on an EXECUTE
oScript "unexpected EOF" error message now includes the label being
searched, and the script file name
oLabel cache was increased from 100 to 200 labels
oThe in-file buffer was increased to 1024 bytes
oImproved script interpretor processing speed
oASCII send defaults are taken from manual defaults at script start
oSET ASCII commands now hold in manual mode, after script termination
oCorrected SET BAUD and SET DIAL RATE handling of alternate speeds

921209 COM-AND 2.9Page 7
Additions and corrections this release:

Script language additions:

EDIT ; Edit a file
FATTR Sx!Nx ; Now allows numeric variable too
GETFILE BPLUS ; Download, using BPlus protocol
LOAD STRING ; Load string variables from disk
LOAD NUMERIC ; Load numeric variables from disk
LOAD FSAVEI!O ; Load FSAVE (I or O) stack from disk
REDUCE Sx ; Undouble `s, !s and ^s (opposite PRESERVE)
RESTORE ALL ; New (optional) operand to RESTORE
SENDFILE BPLUS ; Upload, using BPlus protocol
STORE STRING ; Store string variables to disk
STORE NUMERIC ; Store numeric variables to disk
STORE FSAVEI!O ; Store FSAVE (I or O) stack to disk
WCLOSE ALL ; New (optional) operand to WCLOSE

SET BAUD 14.4!14K ; New speed (old statement)
SET BPLUS RECOVER ON!OFF ; Allow BPlus failed download recovery
SET DDACCODE ; Declare 3 digit areacode for Alt-D
SET DDOVERRIDE ON!OFF ; Override speed declared in Alt-D
SET DDPREFIX ; Declare string for Alt-D prefixing
SET FATTR Nx ; Write file's attribute byte
SET IPOS ; Set input file position (numeric string)
SET MOUSE ON!OFF ; Enable/disable MOUSE
SET OPOS ; Set output file position (numeric string)
SET XBAUD (DFT!) ; Set rate for transfer efficiency calc

Script language intrinsic functions added:

_AUPL ; Rtns SET ASCII CR_LF setting
_DDAC ; Rtns Alt-D area code string
_DDOV ; Rtns Alt-O override Alt-D speed ON/OFF
_DDPR ; Rtns Alt-D all call prefix string
_ERRL ; Rtns RUN statement ErrorLevel
_IPOS ; Rtns disk position in input file
_MEMO ; Rtns #paragraphs free, above COM-AND
_MOUSE ; CHANGED value from YES/NO to ON/OFF
_OPOS ; Rtns disk position in output file
_WRAP ; Rtns ON/OFF according to SET WRAP

921209 COM-AND 2.9Page 8
Additions and corrections this release:

CACMP additions and changes:

oOutput text is now tabbed to reduce file size slightly
oCorrected LOG MARK to accept operand in a
oCorrected SCREEN statement syntax (missing parm)
oCorrected output error when quoted string unterminated
oAdded new statements (below)
oCorrected OUTPUT statement (allow comma between operands)
oCorrected " Nx Ny", ADD, DIV, MUL, SOUND, and SUB syntax
definition to conform to COM-AND's usage.

Known bugs in the current release:

oKERMIT 12 and 16 bit checksums don't seem to work with Jan van der
Eyjk's PCKERMIT. I have not yet found the incompatibility.

oReports have been received, but could not be reproduced, of the CPU
clock losing time. No instances have been found due to COM-AND.
Several instances have been tracked to TSR's and special hardware
(e.g. ALL-Charge card).

Some reports suggested that the clock speeds up (!) when run in the
background under DesqView.

If you experience a clock that 'lags' (loses time) using COM-AND, it
is suggested that you run COM-AND with the /w switch. The /w switch
disables the interrupt driven write feature. Transfers under DOS
will be only marginally slower.

Please report clock problems you experience to the developer.

oThe editor is new. Please watch for problems when editing large
files, or multiple files.

oCharacter dropouts have been reported at 57k running under DOS 3.2.
The same test, run on the same machine, with the same sender, but run
under DOS 3.3 showed no dropouts. A STACKS problem is indicated, but
thus far, no solution has been discovered (yet).

921209 COM-AND 2.9Page 9
Updated scripts in CA29-3:

ANSI.CMDNEW. Enable ANSI display AND remap
ANSI.HLPNEW. Help display when ANSI in use
BIX.CMD NEW. Connect to BIX using Tymnet and logon (MKLOGON)
DELPHITN.CMDNEW. Connect to Delphi using Tymnet and logon (MKLOGON)
DELPHISN.CMDNEW. Connect to Delphi using SPRINT and logon (MKLOGON)
DIALER.CMDMultidialer (corrected for some modems)
FILEMGR.*File manager shell (added internal editor)
LEARN.* Learn mode (minor changes)
MKLOGON.CMDUpdated. Create logon scripts for BIX, CIS, GEnie etc.
PC-2-PC.*PC to PC transfer shell (minor corrections)
REMAP.* Remap compilers (added internal editor)
MCI.CMD NEW. Connect to MCI and logon (MKLOGON)
VT100.CMDNEW. Enable VT100 display AND remap
VT100.HLPNEW. Help display when VT100 in use
VT52.CMDNEW. Enable VT52 display AND remap
VT52.HLPNEW. Help display when VT52 in use
TTY.CMD NEW. Disable display emulation and remapping

BBS.SRC Ver 1.2 BBS script (commented)
BBS.CMD Ver 1.2 BBS script (stripped)
BBS.DOC Ver 1.2 BBS documentation
BBSETUP.CMDSetup script for the BBS
BBMAINT.CMDMaintenance script (mainline) for the BBS
BBMAINT1.CMDBBMAINT extension script (users)
BBMAINT2.CMDBBMAINT extension script (files)
BBMAINT3.CMDBBMAINT extension script (bulletins)
BBMAINT4.CMDBBMAINT extension script (mail)

HOST.SRCVer 1.1 HOST script (commented) minor changes
HOST.CMDVer 1.1 HOST script (stripped)
HOST.DOCVer 1.1 HOST documentation

921209COM-AND 2.9Page 10
Related release; PC-VCO:

PC-VCO is Visual Conferencing for the IBM PC. It is completely
compatible with all three flavors of MacIntosh VCO/VMCO. It has
been in use for more than a year by several groups of people. On
GEnie, the IBM RT has a regularly scheduled VCO conference every
Wednesday at 9PM Eastern Standard Time.

The concept of VCO is that each conference attendee draws a set of
16 (or 18) ICONs, and posts them publicly. Other attendees down-
load the ICONs (called face files), and add them to their own lib-
rary of faces.8 (or 9) expressions (happy, sad, etc) are supported.
When someone speaks in a VCO conference, the appropriate ICON is
displayed on all PC-VCO screens. People who've not uploaded face
files are depicted as Charlie Brown, Don Martin, or OPUS.

PC-VCO interfaces to a public domain text-to speech synthesizer.
The quality is less than might be desired, but its a start!
PC-VCO now includes its own speech driver for faster processors.

PC-VCO has been distributed (its seventh release) as PC-VCO22.ZIP.
PC-VCO may be used on either CGA, EGA or Hercules graphics adapters.

Related release; CCHESS:

CCHESS is Conference Chess - two people can play chess over PLINK's
PARTY, CIS CB, etc. CCHESS provides a graphics depiction of a chess
board, and a log of the last few moves. Game play can be performed
entirely with a mouse (if you desire - not necessary).Games may be
saved, and restored later for continuation.

Version 1.2 is a production release - beta testing is complete.
However, I am still looking for comments, criticisms and thoughts
from those interested in on-line interactive gaming.

CCHESS has been distributed (its third release) as CCHESS12.ZIP.
Please read the CCHESS.DOC document for a description of CCHESS.
CCHESS may be used on either CGA, EGA or Hercules graphics adapters.

921209COM-AND 2.9Page 11
Related release; CBRIDGE:

CBRIDGE is Conference Bridge - four people can play bridge over
PLINK's PARTY, CIS CB, etc. CBRIDGE deals cards, displays hands,
displays (and protects) the bidding, and monitors game play.
Bidding can be reviewed at any time, as can game play.

Version 1.1 has completed its beta trials. It has found quite
usable. It may be 'rough' in spots... I am looking for comments,
criticisms and thoughts from those interested in on-line interactive

CBRIDGE has been distributed (its second release) as CBRIDG11.ZIP.
Please read the CBRIDG.DOC document for a description of CBRIDGE.
CBRIDGE may be used on either MDA, CGA, EGA or Hercules adapters.

Related release; CCOLOR:

CCOLOR is another accessory for conferencing. It tracks the conver-
sation, and assigns different colors to each speaker. Each speaker's
text is highlighted and easy to see. Of course, a color adapter,
CGA or EGA is required. It has to be seen to be appreciated!

CCOLOR may be used on either CGA, or EGA adapters.

CCOLOR has been distributed (its fourth release) as CCOLOR12.ZIP.
CCOLOR may be used on either CGA, EGA or VGA adapters.

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