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March 3, 1994

Installation of BGFT Version 3.03
Registered Package
Unregistered users can skip this section.

If you received BGFT as a registered package there should be
the following files on the 720K distribution diskette:


The last two files are the archived packages of BGFT version
3.03 programs and files. They are not 'executable' in the
normal sense; they contain files that are extracted during
the installation process. There are two files so that they
can be distributed more easily. You should have received one
720K diskette with the above four files.

BGFT300A.EXE contains all the files necessary for a
'minimal' installation of BGFT on a hard drive. If you are
new to BGFT, this will be all you need to get going. It may
suit you for a final configuration too. If you choose the
minimal installation initially and then want the use the
floppy based file buffer, the files for Microsoft Windows
3.1, or the files to run BGFT with other communications
products later, then you can simply run the installation
program again.

The following files are in BGFT300A.EXE:

BGFTREAD.ME This file.
BGFT.EXE The main BGFT user interface.
BGFT.DLG A sample dialing directory.
BGFT.DOC The BGFT documentation.
BGFT300.HLP Help screens for BGFT.EXE.
BGFT300.SCR Other screens for BGFT.EXE.
BGFTFB.EXE Hard drive C: file buffer maker.
BGFTHDZM.COM Hard drive communication resident.
BGFTORDR.FRM Order form to register BGFT package.

BGFT300B.EXE contains all the other files. If you want the
full installation, both the BGFT300A.EXE and BGFT300B.EXE
files will be needed.

INSTALL.EXE: This is the installation program. A 720K
diskette distribution will have INSTALL.EXE, BGFT300A.EXE,
and BGFT300B.EXE on the one diskette.

BGFTREAD.ME: This is a file with information you should read
for up-to-date information not in the documentation.

Put the registered distribution 720K diskette in the drive
supports that media; for the moment we will assume that is
Drive A:.

To run the installation program go to drive A: by entering


and then enter


Follow the instructions and the installation will be
completed in a few minutes. The installation allows you to
quit at any time and start again, if desired.

The documentation, BGFT.DOC, contains more information on
the installation and other details if you need them.

Unregistered Package
Registered users can skip this section.

If you download BGFT as a Shareware evaluation package you
should have the two files BGFT303A.ZIP and BGFT303B.ZIP. Be
sure that you start off in a directory that is not called,
'\BGFT300', since the construction of this directory is part
of the installation itself; it is recommended that you keep
all the files in the same directory.

BGFT303A.ZIP allows a minimal hard drive installation of
BGFT; you may want to use the minimal installation just to
try BGFT out.

You should use the appropriate unarchiving program to

extract the above files. For ZIP files you would enter


This will extract the three files: INSTALL.EXE, BGFT300A.EXE
and BGFTREAD.ME. Do the same to BGFT303B.ZIP to produce the
file, BGFT300B.EXE.

You start the installation by entering:


Follow the instructions and the installation will be
completed in a few minutes. INSTALL allows you to quit at
any time and start again, if desired.

Users are expected to register BGFT; see the documentation.

Previous Users
If you are a previous Version 2.x user of BGFT and plan to
use you floppy diskette file buffer, you should reformat
your regular 'BGFT' diskette with DOS and re-initialize the
file buffer with BGFT.EXE before using the new version.
Also, after you have installed the BGFT files into the
directory \BGFT300 you can copy your previous dialing
directory into \BGFT300 and it will be ready for use. The
BGFT Version 3 dialing directories have a different format
than for earlier versions but the older ones can still be
read by version 3.

Previously registered users of version 2.x should contact
Dirac Systems about their free upgrades to version 3 of

Registrants of version 3.x of BGFT can use the upgrade
utility found on their distribution disk to copy their
registration serial numbers to the new versions.

Trying It Out
To run BGFT for the first time it is recommended that you
follow the 'Trying it Out' example session (Section 3.2)
included in the documentation file, BGFT.DOC. Set up your
printer up for 60 lines per page and enter:


to print out the documentation.

BGFT Version 3 History:

Version 3.03 (March 3, 1994):
- Added DOS 6.x DoubleSpace support.
- Added ability to unload resident program from memory.
- Changed address of Dirac Systems.
- Dropped local BBS support.
- Price decreased to 1990 level.
- Did documentation changes; updated files to 1994.

Version 3.02 (February 1993):
- fixed lockups when starting BGFT.EXE on some systems.
- added ability to move files from file buffer to DOS with
BGFTOPT.EXE. File manipulation for BGFTOPT.EXE brought up to
BGFT.EXE standard. See Section 6.9 and 6.10 of
- added description in Section 4.4 of '/s' command with
residents to allow them to use modem strings instead of
carrier detect line.
- added new entries in Section 4 regarding STACKER and DR
- updated documentation (BGFT.DOC) and changed dates and
version numbers for many files of package.

Version 3.01 (December 1992):
- added support for STACKER in BGFTHDZM.COM and
- allowed use of BGFT hard drive file buffer with drives
formatted by DR DOS.
- fixed type-o-matic buffer rate change by BGFT.EXE, etc.

Version 3.00 (October 1992):
- added background Zmodem to BGFTHDZM.COM and BGFTFDZM.COM.
- added hard drive file buffer creation and management with
- integrated resident program for floppy file buffers.
- added support for 1.44 Meg and 1.2 Meg (to 720K) floppy
file buffers.
- new user interface, BGFT.EXE. New features such as clip
board, scroll back buffer, modern point and shoot menuing,
- installation program, INSTALL.EXE.
- rewrote documentation, BGFT.DOC, and many other
improvements and file changes.

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Archive   : BG303A.ZIP
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