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AutoPilot v1.70
Copyright 1990 - Joseph Bigby


Super8k: Version 4.31 or greater.
Lynx: Version 2.0 or greater.
Zmodem: Any version, registered or unregistered.
Cmodem: Version 1.10I.
Bimodem: Version 1.12 or greater.
Megalink: Version 1.60 or greater.


To install AutoPilot in Telix, follow the following steps:

A. Copy all files contained in the APILOT17.ZIP archive to your Telix
B. Check to make sure you have all of the files listed under "FILES NEEDED
FOR THIS PROGRAM" in your communications directory. If not, do not expect all
of the protocols to function.
C. Type INIT at the dos prompt in your communications directory and answer
all of the questions correctly. When the program asks for a default path
for downloads and/or uploads be sure to include a slash at the end of the
pathname. Ex. C:\COMM\ not C:\COMM
Note: If you are currently using an unregistered copy of DSZ, answer NO to
the question that refers to it when in INIT.EXE. Afterwards, when you
are prompted to enter pathnames for Zmodem or Ymodem-G *ONLY* do *NOT*
include a slash at the end of the pathname. Ex. C:\COMM not C:\COMM\
D. Load Telix, hit ALT-O, and then type P.
E. Select an empty protocol slot by typing the appropriate letter.
F. Set the KEY for the "protocol" to be P.
G. Set PROTOCOL NAME to be AutoPilot.
I. When prompted as to what type of file activates the protocol select BATCH.
J. When asked if Telix should prompt for the name on downloads, select NO.
K. When finished hit ESC and then type W.

This completes your installation. Whenever you wish to use one of the
protocols selectable from the driver follow these steps:

A. Hit PG-DN or PG-UP and select AutoPilot from the list of protocols.
B. Make selections from the menus which meet your needs.
Note: If for some reason you wish to abort a transfer hit CTRL-BREAK to return
to Telix unless you are in one of the menus. If you reach
a menu and wish to abort a transfer, just hit your key.
Jmodem, Super8k, and Superk8k-G are available from the single transfer
menu since their single transfer modes operate differently than their
batch modes. Although certain protocols are not listed in the
single section, single files can be transferred by selecting these
protocols from the batch menu. Also, when uploading or downloading files
be sure to specify their full pathname unless you specified a default
upload and/or download pathname in INIT.


v1.00 - First official release.
v1.10 - Zmodem/Lynx file recovery features are added.
v1.20 - Ymodem-G is added. Documentation is updated regarding installation.
v1.30 - Super8k-G, Bimodem, and the ability to specify a default upload
directory are added. A few cosmetic changes are made to the menus.
A rarely noticed bug is corrected involving the use of ESC to exit
the program. Megalink is removed, Zmodem bug fixed.
v1.40 - A default download directory is no longer mandatory, but is still an
v1.50 - Mono/Text adapters are now fully supported.
v1.60 - A totally new menu system is introduced. Megalink is returned to the
list of protocols. Source code enhancements should allow for greater
program response time.
v1.70 - Due to technical problems, AutoPilot now supports only COM1 when used
with Cmodem. Cmodem Send bug fixed. Minor changes in the user interface
have been made.


If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. you can contact me via
any of the RelayNet Telecom oriented echos or at The Keyboard BBS (713)347-2143.

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Archive   : APILOT17.ZIP
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