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+~4;€AAAAAAAAAAAAAAÿ3SHAREWARE: AUTODL v3.30 - Register your copy today! ..% .00,21,G1.00,/1,G1.0-Ü,1*“0%!Error reading TELIX.CNF file,–1.&+0-k&1*Ç0%!Error reading AUTODL.CNF file,–1.&+*Ó0-Å31.3.%.0%!**B00,}1.0%!**B01,}1.­!*$0!TXZM­,d1.(_5!*C0!SZMODEM5,d1.(_½!*_0!GIFLINK½,d1.E!*§0!MPTE,d1.0%!
MPt ,}1.0%!
Puma,}1 .Í!*è0!HSLINKÍ,d1.0%!HS*R,}1.0%!HS*Q,}1.U!*0!HYDRACOMU,d1.0%! cA\f5\a3a,}1$.$ .*O0%2,–1.0,1*œ0,p1.0%,€1)*”))%!­!5!½!*ÿ)*µ0!%Z,U1.(üt[email protected]
*Ì0!%Z,Z1.(ü0%%  !File to upload:-#1%*ó+O0 %Z,Z1.(”))%!*™ )*¡ B*o 0!4µ Zmodem upload request: Mark the files to upload. Æ-1*l +O(¡ 0%%  !File(s) to upload:-#1%*™ +O0 -B$1.0-Ü,1.!portx ’.0ï’,d1.0!,’,d1.0ÿ’,d1.LV*÷ 0! ha both’,d1.(*
0! ha cts’,d1.(*
0! ha dsr’,d1.0! pB’,d1.0ç’,d1.i!*d
0! ’,d1.0i’,d1.)*‚
0! sz -m’,d1.(“
0! rz -m’,d1.) *°
0!r ’,d1.(Ù
0!r ’,d1.(Ù
0! ’,d1.ß!*! )*ý
0!-W’,d1.0ß’,d1.0! ’,d1.)*z 0!@’,d1.0’,d1.00’,f1% ’,l1%\*d 0!\’,d1.0!FILELIST’,d1.(„ 0’,d1.0,&1.0%’%,X1.(”))­!*ë
)*; B* 0!4µ Zmodem upload request: Mark the files to upload. Æ-1* +O(; 0%%  !File(s) to upload:-#1%*3 +O0 -B$1.0-Ü,1.!-c’.0ï’,d1.0!,’,d1.0ÿ’,d1.`*„ 0! -l’,d1.(’ 0! -b’,d1.0’,d1.L*± 0! -h’,d1.ß!*Ô 0! -w’,d1.0ß’,d1.[*é 0! -6’,d1.0! -q -e’,d1.) *
0!1 ’,d1.(A
0!1 ’,d1.(A
0!3 ’,d1.ñ!*b
0ñ’,d1.0! ’,d1.)*¾
0!-s @’,d1.0’,d1.00’,f1% ’,l1%\*¨
0!-r ’,d1.0’,d1.0,&1.0%’­,X1.(”))5!*Z)*B*[0!4µ Zmodem upload request: Mark the files to upload. Æ-1*X+O(0%%  !File(s) to upload:-#1%*…+O0 -B$1.0-Ü,1.!IRQ ’.0ÿ’,d1.0! ADDR ’,d1.0÷’,d1.`*á0! /LOCK ’,d1.(ô0! /SPEED ’,d1.0’,d1.L*0! /HARD’,d1.V*-0! /SOFT’,d1.)*d *P0! /SR+ ’,d1.(a0! /SR- ’,d1.(˜)*˜*‡0! /RR+ ’,d1.(˜0! /RR- ’,d1.y!*¹0y’,d1.0! ’,d1.)*Ô0!SZ ’,d1.(â0!RZ ’,d1.)*;0!@’,d1.0’,d1.00’,f1% ’,l1%\*%0!\’,d1.0!FILELIST’,d1.(E0’,d1.0,&1.0%’5,X1.(”))½!*r)*üB*Ê0!4µ Zmodem upload request: Mark the files to upload. Æ-1*Ç+O(ü0%%  !File(s) to upload:-#1%*ô+O0 -B$1.0-Ü,1.!-p’.0ï’,d1.0!,’,d1.0ÿ’,d1.0! -b’,d1.0’,d1.!*h0! ’,d1.0’,d1.)*ƒ0! sz’,d1.(‘0! rz’,d1.)*À*²0! -rg’,d1.(À0! -k’,d1.)*0! @’,d1.0’,d1.00’,f1% ’,l1%\*0!\’,d1.0!FILELIST’,d1.(]0! -f’,d1.0’,d1.00’,f1% ’,l1%\*]0%0’,f1% ’,`1.0,&1.0%’½,X1.(”)) *j!P’.0’,d1.
*±0! B+’,d1.(¿0! B-’,d1.*Õ0! R+’,d1.(ã0! O+’,d1.0,/1$€% *0! X- ’,d1.(0! X+ ’,d1.‰!*'0‰’,d1.(=0! A- F+ M- N+’,d1.0! r ’,d1.0’,d1.0,&1.0%’E,X1.(”))*UB*Ú0!Fµ HS/Link transfer request: Mark the files to upload or press ENTER. Æ-1*×+O( 0%%  !File(s) to upload:-#1%*+O0 -B$1.0-Ü,1.!-PB0x’.0ï’,d1.0! -PI’,d1.0ÿ’,d1.0! -B’,d1.0’,d1.ß!*“0! -W’,d1.0Ý0ß,c1$,G1.0Ý’,d1.*¦0! -R’,d1.!*Ê0! ’,d1.0’,d1.(Û0! -K -O’,d1.0! -U’,d1.0’,d1.0! @’,d1.0’,d1.00’,f1% ’,l1%\*-0!\’,d1.0!FILELIST’,d1.0,&1.0%’Í,X1.(”)$*”B*»0!Dµ Hydra transfer request: Mark the files to upload or press ENTER. Æ-1*¸+O(í0%%  !File(s) to upload:-#1%*å+O0 -B$1.0-Ü,1.!port ’.0’,d1.0! speed ’,d1.0’,d1.LV*O0! handshake both’,d1.(’L*r0! handshake hard’,d1.(’V*’0! handshake soft’,d1.ß!*¼0!
txwindow ’,d1.0ß’,d1.*Ö0! noresume’,d1.
*ñ0! nobell’,d1.™!*0! ’,d1.0™’,d1.0! receive ’,d1.0’,d1.0! send @’,d1.0’,d1.00’,f1% ’,l1%\*o0!\’,d1.0!FILELIST’,d1.0,&1.0%’U,X1.0,…1.(O0%,1.3.Go%
*Õ0%,1.(ë0%! Carrier Lost,–1.*ü0%<,–1.. .&BOAA=%8 µÿ.8%= ºÿ. Ýÿ.% .-ÿ.00-ÿ,f1% -ÿ,l1%\*-0!\-ÿ,d1.0!*.*-ÿ,d1.0 ¿ÿ Äÿ%%,˜1 öÿ.0%,1.0-ÿ ¿ÿ Äÿ Éÿ Îÿ-®!1.0% %qÿ Éÿ Îÿ%,‰1.0 µÿ Éÿ Îÿ%qÿ,T1.0 Éÿ Îÿ,81.0,<1 Øÿ%*! Øÿ$H Øÿ$P Øÿ$K Øÿ$M Øÿ$G Øÿ$I Øÿ$Q Øÿ$O Øÿ$; Øÿ%  Øÿ%L Øÿ%l Øÿ%E Øÿ%e*I0% %qÿ Éÿ Îÿ%,‰1.0 ºÿ Éÿ Îÿ%qÿ,T1. Øÿ$H* Éÿ% Éÿ. Éÿ%
*Œ Îÿ%*… Îÿ% Îÿ. ¿ÿ% Éÿ.(Œ% Éÿ.( Øÿ$P*Ý Éÿ% Éÿ. Éÿ ¿ÿ% *Ú Îÿ%=*Ï Îÿ% Îÿ.% Éÿ.(Ú ¿ÿ% Éÿ.( Øÿ$K* Îÿ% Îÿ. Îÿ%
*% Îÿ.( Øÿ$M*- Îÿ% Îÿ. Îÿ%= **%= Îÿ.( Øÿ$I*A% Éÿ.( Øÿ$Q*Y ¿ÿ% Éÿ.( Øÿ$G*t% Îÿ.% Éÿ.( Øÿ$O*é% âÿ. âÿ%?
*æ% çÿ. çÿ ¿ÿ
*Ø0 çÿ âÿ%,81.0,ˆ1%ÿ% *Ê âÿ Îÿ. çÿ Éÿ. çÿ% çÿ.(• âÿ% âÿ.(…( Øÿ$;*\0%%8%%,˜1 ñÿ.0 ºÿ%%%%8%
%,1.0 ºÿ%
%$!µ HELP Æ,T1.0 ºÿ% %!A - Mark all files.,T1.0 ºÿ% %!C - Clear all marked files.,T1.0 ºÿ%
%!E - Manual filename entry.,T1.0 ºÿ%%!L - Log a new directory.,T1.0 ºÿ%%!ENTER - Accept marked files.,T1.0 ºÿ%%!SPACE - Toggle files mark.,T1.0 ºÿ%%!ESC - Cancel transfer request.,T1.0,=1.0 ñÿ,™1.( Øÿ% *â0 Éÿ Îÿ,81.0,ˆ1%ÿ%*0% ºÿ$,‹1.(ž0% ºÿ$,‹1. Éÿ% Éÿ. Éÿ ¿ÿ% *ß Îÿ%=*Ô Îÿ% Îÿ.% Éÿ.(ß ¿ÿ% Éÿ.( Øÿ%E Øÿ%e*80 ºÿ%  !Manual entry of filename(s):-#1%*50 -B$1 ìÿ*5+!( Øÿ%L Øÿ%l*0 ºÿ% -ÿ!Enter new path:-#1%*00-ÿ,f1% -ÿ,l1%\*™0%0-ÿ,f1% -ÿ,`1.0-ÿ,"1 ûÿ. ûÿ% ûÿ%*00-ÿ,f1% -ÿ,l1%\*Ù0!\-ÿ,d1.-ÿ.0!*.*-ÿ,d1.0-ÿ ¿ÿ Äÿ%%-®!1.% Îÿ.% Éÿ.0% %qÿ Éÿ Îÿ%,‰1.0 µÿ Éÿ Îÿ%qÿ,T1.0 Éÿ Îÿ,81.(! Øÿ%A Øÿ%a*æ% âÿ. âÿ%?
*Ø% çÿ. çÿ ¿ÿ
*Ê0 çÿ âÿ%,81.0,ˆ1%ÿ% *¼0 çÿ âÿ,81.0,ˆ1%ÿ%*¼0% ºÿ$,‹1. çÿ% çÿ.(p âÿ% âÿ.(`0 Éÿ Îÿ,81.(! Øÿ%C Øÿ%c*h % âÿ. âÿ%?
*Z % çÿ. çÿ ¿ÿ
*L 0 çÿ âÿ,81.0,ˆ1%ÿ%*> 0% ºÿ$,‹1. çÿ% çÿ.(
âÿ% âÿ.(ý0 Éÿ Îÿ,81.(! Øÿ%
*!% ìÿ.qÿ.00qÿ,f1% qÿ,l1%\*¢ 0!\qÿ,d1.0!FILELISTqÿ,d1.0!wqÿ,(1 Óÿ%*Š!% âÿ. âÿ%?
*‚!% çÿ. çÿ ¿ÿ
*t!0 çÿ âÿ,81.0,ˆ1%ÿ%*f!% ìÿ.qÿ.00qÿ,f1% qÿ,l1%\*4!0!\qÿ,d1.0% 0qÿ,f1qÿ çÿ âÿ%,‰1.0 Óÿqÿ,*1.0 Óÿ!
,*1. çÿ% çÿ.(á âÿ% âÿ.(Ñ 0 Óÿ,1.+!(¡0%,1.0 öÿ,™1. Ýÿ . ìÿ+­!&BA8%= ñÿ.=%8 ìÿ.0 ñÿ%%  %%,1.0 ñÿ%%,T1.0 ñÿ %!Bµ F1 - Help, SPACE - Mark files, ENTER - Continue, ESC - Cancels Æ,T1.% öÿ. öÿ%?
*#% ûÿ. ûÿ 
*ø"0¨ÿ%,#1%*Ñ"+ø"0 ñÿ ûÿ öÿ¨ÿ,T1.!. ûÿ% ûÿ.(²" öÿ% öÿ.(¢"&B0,h1 çÿ ìÿ. ìÿ%N *J#%N çÿ ìÿ.0,h1 ìÿ *d#0,h1 çÿ. %
*w#% öÿ.(’# % *Š#% öÿ.(’#  öÿ.%( çÿ% ûÿ.0 öÿ% çÿ ûÿ% öÿ ûÿ,˜1 âÿ.0 %% öÿ% çÿ ûÿ% öÿ ûÿ,1.0  öÿ% ûÿ%,T1.0%,1.0  öÿ% ûÿ% ìÿ,51 ñÿ%*+$!.0%,1.0 âÿ,™1. ñÿ+A$&BAAA¨ÿ.00¨ÿ,f1% ¨ÿ,l1%\*L%0!\¨ÿ,d1.0!FILELIST¨ÿ,d1.0!w¨ÿ,(1 ìÿ%*c&0,f1 ûÿ. öÿ ûÿ
*[&0% öÿ,—1 ñÿ. ñÿ%*­% ûÿ ñÿ.0dÿ ñÿ öÿ öÿ,n1.0%dÿ,l1%\0%dÿ,l1%.0%dÿ,l1%:*5&0 ÿ%A%,n1.00 ÿ,f1%  ÿ,l1%\*&0!\ ÿ,d1.0dÿ ÿ,d1.0 ìÿ ÿ,*1.(@&0 ìÿdÿ,*1.0 ìÿ!
,*1. ñÿ% öÿ.(€%0 ìÿ,1. ìÿ+j&&BAAAA’.00’,f1% ’,l1%\*´'0!\’,d1.0!
AUTODL.CFG’,d1.0!r’,(1 ëþ%*+0 ëþ%AE,!1%*þ'0 ëþ,1.%++0 ëþ%A‰,!1%*(0 ëþ,1.%++0 ëþ%A%,!1%*>(0 ëþ,1.%++0 ëþ%Ai,!1%*^(0 ëþ,1.%++0 ëþ%A­,!1%*~(0 ëþ,1.%++0 ëþ%Añ,!1%*ž(0 ëþ,1.%++0 ëþ%A5,!1%*¾(0 ëþ,1.%++0 ëþ%Ay,!1%*Þ(0 ëþ,1.%++0 ëþ%A½,!1%*þ(0 ëþ,1.%++0 ëþ%A,!1%*)0 ëþ,1.%++0 ëþ%AÍ,!1%*>)0 ëþ,1.%++0 ëþ%A,!1%*^)0 ëþ,1.%++0 ëþ%AU,!1%*~)0 ëþ,1.%++0 ëþ%A™,!1%*ž)0 ëþ,1.%++0 ëþ%A¼ÿ,!1%*¾)0 ëþ,1.%++0ðþ0% %¼ÿ,—1 áþ%¼ÿ,n1.0ðþ,c18. áþ% æþ.0% æþ¼ÿ,—1 æþ áþ.0ðþ áþ æþ¼ÿ,n1.0ðþ,c1=. æþ áþ% æþ.0% æþ¼ÿ,—1 æþ áþ.0ðþ áþ æþ¼ÿ,n1.0ðþ,c1B. æþ áþ% æþ.0%; æþ¼ÿ,—1 æþ áþ.0ðþ áþ æþ¼ÿ,n1.0ðþ,c1G.0 ëþ%Axÿ,!1%*Å*0 ëþ,1.%++0 ëþ%A4ÿ,!1%*å*0 ëþ,1.%++xÿ!4ÿ!*+04ÿxÿ-+1.0 ëþ,1. ëþ++&B0,f1 öÿ.% ûÿ. ûÿ öÿ
*k+ ñÿ ûÿ%0 ûÿ,l1 ñÿ. ûÿ% ûÿ.(9+ ñÿ öÿƒ ñÿ ñÿ.0 öÿ-—+1. öÿ ñÿ+–+&B0123456789ABCDEF0,k1.0,f1 ãÿ.% Þÿ. Þÿ ãÿ
* ,% èÿ00 Þÿ,l1%íÿ,—1 èÿ. Þÿ% Þÿ.(Ô+ èÿ +,&B0123456789ABCDEF  ×ÿ.00 ×ÿ%íÿ,l1 Üÿáÿ,`1. Üÿ% Üÿ. ×ÿ% ×ÿ. ×ÿ% )H,0% Üÿáÿ,`1.0áÿ,f1 ×ÿ.% Üÿ. Üÿ ×ÿ
*Í,00 ×ÿ Üÿ % áÿ,l1 Üÿ,`1. Üÿ.(Ÿ,0% Üÿ,`1.&BAPP¼ÿ.00¼ÿ,f1% ¼ÿ,l1%\*.0!\¼ÿ,d1.0! TELIX.CNF¼ÿ,d1.ˆ0¼ÿ,%1~*=.&+¶20¼ÿ,%1~.0!r¼ÿ,(1 þþ%*¯2%ˆ.!c ÿ.0 ÿ,d1.0!addr ÿ,d1.!cÿ.0ÿ,d1.0!irqÿ,d1.0 þþ%Piÿ,!1%*§20ÿ0%=%iÿ,—1 ùþ%iÿ,n1.0ÿ ÿ,e1*/ ùþ% ôþ.0÷% ôþiÿ,n1.0ï0÷,c1-,1.(¤20ÿ!autobaud,e1*j/ ùþ% ôþ.0Ý% ôþiÿ,n1.0!OnÝ,e1*`/%`.(g/%`.(¤20ÿ!ctsrts,e1*½/ ùþ% ôþ.0Ý% ôþiÿ,n1.0!OnÝ,e1*³/%L.(º/%L.(¤20ÿ!dsrdtr,e1*0 ùþ% ôþ.0Ý% ôþiÿ,n1.0!OnÝ,e1*0%Q.(
0%Q.(¤20ÿÿ,e1*<0 ùþ% ôþ.0ÿ% ôþiÿ,n1.(¤20ÿ!statback,e1*|0 ùþ% ôþ.0Ý% ôþiÿ,n1.0Ý,c1e.(¤20ÿ!statfore,e1*¼0 ùþ% ôþ.0Ý% ôþiÿ,n1.0Ý,c1j.(¤20ÿ!statline,e1*1 ùþ% ôþ.0Ý% ôþiÿ,n1.00Ý,c1-v31o.(¤20ÿ!version,e1*@1 ùþ% ôþ.0Ý% ôþiÿ,n1.0Ý,c1t.(¤20ÿ!xferbuf,e1* 1 ùþ% ôþ.0ç% ôþiÿ,n1.0!0ç,e1*Š1!ç.(10ç0ç,c1$,G1.(¤20ÿ!xonxoff,e1*ô1 ùþ% ôþ.0Ý% ôþiÿ,n1.0!OnÝ,e1*ê1%V.(ñ1%V.(¤20ÿ!zcrc32,e1*G2 ùþ% ôþ.0Ý% ôþiÿ,n1.0!OnÝ,e1*=2%[.(D2%[.(¤20ÿ!zwinsiz,e1*¤2 ùþ% ôþ.0ß% ôþiÿ,n1.0!0ß,e1*‘2!ß.(¤20ß0ß,c1$,G1.(ª.0 þþ,1. þþ+¶2&B0,61 ûÿ.0,71 öÿ.0  ,81.0,ˆ1%ÿ ñÿ.0 öÿ ûÿ,81. ñÿ+3&B0 %-·21%³0 % -·21%00 %!-·21%00 %"-·21%ù0 %(-·21%D0 %)-·21%X0 %+-·21%³0 %A-·21%³+u3&B %*‡3%+Ä3(Ã30%-31*™3%+Ä3(Ã30%*-31*«3%*+Ä3(Ã30%1-31*½3%1+Ä3(Ã3%+Ä3&BGo%
*|40,61 ûÿ.0,71 öÿ.0%o%o%,˜1y.0Óÿ%% ,n1.0o%,81.j%e ñÿ.0 ñÿ%o%o%,Y1.0 ñÿo%Óÿ,T1.0 öÿ ûÿ,81.&B