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\\ Nite.bsc by: Lee Breeden

\\ This is an example of a script that is used to call systems at a
\\ specified time and date.
\\ The log file is set by todays date. "%B:log\%MO%DA.log"
\\ This is where the script is called to set the time to start calling
\\ the remote systems listed below.
\PU[3:45] \\ Wait till specified time
\II+01,%Da[\dc-[ren %B:dsz.log dsz%da%mo.log]] \\ Change file of dsz log
\II+01,%Da[\dc-[ren]] \\ Change file of files log
\II+01,%Da[\dc-[ren %B:boyan.use boyan%mo.use]] \\ Change file of boyan.use log
\AF%B:boyan.use[ ®ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ Logged on %MO/%DA %HR:%Mi ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍͯ ]
\\ The first thing that it does, is to make a log file that is assumed to
\\ be located off of the boyan directory in a directory called boyan\log
\\ The next part will make it so that we are only keeping 5 log files on
\\ the system.
\\ the commands below will keep five days of old log files.
\iv1+01[\+v1[26]\sv2[%mo]\+v2[-1]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+02[\+v1[26]\sv2[%mo]\+v2[-1]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+03[\+v1[26]\sv2[%mo]\+v2[-1]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+04[\+v1[26]\sv2[%mo]\+v2[-1]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+05[\+v1[26]\sv2[%mo]\+v2[-1]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+06[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2"0%v1.log]]
\iv1+07[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2"0%v1.log]]
\iv1+08[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2"0%v1.log]]
\iv1+09[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2"0%v1.log]]
\iv1+10[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v20%v1.log]]
\iv1+11[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v20%v1.log]]
\iv1+12[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v20%v1.log]]
\iv1+13[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v20%v1.log]]
\iv1+14[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v20%v1.log]]
\iv1+15[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+16[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+17[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+18[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+19[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+20[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+21[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+22[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+23[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+24[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+25[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+26[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+27[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+28[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+29[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+30[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\iv1+31[\+v1[-5]\sv2[%mo]\dc-[del %v0%v2%v1.log]]
\\ Appends todays date to the log file for reference.
\AF%LN[ ]
\AF%LN[ ®ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ Log started on %MO/%DA at %HR:%Mi ÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍͯ ]
\AF%LN[ ]
\\ ReSets modem for the start of the calling session and then runs init
\\ string.
\AV[0] \\ alarm off
\KO[0] \\ keyboard time out TO to 0
\\ I would recomend that you use a nite phone directory, so that any
\\ modifications to your normal one won't effect the nitely calling numbers.
\fd[nite.fon] \\ ******** insert name of phone directory ********
\QC \\ clear queue [insert numbers from directory to call[?]]
\\ Adds the following numbers to the dialing queue.
\QA[6] \\ 6 NetEast (Howard Hartman)
\QA[2] \\ 1 Running Board (B. Anthony) 229-5342
\qa[1] \\ 2 Running Board (B. Anthony) 229-5623
\qa[19] \\ 19 Eds Home of Columbia MD 9600 1-301-730-????
\qa[17] \\ 17 Eds Home of Columbia MD 9600 1-301-854-3076
\QA[9] \\ 9 Arlington S/W Exchg 703-532-7143
\QA[22] \\ Idea Link (A. Miller) 301-949-5764
\\ The systems listed below are examples of systems that are being called
\\ by date. The \II+ command says if %DA day (01-31) is included in the
\\ the following numbers (in this case dates) call this system.
\\ 04,09,15,20,24,29,31 \\ dcinfo exchange
\\ 18,22,29
\II+%DA,05,12,19,26[\QA[11]] \\ 11 Thumper's Den 1-918-355-3113
\II+%DA,02,07,14,21,28[\QA[7]] \\ 7 Market 301-299-8667
\II+%DA,03,08,10,13,17,23,27,31[\QA[5]]\\ 5 The Science Lab BBS 1-301-466-0949
\II+%DA,01,06,11,16,21,25,30[\qa[15]] \\ 15 Computer Connect 202-547-2008
\\II+%DA,04,09,15,20,24,29,31[\qa[16]] \\ DC Info Exchange(B. Walsh 202-433-6639
\\QA[12] \\ 12 MyBBS
\\FE+%U:thumper.rep[\qa[11]] \\ Thumper's Den if there is a reply
\\QA[3] \\ 4 DataBit #1 $ (K. Flower)(70 703-719-9646
\\qa[4] \\ 3 DataBit 703-719-9648

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Archive   : BOYMKS5E.ZIP
Filename : NITE.BSC

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: