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The RBBS-PC (tm) To BIMODEM (tm) Custom File-transfer Interface.

Sysop Installation and Operations Manual.

(C) Copyright 1990, Julie M. Covington
525 15th St. Clarkston, WA. 99403 USA

Voice: (509) 758-6245
Data: (509) 758-6248

BIMATE Sysop Manual Page-2

BIMATE Copyright and License Agreement

BIMATE.EXE and BIMATE.DOC are computer software (C) Copyright 1990, Julie M.
Covington, all rights reserved. BIMATE.EXE and BIMATE.DOC are NOT in the
public domain. The Author grants temporary trial usage to determine
suitability if the user registers their copy as SOON as possible.

Registration covers this version of BIMATE and all future versions. To
register send a check or money order for $15, along with a self-addressed,
stamped envelope to: Julie M. Covington, 525 15th St., Clarkston, WA. USA
99403. The stamped envelope will be returned along with a certificate of
BIMATE registration, which also proclams the user a Shareware Supporter.

The Author makes no warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, as to
the suitability, functionality, or fitness for any particular purpose, of
BIMATE. Also in no event shall the Author be liable for any direct,
indirect, consequential, or incidental damages arising out of the use or
the inability to use BIMATE.

BIMATE.EXE should not be decompiled, modified, or reverse-engineered in any
way. BIMATE in its archived form as distributed by the Author may be copied
for others to use on a trial basis. BIMATE may be posted for downloading on
electronic bulletin board systems, unmodified, in original form. No access
fees may be charged specifically for BIMATE. In short, use it, register it,

BIMATE Sysop Manual Page-3


The Author wishes to thank the following persons for their support and
assistance in the various phases of creating BIMATE:

Jess James - Sysop of STARWEST-bbs. For using his bbs as the development
system for BIMATE with all the testing and testing that
involves. For invaluable suggestions through all phases of
development, and for putting up with me in the process.
(STARWEST-bbs: 509 758-6248)

Ken Goosens - Co-Author or RBBS-PC and Sysop of Your Place bbs. For ongoing
creation and support of the best bbs system, and for
accepting suggestions for changes to better accomodate modern
file-transfer protocols.
(Your Place bbs: 703 978-6360)

David Krause - Sysop of The Valley of the Sun bbs and Co-author of BIMODEM.
For the latest version of BIMODEM, detailed information on
inner-workings and directions of future enhancements and
encouragement to produce an RBBS-BIMODEM interface.
(Valley of the Sun bbs: 602 979-5720)

Sysops - All the RBBS sysops around the world who expressed a need
for BIMATE, and encouraged (hounded) me to finish and
release it. Thank you one and all.

The following organizations hold trademarks or copyrights to products
refered to in this documentation:

RBBS-PC - Hereafter refered to as: RBBS. Copyright 1983-1990,
D. Thomas Mack, Ken Goosens, Doug Azzarito. Distributed by
Capitol PC Users Group (51 Monroe St. Plaza East Two,
Rockville, MD 20850) and by bulletin boards around the world.

BIMARK, BIHOT (all companion programs included with BIMODEM).
Copyright 1989-1990 Erik Labs. 3431 W. Thunderbird Rd.,
Suite 13-311. Phoenix, AZ. 85023.

DSZ - Hereafter refered to as ZMODEM. Copyright 1990,
Omen Technology Incorporated. 17505-V Northwest Sauvie Island
Road. Portland, Oregon 97231.

BIMATE Sysop Manual Page-4


Congratulations, you have just received BIMATE, the custom RBBS to BIMODEM
file-transfer protocol interface. If you are an RBBS Sysop then this is for

It is time to add BIMODEM, the BIDIRECTIONAL file-transfer protocol to YOUR
bbs system. There are two ways to run BIMODEM on your RBBS system. One way
forces your callers to leave RBBS and enter a DOOR to use BIMODEM.

The better way is to set up BIMODEM as a DIRECT RBBS protocol. A straight
forward way to offer BIMODEM to your callers from within RBBS. BIMODEM will
be available to callers anywhere RBBS prompts them for downloading. Callers
can select BIMODEM as their default RBBS protocol, as they would ZMODEM.

If you are running BIMODEM as a DOOR on your bbs then it is time to consider
running it as a DIRECT protocol. If you already have BIMODEM running as a
DIRECT protocol on your bbs system, where your callers can log-on, select
DOWNLOADS through RBBS, and then UPLOAD while DOWNLOADING, then you already
have a good start. No DOORS neccessary.

One problem arises running BIMODEM as a DIRECT RBBS protocol. Files the
caller UPLOADS to your bbs while DOWNLOADING, are unknown to your bbs. The
SYSOP must deal with these UPLOADED files by hand to have them listed on the
bbs. Until NOW. Enter BIMATE for RBBS.

BIMATE is a small, easy to install utility which runs quickly and invisibly
immediately following BIMODEM. BIMATE completes the BIMODEM to RBBS
interface and provides your Callers with these advanced features:

- Callers may create a BATCH UPLOAD before logging onto your bbs. To do
this Callers use BIMENU, a companion program to BIMODEM. Callers use
BIMENU to type-in or mark the files they wish to UPLOAD, and to give
them a description which will pass through to RBBS after UPLOADING.

- Callers may log onto your bbs after setting up their UPLOADS offline
using BIMENU. They may then select files to download from RBBS. When
the file transfer starts, the Callers UPLOADS will automatically come
to your bbs while the selected DOWNLOADS go to the Caller. Also the
Caller and Sysop may CHAT with each other through a window in BIMODEM.

- Using 2400 baud as an example speed, BIMODEM will typically obtain a
transfer-rate of around 237-cps. Sending files both directions through
the modem increases this rate to 474-cps. Effective transfer-rates
approach 960-cps when files are in archives, compressed 50% or more!

- BIMODEM is forced to take all DOWNLOAD requests ONLY from RBBS. This
leaves RBBS in full control, and RBBS DOWNLOAD security in full force.
This is accomplished by activating BIMATE only when Callers DOWNLOAD,
and by not giving BIMODEM a list of valid RBBS download subdirectories.

BIMATE Sysop Manual Page-5

Introduction Continued

When a BIMODEM transfer finishes, after a Caller has UPLOADED while
DOWNLOADING, BIMATE provides the following features:

- Automatically makes an entry in your RBBS FMS file-description file for
each file your Caller UPLOADED while DOWNLOADING, complete with the
Callers description for each file. RBBS does this for normal UPLOADS
so they can be available for DOWNLOADING by other Callers.

- Automatically makes an entry in your RBBS CALLERS file for each file
your Caller UPLOADED while DOWNLOADING. RBBS does this for normal
UPLOADS so call-analysizer programs can find UPLOADING activity.

- Automatically updates your RBBS USERS file for each file your Caller
UPLOADED while DOWNLOADING. RBBS does this for normal UPLOADS so the
Caller can be credited for Files-uploaded, Bytes-uploaded and Time
they spent UPLOADING.

- Automatically makes an entry on your printer for each file your Caller
UPLOADED while DOWNLOADING. RBBS does this for normal UPLOADS so the
Sysop may easily see new files which have been UPLOADED.

- Automatically plays the RBBS UPLOAD theme when BIMATE finds files your
Caller UPLOADED while DOWNLOADING. RBBS does this for normal UPLOADS so
the Sysop may hear when new files have been UPLOADED.

- Automatically corrects the RBBS XFER-1.DEF file so aborted BIMODEM
UPLOADS and DOWNLOADS are reported properly to RBBS.

BIMATE completes the BIMODEM to RBBS interface, providing a fully wrapped-up
modern, bidirectional file-transfer protocol for your Callers to use.

In the spirit of ShareWare BIMATE is provided un-crippled in any way.
BIMATE was written for RBBS-PC version 17.3 and should work with future
versions, as well as older versions back to about 16.1A.

BIMATE was written for BIMODEM version 1.2, and should work with future
versions, older versions of BIMODEM should not be used. If you do not have
BIMODEM yet, obtain BIMOD120.ZIP to perform this installation.

BIMATE has been tested using DOS 3.2, 3.3, and 4.01 on 8088, 80286 and
80386 computer systems.

BIMATE Sysop Manual Page-6

Installation on RBBS (Preparation)

The first step in putting BIMATE on your RBBS system is an ounce of
prevention. Backup your RBBS subdirectory. This is the best protection to
guard against possible loss whenever working on your system.

To keep files from getting mixed up you should place this BIMATE archive
into a separate subdirectory you have created for temporary working storage,
and un-archive it there. Create ANOTHER separate, temporary-work
subdirectory and un-archive the BIMODEM archive there.

Printing out this Sysop Manual on your printer and having it handy will help
with installation. Press the Form-Feed button on your printer once, then by
hand move the paper-perforation just above the print-head by a quarter-inch.
This calibrates the paper for proper printout. Be sure you are in the
subdirectory where you just un-archived BIMATE, then at the DOS prompt type:
TYPE BIMATE.DOC >LPT1. This should send this manual to your printer.

subdirectory where you un-archived BIMATE, into your main RBBS subdirectory.

COPY BIMODEM.COM and BICONFIG.COM from the subdirectory where you
un-archived BIMODEM, into your main RBBS subdirectory. Only these two files.

BIMATE Sysop Manual Page-7

Installation On RBBS Continued (Editing PROTO.DEF)

EDIT the PROTO.DEF file in your main RBBS subdirectory using a plain text
editor. An example PROTO.DEF is included with BIMATE, and should be in the
subdirectory where you un-archived BIMATE. It can serve as an example for
adding the following two lines to YOUR PROTO.DEF file:

"M) Bimodem-batch____(ErikLabs)
",0,D,8,,2030,,0.95,,4=E=A,"BIMUP.BAT [BAUD] [NODE] [FILE] [PROTO]",

In the above example, it appears as there are three lines. Line three is
actually an extention of line two.

The uppercase D on the second line indicates DOORING to this protocol. It
would be nicer to SHELL to this new BIMODEM system. RBBS is currently
closing its critical data files ONLY when DOORING. Someday single-node,
and multi-node running slave-card RBBS systems will be able to SHELL and
will need to change this D to an S. Multi-node RBBS systems running under
multi-tasking software will have to use D due to memory sizes, and shelling

In the above PROTO.DEF lines you should specify full Drive:\Path\Filename
for BIMUP.BAT and BIMDN.BAT if they are located anywhere other than your
main RBBS subdirectory.

In the above PROTO.DEF lines the files BIMUP.BAT and BIMDN.BAT are named
beginning with BI. This allows for easy display with your other BIMODEM
files by entering DIR BI* at the DOS command line. Following BI is the
letter M as in MAIN-BOARD. For a SUBBOARD change this M to the first letter
in the name of the SUBBOARD. This will select a completely different batch
file. A different PROTO.DEF may be selected for SUBBOARDS in RBBS Config.
The new PROTO.DEF can then select this SUBBOARD batch file. The M is
followed by either an UP or DN. This is the direction of file-transfer
when viewed from the RBBS end. This makes up the naming procedures for

Multi-Node systems may not need to change a thing in PROTO.DEF, BIMUP.BAT
or BIMDN.BAT for proper operation. This BIMODEM/BIMATE system is fully
node aware. BIMATE will automatically replace the NODE number in the
Config-filename specified on the BIMATE command-line, and the filenames
specified within BIMATE1.CFG with the proper NODE number. A BIMATE config
file will be needed for each NODE. BIMATE2.CFG would be for NODE 2, etc.

RBBS runs different RBBS-Config files for each Node so it would be possible
to name a different PROTO.DEF for each Node. These different PROTO.DEF
files could call different batch files for BIMUP.BAT and BIMDN.BAT.
The batch files could invoke BIMATE in a unique way for each node. This
should not be neccessary unless the files specified in BIMATE1.CFG are
located in different places for different NODES, or filenames without
node numbers specified in BIMATE1.CFG change for different NODES.

BIMATE Sysop Manual Page-8

Installation On RBBS Continued (Editing BIMATE1.CFG)

Next we EDIT the BIMATE1.CFG file in your main RBBS subdirectory. This is
the BIMATE configuration file.BIMATE1.CFG must contain at least 10 lines.
Following is a description of the lines neccessary in BIMATE1.CFG:

1st Line:
Filename of BIMODEM TRANSFER-LOG. Must match name given in BIMODEM
command-line. Node number within filename is a place holder, BIMATE
will insert proper node number. Can be full Drive:\Path\Filename.
2nd Line:
Filename of RBBS FMS File-descriptions. Must match filename given in
RBBS Config. Will change for SUBBOARDS. Can be full Drive:\Path\Filename
Should be left blank if not running RBBS FMS system.
3rd Line:
Filename of RBBS CALLERS file. Must match the name given in RBBS Config.
Can be full Drive:\Path\Filename.
4th Line:
Filename of RBBS MESSAGES file. Must match the name given in RBBS
Config. Will change for SUBBOARDS. Can be full Drive:\Path\Filename.
5th Line:
Filename of RBBS USERS file. Must match the name given in RBBS Config.
Will change for SUBBOARDS. Can be full Drive:\Path\Filename.
Example: C:\RBBS\USERS
6th Line:
Filename of RBBS COMPLETION-FLAG file. Must match the name given in
AUTOEXEC.BAT's SET DSZLOG= entry. This SET must be the LAST SET specified
in AUTOEXEC.BAT. Node number in filename is a place holder, BIMATE will
insert proper node number. Can be full Drive:\Path\Filename.
Example: XFER-1.DEF
7th Line:
Sysop's RBBS SECRET-NAME. Must match the name given in RBBS Config.
Example: YOUR NAME
8th Line:
Default RBBS CATEGORY-CODE for Unclassified-Uploads. Must match entry
in RBBS Config.
Example: UNC
9th Line:
EXTENDED-LOGGING Y/N. Must be Y for updating of CALLERS file and printer.
Example: Y
10th Line:
UPLOAD-THEME Y/N. Setting as Y will enable playing the RBBS UPLOAD-THEME
music when a Caller Uploads.
Example: Y

Each Node of a multi-node system will need its own above config file, even
though the information in it may not need to change for different nodes. If
files specified in the above config-file are located in a subdirectory
different from the subdirectory where BIMATE is running, they will need full
Drive:\Path\Filenames. Each SUBBOARD will also need its own config-file.

BIMATE Sysop Manual Page-9

Installation On RBBS Continued (Running BICONFIG)

Next run BICONFIG which should be in your main RBBS subdirectory. This will
set parameters for BIMODEM itself. You will be making changes to
BIMODEM.CFG which was supplied in the BIMATE archive and should now be in
your main RBBS subdirectory.

On the opening BICONFIG menu, select FILENAMES and PATHS. Adjust the first
entry, Subdirectory to Receive Files Into, to point to YOUR desired UPLOAD

The second line, Subdirectory to Rename Aborted Files Into, should be
adjusted to point to a subdirectory you create on your system where
partial, aborted uploads will be placed. This will allow Callers to pick up
where they left off when an Upload gets aborted for some reason.

The fourth line, File to Determine Rejections, should be adjusted to point
a file containing a list of YOUR valid RBBS download subdirectories. This
will allow BIMODEM to know if you already have the file a Caller is trying
to upload to your bbs, and prevent it.

These are the ONLY entries which should be changed. Do not fill in other
questions on this FILENAMES and PATHS page which are blank. Doing so will
allow Callers to specify DOWNLOADS remotely.

BIMATE Sysop Manual Page-10

Installation On RBBS Continued (Batch files)

Now a look at the batch files BIMUP.BAT and BIMDN.BAT. BIMUP.BAT contains
the commands to invoke our new BIMODEM/BIMATE system when the caller
DOWNLOADS. BIMDN.BAT has commands to correct the EOF problem with
BIMODEM version 1.20. Future versions of BIMATE will correct this EOF
problem and allow for simplification of this batch file and other areas.

BIMUP.BAT is as follows:


BIMDN.BAT is as follows:


In the above batch file examples, the @ before the ECHO OFF should be
left off for DOS 3.2 and earlier versions. Full Drive:\Path\Filenames
may be used for all filenames, if the specified filename is in another

So far you have COPIED the proper files from BIMATE and BIMODEM into your
main RBBS subdirectory. You have EDITED your PROTO.DEF file to add BIMODEM
as a DIRECT protocol for RBBS. You have EDITED BIMATE1.CFG to fit your
system. You have run BICONFIG to adjust BIMODEM to fit your system. You
have adjusted filenames and batch files for SUBBOARDS and Multi-node
systems. You should be ready to test your new system.

BIMATE Sysop Manual Page-11

Installation On Qmodem (or other Comm Programs)

To install BIMODEM into the Qmodem environment (or others) COPY ALL
.COM and .EXE files in the BIMODEM archive into your main Qmodem

COPY BIMODEM.TRM from the BIMATE archive into your main Qmodem subdirectory.
Once there rename it BIMODEM.CFG

Run BICONFIG and select FILENAMES and PATHS. Edit the Drive:\Path\Filenames
to fit your Qmodem Upload and Download subdirectories. The questions in
FILENAMES and PATHS should all be filled in for the BIMODEM.CFG in your
Qmodem subdirectory, unlike the copy in RBBS.

Create a batch file named: BMOD.BAT with the following lines:


Next add BIMODEM to Qmodem's external protocol menu, pointing to BMOD.BAT
for both Uploading and Downloading. If installing in other Comm Programs
you may need to set up a HOT-KEY to run this BMOD.BAT batch file.

Next create another batch file named: BMENU.BAT with the following lines:


To have access to BIMENU within Qmodem, add this BMENU.BAT file as another
external Qmodem protocol, or program a function key to call it. This will
allow the Caller using Qmodem to enter BIMENU before calling your bbs. When
the Uploads are specified, the Caller can logon to your bbs and then use
BIMODEM to Upload while Downloading.

BIMATE Sysop Manual Page-12

Closing Thoughts

The RBBS-BIMODEM-BIMATE system presented here is for all RBBS Sysops. With
a little work you can have the most modern file-transfer protocol on your
system. As the small problems with RBBS and BIMODEM are corrected this
installation will get a little simpler. New features will be brought online.
BIMATE is engineered to work smoothly and invisibly to provide a complete
BIMODEM to RBBS interface, for single node and multi-node systems, and
Multi-node systems.

It can be helpful to get your Qmodem (or other Comm Program) working before
installing BIMODEM/BIMATE on your RBBS.

To obtain support installing BIMODEM/BIMATE on your RBBS system, or help
correcting a problem with BIMODEM/BIMATE or other aspects of RBBS, or to
test BIMODEM using your Qmodem terminal software on a working BIMODEM/BIMATE
RBBS system PLEASE call:

(509) 758-6245 (Voice)
(509) 758-6248 (Data, Starwest-bbs, first-time full-access RBBS)

Support is offered before and after you register. We are User Friendly!
Good-Luck and enjoy BIMATE.

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