Category : Communication (modem) tools and utilities
Archive   : BOYMKS5E.ZIP
Filename : GT.BSC

Output of file : GT.BSC contained in archive : BOYMKS5E.ZIP

\\ Gt Script by Lee Breeden

\TO[40] \\ sets WaitFor timeout to 40 seconds
\ST[ ¯ Press for Menu options ®]
\IF+l display ANSI graphics? [y{\gb[name]]
\IF+LAST [\@{\gb[name]]
\IF+Lee [y{\gb[name]]
\IF+Enter Password:[%PW{\gb[name]]
\IF+bypass the logon bulletins?[y{\gb[name]]
\IF+Check conferences for mail[N{\gb[name]]
\IF+press any key to continue[{\gb[name]]
\IF+Strike a key when ready[{\gb[name]]
\IF+ress RETURN to continue:[{\gb[name]]
\IF+desired bulletin number: [q{\gb[name]]
\IF+to continue [{\gb[name]]
\IF+for personal mail[N{\gb[name]]
\\IF+Enter command[o 9{\pa[7] \gb[mail]]
\IF+FILES: AREA[ \dm[ %SN Logon Completed! Your on your own ..]\eb]
\\IF+FILES: AREA[o 9{\pa[7] \gb[mail]]

\\ the commands below ASSUME that you have FASTMAIL set to extract mail
\\ automatically, and that the maximun mail packet size is set so that you
\\ never reach its 500K.
\\WF[do you wish to download it? "[y/n"] ]y{
\wf[Enter your selection]\pa[1]
\fe+d:\gtread\[\IT+[\dc-[del d:\gtread\]]]
\IF+ress RETURN to continue:[\pa[1]{]
\IF+Enter your selection[\pa[1] 0~{]
\IF-Enter your selection[\pa[1] 0~{]

|*TAB \\ This runs automatically when pressed
\KS \SV0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º OnLine MENU "@ %HR:%MI %Mo/%DA/%YR º ] \+V0[1]
\\DM38,%V0[ º = º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º = Download a file º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º = Download Mail (from mail door) º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º = Edit Script º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º = File Manager º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º = Hang up command º ] \+V0[1]
\\DM38,%V0[ º = º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º = Jump to DOS º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º = Log to disk ...status %LD º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º = Manual macro º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º = New File Scan º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º = Open Door º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º

= edit Phone directory º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º = Run Quest block º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º = Read mail º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º = Scroll-back buffer º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º = Termanial Mode º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º = Upload a file º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º = Upload Mail (from mail door) º ] \+V0[1]
\DM38,%V0[ º= ABORT script º ] \+V0[1]
\KO[30] \BB+ \KV0_[Enter OPTION: ] \BB- \RS
\IV0+E[\DC-[%WC %S:%SC]\gb[*tab]]
\IV0+G[\IE-%AM,G[\AM[G]|\AM[%AP]] ]
\IV0+M[\KV9[MACRO:] @V9 \LV9[] \IE+%LV,1[\SV9[%V9]]\gb[*tab]]
\IV0+N[N S A N{\GB[termlines]]
\IV0+O[op {\GB[termlines]]
\IV0+P[ \DI[] \GB[*Tab] ]
\IV0+Q[ \bl[quest]\gb[termlines]]
\IV0+R[R Y{\GB[termlines]]

\ST[ ¯ Press for Menu options ®]
\RE[\CA-[\ab] \IK+[%IK]]

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