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BBS 1.10 Easy to use BBS Comunications Program Registration $29

Author: Jim Hass (MicroFox Company) [ASAD] {ASP} {STAR}

BBS is a simple communcations program written specifically to contact
electronic Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs). It works with Hayes compatible
modems with transmission speeds from 1200 BPS to 115200 BPS. File upload
and download protocols supported include ASCII, Kermit, Xmodem, Ymodem,
Zmodem, 1K Xmodem, 1K Xmodem/G, and Ymodem/G. The program has full mouse
support and automatically handles the ANSI screen characters that most BBSs
use to display text and graphics.

After starting the program, a screen is displayed that can list up to 300
bulletin boards with their phone number and communication parameters. If
this is the first time the system is used, the list may be blank. This
list information is stored in the BBS.CFG file, the file will be created
if it does not exist. Press F4 to specify your modem settings. There
are only three fields to enter information, first is the letter T or P to
indicate Tone or Pulse dialing, second is the communication port which is
a number from one to four (COM1-COM4). The final field, IRQ Number, is
normally left blank. The only reason to change it is if your modem is
connected to a port that uses a non-standard Interrupt Request line.
Press F2 to save your modem setting or Esc to cancel the changes. To
change the modem initialization string, press F7 and enter the new modem
setup string. Press Enter to save it or Esc to cancel the change.

The program keeps track of how long you are connected. The elapse time is
displayed in the top line, just to the right of the current time of day.
You can quit the BBS program at any time by pressing F3. If you were on-
line, the line connection will be broken and the modem will hangup. You
can temporarily shell out to DOS while online by pressing F4. Key in EXIT
at the DOS prompt to return to the online session. Help is always available
by pressing F1 at any time.

Hardware Requirements: IBM compatible computer, 448K RAM.

Other Requirements: MS-DOS 2.0 & higher or DR-DOS 3.4 & higher.

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