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The Boyan Application Swapper

BoSwp, Copyright 1991 Aquila Data Systems and Chris Curran.
All rights reserved.

Aquila Data Systems, Inc.
304 Bayfield Drive
Brandon, FL 33511

FAX : (813)653/2408 Group II, III
BBS Line 1: (813)653-2397 1200,2400,9600 v.32
BBS Line 2: (813)685-4218 1200,2400,9600 v.32

License This version of BoSwp is NOT public domain or free software,
but is being distributed as "shareware".

Non-registered users of this software are granted a limited
license to make an evaluation copy for trial use on a
private, non-commercial basis, for the express purpose of
determining whether BoSwp is suitable for their needs. At
the end of this trial period, you should either register
your copy or discontinue using BoSwp.

What does all this really mean? If you use this program,
then you should pay for your copy. That way Aquila Data
Systems will be able to provide you support and updates.
Registered users receive technical support (via our support
BBS) and a version of the program that does NOT show the
opening shareware registration screens.

A BoSwp registration entitles you to use the program on any
and all computers available to you, with the following
restriction: If other people have access to this program or
may use it, then you should purchase a site license. See
the following section for information about site licensing
or quantity discounts.

All users are granted a limited license to copy BoSwp only
for the trial use of others and subject to the above
limitations. This license does NOT include distribution or
copying of this software package:

1. In connection with any other product or service.
2. For general use within a company or institution.
3. For any consideration or 'disk fee'.
4. For distribution in modified form; i.e., the file
containing this license information MUST be included,
along with the full BoSwp documentation.

Operators of electronic bulletin board systems (Sysops) are
encouraged to post BoSwp for downloading by their users, as
long as the above conditions are met.

Disclaimer The software and accompanying written materials (including
instructions for use) are provided "AS IS" without warranty
of any kind. Further, Aquila Data Systems does not warrant,
guarantee, or make any representations regarding the use, or
the results of the use, of the software or written materials
in terms of correctness, accuracy, reliability, currentness,
or otherwise. The entire risk as to the result and
performance of the software is assumed by you. If the
software or written materials are defective you, and not
Aquila Data Systems or its dealers, distributors, agents or
employees, assume the entire cost of all necessary
servicing, repair, or correction.

No warranties of any kind, either express or implied,
including but not limited to the implied warranties of
merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, that
are made by Aquila Data Systems on this Aquila Data Systems
product. No oral or written information or advice given by
Aquila Data Systems, its dealers, distributors, agents or
employees shall create a warranty or in any way increase the
scope of this warranty, and you may not rely on any such
information or advice. This warranty gives you specific
legal rights. You may have other legal rights, which vary
from state to state.

Neither Aquila Data Systems nor anyone else who has been
involved with the creation, production, or delivery of this
product shall be liable for any direct, indirect,
consequential, or incidental damages (including but not
limited to damages for loss of business profits, business
interruption, loss of business information, and the like)
arising out of the use or inability to use such product even
if Aquila Data Systems has been advised of the possibility
of such damages. Because some states do not allow the
exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or
incidental damages, the above limitation may not apply to

Trademarks All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective

Ordering A BoSwp registration licenses you to use the product on a
Information regular basis. Registration includes notification of updates
and technical support (via our support BBS).

Registering BoSwp costs $25 (plus 1.50 shipping). When
received, we will send you the latest BoSwp diskette, with
documentation on the disk. Alternatively, if you so specify,
we will send you the next update of the program, when
available. Florida residents should include 6% sales tax.
Please use the form at the end of this document.

Orders Please send a check drawn on a US bank in US dollars. We
outside can accept non-US currency; however, you must include an
the US additional $25 to cover conversion and collection costs.
Please include an additional $10 to cover postage on orders
delivered outside of the US.

Corporate All corporate, business, government or other commercial
Site users of BoSwp must be registered. We offer quantity
Licenses and discounts as well as site licensing.
Purchases Corporate site licensing agreements allow duplication and
distribution of specific numbers of copies within the
licensed institution. Duplication of multiple copies is not
allowed except through execution of a licensing agreement.
Site license fees are based upon estimated number of users.

Note that with a site license, only one copy of the program
will be sent. You will be responsible for distributing
additional copies.

Please call or write for more information.

NOTICE. Discounts are not cumulative; they apply to single
orders of like products only. Unit prices are the same as
for individual users.


Development C compiler : TurboC++ v1.0 (Borland)
Tools Used Assembler : TASM v2.0 (Borland)
Linker : TLink v3.0 (Borland)
Debugger : TDebug v2.0 (Borland)
Editor : Qedit 2.10a (SemWare)
C Lib : CodeRunneR (Microsystems Software)
Version Control: PVCS for DOS (Sage Software)

Program BoSwp v1.21
Name Boyan Application Swapper

What is it? BoSwp is a program that allows you to load Boyan as if it
were a TSR. This is NOT a multi-tasker; Boyan is simply
swapped in and out as desired. The *only* time Boyan is
actually running is when it is being viewed.

System BoSwp will run on the IBM PS/2, PC/AT, PC/XT, PC, PC/Jr, and
Requirements on IBM compatible computers including the Compaq, NCR,
Tandy, and WYSE PC's. MINIMUM requirements are:

- 512k of memory.
- PC-DOS 3.0 or greater or MS-DOS 3.0 or greater.
- Either a color or a monochrome monitor with 80-column
- 25k of disk space, or ~1.5meg if swapping to disc.

Memory Now for the next question in everyone's mind - how much
Requirements memory is this going to cost me? (drum roll please)...8k!
And if you have EMS memory (LIM 3.x-4.x), BoSwp can run out
of it, leaving only a 1k DOS footprint!

How can this be? Because BoSwp uses a new and advanced
technique (patent pending) to "swap" Boyan in and out of
memory as needed. The complete state of the machine is saved
(including COMM ports), and then Boyan is loaded.

The memory/disc space requirements of BoSwp are as follows
(assuming you use the default memory settings):

1. ~1.5meg of XMS memory, or
2. ~1.5meg of LIM memory, or
3. A disc drive with ~1.5meg of free space, or
4. Any combination of the above.

BoSwp is able to "scatter" it's data requirements among the
different stowage mediums available at load time. In other
words, it can use some XMS, some LIM and send the rest to

XMS memory is preferred, then LIM, then lastly the disc
drive. Note that BoSwp can directly access XMS (extended
memory) if it is available. This type of memory is the
cheapest to add to a PC (no extra boards are needed to
install or control this type of memory), and also the
fastest performing memory you can add to your PC. Street
prices for memory are now about $50 to $75 per meg
(depending on type and speed).

Also note that if you use extended memory, you'll need to
include HIMEM.SYS in your CONFIG.SYS file (make it the first

If a disc drive is used (and most will need to), then disc
caching software is recommended. I personally use HyperDisk
version 4.21 and find it to be one of the best. I have my
machines on UPS's, so I also enable the disc write caching
of HyperDisk, which tremendously decreases application swap

If you're using this on a 10mhz 286 with 512k RAM and a
ST-225, please don't tell me how slow BoSwp is at swapping;
it is you who are slow to swap......

Installing Installing BoSwp is as simple as coping BoSwp.EXE to your
BoSwp Boyan directory. You do not HAVE to store BoSwp.EXE in your
Boyan directory, but it is recommended.

Starting To start BoSwp, simply type in BoSwp at your DOS prompt,
BoSwp followed by any optional command line parameters (see
below). Do NOT start BoSwp if you have "shelled to DOS" from
another application - this will leave "holes" in your

After BoSwp has been loaded, you may "hotkey" into Boyan.
Repeating the hotkey will "toggle" you between your current
application and Boyan.

NOTE: With the exception of Windows 3.0, BoSwp can "pop-up"
over almost any application - even hi-res graphics

Command Line The available command line options are as follows:
? Display HELP screen. The help screen may be displayed
before, or after BoSwp is loaded.

/D The path that BoSwp should change to when Boyan is

Example: BoSwp /de:\b

Changes to disc "E:", directory "\B" and
then loads Boyan (when the HotKey is

/E Forces BoSwp to NOT use any available EXPANDED memory
(LIM 3.x-4.x) for swapping.

Command Line /K The HotKey that will be used to activate Boyan. A
Options HotKey is selected by entering HotKey specifiers,
(cont) followed by a dash ('-') and then the identifier key.
Available HotKey specifiers are:

L Left
R Right
A Alt
C Ctrl
S Shift

HotKey specifiers may be combined in any manner,
except 'L' and 'R' - these two specifiers are mutually

A HotKey identifier is any single key. Function keys
may be used as identifiers by using the key name (i.e.

LCS-1 Left-Ctrl-Shift-1
RCS-1 Right-Ctrl-Shift-1
LCA-1 Left-Ctrl-Alt-1
LCAS-1 Left-Ctrl-Alt-Shift-1
LC-F9 Left-Ctrl-F9
RC-F11 Right-Ctrl-F11
LCAS-F9 Left-Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F9
RCS-Q Right-Ctrl-Shift-Q

/L Force BoSwp to NOT to load itself into EXPANDED
memory (LIM 3.x-4.x). If EXPANDED memory is detected,
BoSwp will attempt to load itself into EMS, leaving
about a 1k footprint in DOS (compared to 8k).

NOTE: Some combinations of CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT
and QEMM v5.x will not work in this environment.

/M The amount of memory needed (in k) for Boyan. The
default is all available memory. Reducing the amount
of memory required will reduce the size of the swap

Example: BoSwp /m384

Loads BoSwp, and allocates 384k for Boyan

/S BoSwp will use the current drive for swapping (if disc
swapping is needed). If you do not have sufficient
space on the current drive, or, have a RAM drive with
sufficient space, use this option to specify a
different swap drive.

Example: BoSwp /sg

Loads BoSwp, and swaps to drive G: if

Command Line /U Unload BoSwp from memory. This option requires that
Options BoSwp is the LAST TSR that has been loaded. If other
(cont) TSR's are loaded AFTER BoSwp, they will need to be
removed before BoSwp can perform an unload.

/X Forces BoSwp to NOT use any available XMS memory for

To register your copy of BoSwp, please fill out the following form and
send it along with a check or money order.

Remit/Send To: Aquila Data Systems, Inc.
304 Bayfield Drive
Brandon, FL 33511

BoSwp Order Form

Name (to register to): ________________________________________________

Address to ship to: ________________________________________________



Telephone: ________________________________________________

Date: __________________


________ BoSwp US $ 25.00 ________

Florida Residents add 6% ________

Shipping $1.50

Additional Shipping ________

Total ________

Check/Money Order enclosed for US $ ___________


Version Number of BoSwp: ___________________________

Place obtained from: ___________________________

Type of Computer _________________________________________

Type of Operating System _________________________________

Type of video card/monitor _______________________________

Additional Comments: ___________________________________________________



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