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Blase's Baltimore BBS List


Blase's Baltimore BBS List (BBBLmmyy.ZIP) is distributed FREE of charge, and
is not associated with any other commercial, shareware, or freeware software
package. BBBL is Copyright (c) 1992-1994 Brad Blase and Copyright (c) 1994
David Fogle.

The list can be distributed freely as long as it is kept intact as it was
released, without modification, and with proper credit given to the author
for the compilation of the list. It can also be used in conjunction with
online BBS listings as long as credit is given to the author.


BBBL is compiled by David Fogle on a monthly basis as a service to BBS users
in the Baltimore area. The list is distributed through Silver Streak BBS
and other area bulletin board systems. I do not take any responsibility for
the accuracy of the list, nor should any one else distributing the list. I
have attempted to present a reasonably accurate compilation of information
about currently operating BBS's in the Baltimore area - do not expect 100%
accuracy - it would be impossible for me to verify every BBS's complete
profile each month.

I am assuming that all BBS owners/operators will not object to having their
BBS phone published in BBBLmmyy.ZIP. If you are a BBS owner/operator, it is
your responsibility to contact me on Silver Streak BBS (410-254-3400), or
through Fido-Net, InterNet, or BALT-Net to have your BBS phone number
removed from the list. I compile the BBS numbers from lists that are
posted on other BBS's or through personal communication with Sysops or
their users.

If you run a BBS that is within the 410 area code, but out of the Metro
Baltimore dialing area, you can be included in the "main" list granted that
you contact me on a monthly basis to verify that your system is currently
operational. You can do this via FidoNet Netmail, or local Email on Silver
Streak BBS. Non-metro BBS's will be tagged with a "NM" status designator.


You have in your possesion the most comprehensive list of Baltimore Bulletin
Board Systems (BBS's) available today. Phone numbers (only) are verifed
at the end of each month by myself (David Fogle), using an automated dialer
and database program. Additional information, such as baud rate, BBS soft-
ware type, and system descriptions are provided by other online BBS listings
or direct spot checking of BBS's each month. The location of each BBS is
cross-referenced to C&P Telephone's exchange location map. If you would
like a more precise location listed for your BBS, let me know, and I'll
update it.

The automated dialing system is composed of a {COMMO} script file which
dials the phone numbers in BBBL. The program will determine whether a modem
connection is made, a busy signal is received, or a voice or recording is
played. All numbers which do not receive a connection with a modem will be
placed in a queue to be dialed later. The entire BBBL is dialed at first,
and the non-connects are redialed as the cycle narrows to all the non-
connects. The non-connects are re-dialed approximately three times each at
different times during the following day(s). The final batch of "non-
connects" are dialed by hand to verify disconnection messages, voice
answers, or non-answering systems.

All BBBL numbers are given a status designator with the following criteria:

V VERIFIED: Modem answers the line/or continuous busy signal
C CHANGE: Changed phone number (from Bell Atl.) or new BBS name
D DISCONNECTED: Voice recording from Bell Atl. of disconnected line
NA N/A or VOICE: Nothing answers line or voice/FAX/answering machine
answers the line
NM NON-METRO: Out of Baltimore Metro dialing area, but verified
monthly by the Sysop of the BBS - may be local to
some Baltimore area callers.

Please help keep the list up-to-date by reporting any additions,
errors, or changes to me via e-mail on Silver Streak BBS. I will try to
keep the list as accurate as possible, but can only do this with YOUR help.

The following fields are currently being maintained in the database file:

MODEM TYPE INFO ON BBS (special interest, etc.)

If you have a BBS to add to the list, or need to update old information,
please try to include all of the above information in your e-mail.


The following files are included with BBBLmmyy.ZIP:

BBBL.DAT Main data file for BBBL List Manager (BBBLM.EXE)

BBBLM.EXE Blase's Baltimore BBS List Manager - program written by
Howard Michalski that allows viewing/searching/text file
generation for the BBS List. See BBBLM.DOC for details.

BBBLM.DOC Documentation explaining the BBBLM program.

BBBL.DOC What you're reading now

WHATSNEW.TXT A chronological update of BBBL

FILE_ID.DIZ Description file used by some BBS file systems

DESC.SDI Description file used by some BBS file systems

If you want to convert BBBL-3.TXT to a dialing directory for your favorite
communications program, there are several around that will complete the task
easily and quickly. The most popular is FONDIR - the current version is
called FONDIR59.ZIP and is available Silver Streak and other local area
BBS's. FONDIR supports conversions for Telix, Procomm, Procomm Plus,
Qmodem, and many others. Please register this shareware program if you use
it on a regular basis.

I spend a great deal of time verifying the numbers on the BBBL list.
Although most of it has become automated, it still takes a fair amount of
my time to compile accurate information on each BBS. As the list is
around for a while, it will become more complete and will include more

Please be patient and notify me POLITELY of any changes that need to be made
The changes WILL be made in the following month's edition of BBBL.


David Fogle
(and Brad Blase)

Silver Streak BBS: 410-254-3400 - 5 nodes

FidoNet: 1:261/1200
Internet [email protected]

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Archive   : BBBL0295.ZIP
Filename : BBBL.DOC

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