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PROCOMM PLUS Scripted Host Utility v1.02
Copyright (C) 1992,1993 DATASTORM Technologies, Inc.
All rights reserved.

An ASPECT script file that enables the user to setup/define the Host
parameter file used by HOST.ASP.

While providing a flexible and functional alternative to the standard
host this ASPECT SCRIPT is intended only as an example of ASPECT
programming. DATASTORM makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied,
including without limitation, any warranties of merchantability and/or
fitness for a particular purpose. Use of this program is at your own risk.

Author: Michael Schamberger - 1993


The Host Utility program (HOSTUTIL.ASP) allows the sysop to directly
modify the Host Parameter file. The utility program also allows the
sysop to read/delete/pack the message base as well as define the
supplemental directory base.


DOS 3.30 or above
Procomm Plus 2.0x
Large Model Aspect Compiler v1.01L (Available from DATASTORM BBS)
Some experience in Aspect programming (for modifications)

Main Menu Options:


This option allows the Sysop to define the path & associated name
for additional user access. The path is just that, a full path
(including drive) that you want users to access. The associated
name is what will be displayed when a user selects option
X)Alternate directory from the main host menu.

The Sysop can define up to 10 (0 through 9) additional directories
& names.


version 1.0

GENERAL OPTIONS - defaults shown in []'s



ANSI - [ON]/OFF - (ON - ANSI sequences sent to user)
(OFF - ANSI sequences NOT sent to user)

Show Password - ON/[OFF] - (ON - User's password displayed to SYSOP,
user will still see asterisks)
(OFF - User's password not displayed)

Allow Page - [ON]/OFF - (ON - When user chooses option 'C', the
Sysop WILL be paged)
(OFF - User get message "SYSOP Unavailable")

Activity Log - [ON]/OFF - (ON - Log file kept of Host activities)
(OFF - Log file NOT maintained)

ScreenBlanker - [ON]/OFF - (ON - Screen saver utilized)
(OFF - Screen saver not used)

BlankerTimeout - (5-999) - (Sets the number of seconds the script waits
[300] for inactivity before engaging screen saver,
no effect if ScreenBlanker is OFF)

Inactivity Warning - (45-999) - (Sets the number of seconds of inactivity
[180] before warning is sent to user)

Inactivity Hangup - (60-999) - (Sets the number of seconds of inactivity
[300] before Host disconnects from user)

ECFlag - ON/[OFF] - (ON - Enables special characters utilized
in European proper names to be
allowed during logon process)
(OFF - Disables special processing of logon
characters. Only Alpha/Numeric
characters allowed. ie. A-Z, 0-9)


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Archive   : ASPHST.ZIP

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