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+( $

AUTOPUMAÿ@!Â.0¡!autopuma,œ1%*–½ÿ.00,f1% ,l1%\*30!\½ÿ,d1.0½ÿ,k1.0! AUTOPUMA.CNF½ÿ,d1.0Â%½ÿ,#1*‹! AUTOPUMA.CNFÂ.0 Â-c1.% ¸ÿ.(“% ¸ÿ.(¢0 ¡-r1. ¸ÿ+©&BP žÿ.%®.$ ¨ÿ.®*a0­ÿ% ¨ÿ,H1.­ÿ!*K%®.(W0 žÿ­ÿ-r1.% žÿ.(#&BP  ™ÿ.0-®1!*ï¨ÿ.(*¨ÿ.00,f1% ,l1%\*0!\¨ÿ,d1.0¨ÿ,d1.0¨ÿ,k1.0!r¨ÿ,(1 ûÿ. ûÿ%*n0% %¨ÿ! Cannot open ,>1.0%¨ÿ,–1.%+­Â.0 ûÿ0¡,h1¡,!1%*¤0 ™ÿ¡-r1.% ™ÿ.(v0 ûÿ,1.&B00%,l1,@10%,l1%:*Û ûÿ% ûÿ.0 ûÿ,l1%\*ó%+M (G 0 ûÿ,l1%.*G 0 ûÿ%,l1%\* %+M (G 0 ûÿ%,l1%.0 ûÿ%,l1%\*G %+M %+M &B0,f1 ûÿ.$ öÿ. ûÿ*– 0  -¨ 1.0¡% öÿ,K1. öÿ.(l 0!end% öÿ,K1.&BP
P/ÿ.  ‡ÿ.!¡./ÿ!*Ù
0% %/ÿ,—1 –ÿ. –ÿ%*Æ
0/ÿ,f1 –ÿ.0 ÿ –ÿ%/ÿ,n1.(ä
!all ÿ. ÿ!all*ø
% Œÿ. ÿ!every* % ‡ÿ. ÿ! configure¡!*1  ÿ¡. ÿ!reset*P 0¡%% ÿ-E1. ÿ!r1x Œÿ¥ ‡ÿ*} 0¡%¥!r1x-E1. ÿ!r2x Œÿª ‡ÿ*ª 0¡%ª!r2x-E1. ÿ!tox*Ë 0¡%¹!tox-E1. ÿ!sbbs Œÿ¾ ‡ÿ*ú 0¡%¾!sbbs-E1. ÿ!tot Œÿ¯¹ ‡ÿ*< 0¡%¯!tot-E1.0¡%¹!-E1. ÿ!ic Œÿ´ ‡ÿ*g 0¡%´!ic-E1. ÿ!dct Œÿà ‡ÿ*” 0¡%à!dct-E1. ÿ!trg Œÿ ‡ÿ*½ 0¡%½!trg-E1. ÿ!ecl*å 0¡%å!ecl-E1.% *ÿ. *ÿ Œÿå% ‡ÿ*-
0¡%%!ecl-E1. ÿ!eclx Œÿê ‡ÿ*\
0¡%ê!eclx-E1. ÿ!pkey Œÿs ‡ÿ*œ
0¡%s!pkey-E1.0¡%n!-E1. ÿ!bkey Œÿ} ‡ÿ*í
0¡%}!bkey-E1.0¡%x!-E1.0¡%‚!-E1. ÿ!hkey ŒÿŒ ‡ÿ*>0¡%Œ!hkey-E1.0¡%‡!-E1.0¡%‘!-E1. ÿ!skey Œÿ› ‡ÿ*0¡%›!skey-E1.0¡%–!-E1.0¡% !-E1. ÿ!vb Œÿù%ô% ‡ÿ*Õ0¡%ù!vb-E1.0¡%ô!-E1. ÿ!uds Œÿ! ‡ÿ*£¡!*0! ¡,d1.0!uds:¡,d1.0! ,%­ÿ-›•1.0­ÿ¡,d1.0!,¡,d1.0­ÿ&,G1.0!,­ÿ,d1.0­ÿ¡,d1.0! ,%­ÿ0-›•1.0­ÿ¡,d1.0!,¡,d1.0­ÿ+,G1.0­ÿ¡,d1. ÿ!st Œÿ ‡ÿ*Î0¡%!st-E1. ÿ!dly Œÿþ%
 ‡ÿ*þ0¡%þ!dly-E1. ÿ!noload*% ‚ÿ. ÿ!cfn ŒÿÂ!Â! AUTOPUMA.CNF ‡ÿ*‰¡!*\0! ¡,d1.0!cfn:¡,d1.0¡,d1. ‚ÿ*‰0!,0¡,d1. ÿ!clog Œÿ] ‡ÿ*Ù0¡%]!clog-E1.¬!*Ù0!,¡,d1.0¬¡,d1. ÿ!reg Œÿ ‡ÿ*"¡!*0! ¡,d1.0!reg:¡,d1.0
¡,d1. ÿ!esc Œÿœ ‡ÿ*O0¡%œ!esc-E1. ÿ!chg*ˆ0¡%—!chg-E1.0¡%i!pchg-E1.( ÿ!box*½0¡%’!box-E1.0¡%d!-E1.( ÿ!exit*ã0¡%³!exit-E1.( ÿ!end*0¡%%!end-E1./ÿ!*20 –ÿ/ÿ,l1% *% –ÿ.(
0 –ÿ%/ÿ,1.% Œÿ./ÿ!)–
&BP,!*Ð!*¼0! ,d1.0,d1.!:©ÿ. % % %* 0­ÿ ,G1.0©ÿ,d1.0­ÿ,d1.(p %*C©ÿ­ÿ.0 %­ÿ,`1.0%%­ÿ,`1.0­ÿ,d1.(p %*p0%­ÿ -0Ž1.0©ÿ,d1.0­ÿ,d1.&BP
ÿ0,f1 âÿ.  kþ.0%! AUTOPUMA=,j1 ñÿ. ñÿ%*T0 ñÿ% %,1.% öÿ.0 öÿ,l1% *s öÿ.([ öÿ âÿ
*€+$0% öÿ,—1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*£ âÿ ìÿ.0%: öÿ,—1 çÿ. çÿ%*Æ âÿ çÿ. çÿ ìÿ
*Ø çÿ ìÿ. ìÿ öÿ ìÿ.0×ÿ ìÿ öÿ,n1.0×ÿ,g1. öÿ ìÿ öÿ.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ.×ÿ!reset kþ*<%¥.%ª.%¹.%¯.%´.%à.%å.%ê.%s.n.%}.x.%
þ.%;.%.%.%p .0-ø‡1.%³.%®.%.%œ.! AUTOPUMA.CNFÂ.% kþ.×ÿ!tot*¾ ûÿ%:*»0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0%„ÿ-¦1¯.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*»0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1¹.(J!×ÿ!trg* ûÿ%:*ý0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1½.(J!×ÿ!dct*C ûÿ%:*@0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0%„ÿ-¦1à.(J!×ÿ!cfn*ü ûÿ%:*ù0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,k1.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*¿0! :, öÿ%wÿ-U”1 öÿ.0wÿ,c1 fþ.(Æ% fþ.„ÿ!„ÿ fþ% fþ%*ñ0%„ÿ-c1.„ÿÂ.(J!×ÿ!uds*Ä ûÿ%:*<0! , öÿ%-U”1 öÿ.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*Á0! , öÿ%0-U”1 öÿ.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*ù00,c1&.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*Æ0! , öÿ%0-U”1 öÿ.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*ö0! , öÿ%wÿ-U”1 öÿ.0wÿ,c1+.(Á0! %wÿ0-U”1 ñÿ.%&.0wÿ,g1.wÿ!exit*6%&.(–wÿ!hangup*P%&.(–wÿ!send*h%&.(–wÿ!script*‚%&.(–wÿ!dos*–%&.&%*©%&.(¹0 ñÿ%%0,1.þ+.(J!×ÿ!tox* ûÿ%:*0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1¹.(J!×ÿ!sbbs*^ ûÿ%:*T0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1¾.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ.([%¾.(J!×ÿ!ic*§ ûÿ%:*0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1´.(¤%´.(J!×ÿ!ecl* ûÿ%:*ç0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1å.(î%å.0,1*ý%ï.(J!×ÿ!st*I ûÿ%:*?0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1.(F%.(J!×ÿ!vb*Ù ûÿ%:*Ö0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1ù.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*Ç0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1ô.(Öùô.%ù.(J!×ÿ!dly* ûÿ%:*0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0%„ÿ-¦1þ.(J!×ÿ!r1x*\ ûÿ%:*Y0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1¥.(J!×ÿ!r2x*œ ûÿ%:*™0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1ª.(J!×ÿ!eclx*Ý ûÿ%:*Ú0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1ê.(J!×ÿ!pkey*k ûÿ%:*,0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0%„ÿ,l1s.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*a0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1n.(hn.(J!×ÿ!bkey*S ûÿ%:*º0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0%„ÿ,l1}.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*þ0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1x.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ.(x. ûÿ%,*I0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1‚.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ.(P%‚.(J!×ÿ!bdly*” ûÿ%:*‘0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1‚.(J!×ÿ!hkey*| ûÿ%:*ã0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0%„ÿ,l1Œ.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*' 0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1‡.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ.(. ‡. ûÿ%,*r 0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1‘.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ.(y %‘.(J!×ÿ!skey*J! ûÿ%:*Ë 0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0%„ÿ,l1›.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*!0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1–.–* !%.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*J!0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1 .×ÿ!clog*Õ! ûÿ%:*™!0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1].0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ.!APLOGb. ûÿ%,*Ò!0! , öÿ%¬-U”1 öÿ.¬ª.($×ÿ!reg*\" ûÿ%:*Y"0! , öÿ%
-U”1 öÿ.0%%!AP!AAAA00
.0%!Invalid registration code,–1.($×ÿ!esc*¦" ûÿ%:*œ"0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1œ.(£"%œ.($×ÿ!chg*%# ûÿ%:*ò"0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1—.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*"#0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1i.($×ÿ!box*¤# ûÿ%:*q#0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1’.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*¡#0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1d.($×ÿ!exit*ï# ûÿ%:*å#0! , öÿ%„ÿ-U”1 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1³.(ì#%³.($×ÿ!end*$%®. öÿ âÿ
*$+$0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%^*0$ öÿ.(`$ pþ ûÿ pþ*H$% pþ.(`$ ûÿ%" ûÿ%'*`$ ûÿ pþ. öÿ. öÿ âÿ
ûÿ pþ% ûÿ% )$ öÿ âÿ
)[&BPÿ —þ.% .! configure­ÿ.0¡­ÿ-Úd1 ¡þ. ¡þ%
¡!small*@& ¡þ+~'0-ø‡1.!Please wait...­ÿ.0%
%e­ÿ-f“1 œþ.! query noload all box clr chg ecl­ÿ.0¡­ÿ-Úd1 ¡þ. ¡þ%
*¼&0 œþ,™1. ¡þ+~'0%¡-r1.0 œþ,™1.%K.%P.%IU.%%Z.%_.0-'1.!Please wait...­ÿ.0%
%e­ÿ-f“1 œþ.%—.0%!+configure reset chg noload all box ecl exit-¨ 1.0«þ¡-Úd1 ¡þ.0 œþ,™1. ¡þ+~'&B ìÿ.% .PZ öÿ.KU ûÿ.0 öÿ ûÿPK,˜1 ñÿ.%—%’% çÿ.’%*( çÿ%% çÿ.( (0’,™1.0 çÿ-\(1.0-=:1.³*<(0PZKUPK,˜1’.%—.0 ñÿ,™1.0%,1.%¸.&B2 % ‡ÿ. % ‚ÿ. % }ÿ. }ÿ*ò)PZ öÿ.!Configure Autopuma£ÿ.KU ûÿ.% ìÿ. ‡ÿ*M)% ìÿ.0% ìÿ öÿ ûÿPK£ÿ- †1.! Version 1.21 £ÿ.*¦)0!(Unregistered) £ÿ,d1.0! £ÿ,d1.0%µ%£ÿ,`1.0%Æ0£ÿ,f1% £ÿ,`1.0 öÿKU% 0£ÿ,f1 £ÿ,T1.PZ% öÿ.KU ûÿ. ûÿ_ çÿ.U_ % Øÿ.% ìÿ. ìÿ%
‚ÿ*à/ ‡ÿ*ž*P% ìÿ âÿ.!A£ÿ.0%@ ìÿ%£ÿ,`1.0 âÿK%£ÿ,T1.0 âÿK%!-,T1.K% Ýÿ. ìÿ%*÷* ‡ÿ*à*0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!Show BBS name on status line-‰91. ‚ÿ*ô*0%¾ ìÿ-â/1.(Ø/ ìÿ%*D+ ‡ÿ*5+0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!If phone rings exit with-‰91. ‚ÿ*A+0-½31.(Ø/ ìÿ%*”+ ‡ÿ*|+0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!Exit on inactivity-‰91. ‚ÿ*‘+0¹¯ ìÿ-I71.(Ø/ ìÿ%*ò+ ‡ÿ*Û+0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!!Time out even if carrier present?-‰91. ‚ÿ*ï+0%´ ìÿ-â/1.(Ø/ ìÿ%*A, ‡ÿ*2,0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!Exit Telix on carrier loss-‰91. ‚ÿ*>,0-Z41.(Ø/ ìÿ%*, ‡ÿ*~,0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!Auto-download protocols-‰91. ‚ÿ*,0 ìÿ-51.(Ø/ ìÿ%*Í, ‡ÿ*¾,0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!Call log-‰91. ‚ÿ*Ê,0-61.(Ø/ ìÿ%*$- ‡ÿ*
-0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!Hang up if no activity for-‰91. ‚ÿ*!-0%à ìÿ-â/1.(Ø/ ìÿ% *r- ‡ÿ*]-0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!User defined string-‰91. ‚ÿ*o-0 ìÿ-Ž11.(Ø/ ìÿ%
*Ç- ‡ÿ*¬-0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!User defined command-‰91. ‚ÿ*Ä-0+0& ìÿ-ÛQ1.(Ø/ ìÿ% *. ‡ÿ*ù-0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ! Visual bells-‰91. ‚ÿ*.0-461.(Ø/ ìÿ%
*—. ‡ÿ*P.0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!"Show timer or clock on status line-‰91. ‚ÿ*”.0!/Neither Timer Clock Always Clock if no Timer ìÿ-Å21.(Ø/ ìÿ% *ð. ‡ÿ*Ù.0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!Seconds to delay before exit-‰91. ‚ÿ*í.0%þ ìÿ-â/1.(Ø/ ìÿ%*A/ ‡ÿ*,/0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!Load options from disk-‰91. ‚ÿ*>/0 ìÿ-Ž11.(Ø/ ìÿ%*/ ‡ÿ*{/0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!Save options to disk-‰91. ‚ÿ*/0 ìÿ-Ž11.(Ø/ ìÿ%*Ø/ ‡ÿ*Å/0% âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!Unload Autopuma-‰91. ‚ÿ*Ø/0%% ìÿ-â/1. ìÿ.(/*&B
PKU_ ×ÿ.P % Òÿ. %*±0 *¤0!Yesóÿ.(®0!Noóÿ.(?1 %*10óÿ ,G1.0_% % %zÿ,a1.0%_% zÿ,`1.0 ÒÿKU_ zÿ,T1.(?1 %*10%óÿ -0Ž1.(?1 %*?10 %óÿ,`1.0%%óÿ,`1. %*Œ10_% % %zÿ,a1.0%_% zÿ,`1.0 Òÿ ×ÿzÿ,T1.0 Òÿ ×ÿóÿ,T1.&B
PKU_ áÿ.0,f1 ÿ.P % Üÿ.0_% % %„ÿ,a1.0%_% „ÿ,`1.0 ÜÿKU_ „ÿ,T1. ÿ%* 20 ÜÿKU_ ![none],T1.(Ã2 ÿ_
*Ã20 ÜÿKU_ ,T1.&BPAKU_ ûÿ.P % öÿ.0_% % %£ÿ,a1.0%_% £ÿ,`1.0 öÿKU_ £ÿ,T1.0Œÿ -{…1.0 öÿKU_ Œÿ,T1.&B!Once: ßÿ.0Èÿ¥,G1.0Èÿßÿ,d1.0! Twice: ßÿ,d1.0Èÿª,G1.0Èÿßÿ,d1.0ßÿ%-Ž11.%+Y4&Bå%*®4!Offßÿ.(ö40ßÿ!Off Once Alwayså-{…1.0!, with ßÿ,d1.0Èÿê,G1.0Èÿßÿ,d1.0ßÿ%-Ž11.%+5&B sn*W5îÿ!*?50!, îÿ,d1.0s%êÿ,`1.0êÿîÿ,d1.}x*5îÿ!*x50!, îÿ,d1.0}%êÿ,`1.0êÿîÿ,d1.Œ‡*É5îÿ!*±50!, îÿ,d1.0Œ%êÿ,`1.0êÿîÿ,d1.›–*6îÿ!*ê50!, îÿ,d1.0›%êÿ,`1.0êÿîÿ,d1.0îÿ -Ž11.&B]*'60%]%-â/1.(260¬%-Ž11.&Bù%*ˆ6!Offßÿ.(770ßÿ!Off If no sound Alwaysù-{…1.0!, ßÿ,d1.ô%
 Ãÿ.0Èÿ Ãÿ,G1.0Èÿßÿ,d1.ô%
 Ãÿ. Ãÿ*70Èÿ Ãÿ,G1.0!.ßÿ,d1.0Èÿßÿ,d1.0! secondßÿ,d1.ô%
*770!sßÿ,d1.0ßÿ% -Ž11.%+H7&B %*7!Offßÿ.(ë7!After ßÿ.0%Èÿ -0Ž1.0Èÿßÿ,d1.0! with ßÿ,d1.0Èÿ ,G1.0Èÿßÿ,d1.0ßÿ -Ž11.%+ý7&BP
0-®1!*‘8¨ÿ.(Ì8¨ÿ.00,f1% ,l1%\*¹80!\¨ÿ,d1.0¨ÿ,d1.0¨ÿ,k1.0!w¨ÿ,(1 ûÿ. ûÿ%*90% %¨ÿ! Cannot open ,>1.0%¨ÿ,–1.%+ˆ9!Saving ¨ÿ.0¨ÿ,d1.0 ”ÿ%e¨ÿ-f“1 Šÿ.0 ûÿ!
set autopuma=,*1.0%!-¨ 1.0 ûÿ¡,*1.0 ûÿ!
,*1.0 ûÿ,1.0 Šÿ,™1.&BP0  %žÿ,a1.0% žÿ,`1.   ñÿ.0   žÿ,T1.0   ,T1.%+<:&BP@
ÿ.KU_ çÿ.0%-ܐ1 ÿ.PZ% âÿ.%*SK0U% % %ÿ,a1.0%U% ÿ,`1.0%% âÿKU% âÿ% K%,1.0 âÿK%!.Change which setting? (Return or Esc to exit),T1.0,=1 ûÿ. ûÿ$ ûÿ$)*x<%œ% œ.œ*U<0%
!Escape key enabled,–1.(r<0%
!Escape key disabled,–1.+y;(;= ûÿ$N ûÿ$J*;= ûÿ$N*œ<½.(´< ûÿ$J*´<½% *´<½.0%,1.0,<1 ûÿ. ûÿ$N ûÿ$J)Š 0ÿ,–1. ûÿ*=0,<1 ûÿ. ûÿ$N ûÿ$J)Š< ûÿ%*;=+y; ûÿ$/*O=% ûÿ.(> ûÿ$*c=% ûÿ.(> ûÿ$&*w=% ûÿ.(> ûÿ$*‹=% ûÿ.(> ûÿ$,*Ÿ=% ûÿ.(> ûÿ$*³=% ûÿ.(> ûÿ$ ûÿ$ ûÿ$-*×=% ûÿ.(> ûÿ% ûÿ%
*í=+SK(>0 ûÿ,|1 ûÿ. ûÿ%@% ûÿ%A
*>+y; ûÿ%@ ûÿ.P% ûÿ ÿ. ûÿ%*5>+SK ûÿ%*—>0%%% ÿ çÿ¾!Show BBS name on status line?-cK1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*‰> ìÿ¾.0%¾ ûÿ-â/1. ûÿ%*@ çÿ öÿ.0 ÿ öÿ!
One ring: ,T1. öÿ%
 öÿ.¥ ÿ.0$@%%ÿ ÿ öÿ¥!/Errorlevel to exit with if the phone rings once-cK1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*4? ìÿ¥. ìÿ%*ü?00ÿ¥,G1.0 ÿ öÿ0ÿ,T1. öÿ00ÿ,f1 öÿ.0 ÿ öÿ! Two rings: ,T1. öÿ%  öÿ.0$@%%ÿ ÿ öÿª!0Errorlevel to exit with if the phone rings twice-cK1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*ô? ìÿª.(ü? ÿ¥.0-½31. ûÿ%*†A çÿ öÿ.0 ÿ öÿ!After ,T1. öÿ% öÿ.%.¯ ÿ.0$@%#?~ ÿ öÿ¯!=Length of time with no activity after which Telix should exit-cK1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*³@ ìÿ¯.¯ ìÿ%*wA0%0ÿ¯-0Ž1.0 ÿ öÿ0ÿ,T1. öÿ00ÿ,f1 öÿ.0 ÿ öÿ! with ,T1. öÿ% öÿ.0$@%%ÿ ÿ öÿ¹!+Errorlevel to exit with because of time out-cK1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*oA ìÿ¹.(wA ÿ¯.0¹¯ ûÿ-I71. ûÿ%*ûA0%%% ÿ çÿ´!0Should Telix time out if a connection is active?-cK1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*íA ìÿ´.0%´ ûÿ-â/1. ûÿ%*ŽB%.0$@%#?~ ÿ çÿà!@Length of time with no activity after which Telix should hang up-cK1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*}B ìÿà.0%à ûÿ-â/1.(ÐC ûÿ%*ÐC çÿ öÿ.å ÿ.00ÿ!noa!No Once Alwayså!*Should Telix exit if a connection is lost? ûÿ-N1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*C ìÿå.å ìÿ%*·C0!, with 0ÿ,d1.0 ÿ öÿ0ÿ,T1. öÿ00ÿ,f1 öÿ.0$@%%ÿ ÿ öÿê!*Errorlevel to exit with when carrier drops-cK1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*¯C ìÿê.(·C ÿå.å0,1*ÊC%ï.0-Z41. ûÿ%*èC0-‡X1.0 ûÿ-51. ûÿ%*ªD] ÿ.0%%% ÿ çÿ]!Maintain log of calls made?-cK1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*BD ìÿ].] ìÿ%*¤D0%€% %%%%#%@¬!Log calls to what file?%-ŒO1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*¤D ÿ].0-61. ûÿ% *çD0$ÿ0,h1!Enter a string to track ûÿ-ŒO1 ìÿ. ûÿ%
*FE0+0&!When string arrives, do what? ûÿ-gS1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*FE ìÿ%&. ìÿ%+. ûÿ% *§F çÿ öÿ.ù ÿ.00ÿ!noa!No Only if sound off Alwaysù!Should bells be displayed?%-N1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*ÆE ìÿù.ù ìÿ%*¡F00ÿ!Off If no sound Alwaysù-{…1.0!, for 0ÿ,d1.0 ÿ öÿ0ÿ,T1. öÿ00ÿ,f1 öÿ.0$@%%%c ÿ öÿô!7How long should the bell be displayed (in 1/10 seconds)-cK1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*™F ìÿô.(¡F ÿù.0-461. ûÿ%
*7G0!!ntcl!/Neither Timer Clock Always Clock if no Timer!#Show timer or clock on status line? ûÿ-N1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*4G ìÿ.( I ûÿ% *ÃG%.0$@%#?~ ÿ çÿþ!1Length of time to delay before any automatic exit-cK1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*²G ìÿþ.þ+.0%þ ûÿ-â/1.( I ûÿ%* IÂLÿ.Â!*òG! AUTOPUMA.CNFLÿ.0%€% %%%%0Â,h1Lÿ!%Restore configuration from what file? ûÿ-ŒO1%*ùHLÿ!*ŽH0%
%"!Please wait...-f“1 ÿ.0%-£1.0 ÿ,™1.0%%%-\(1.(ùH0Lÿ,k1.!Loading 0ÿ.0Lÿ0ÿ,d1.0%
%e0ÿ-f“1 ÿ.0%Lÿ-c1 ìÿ.0 ÿ,™1. ìÿ%*ùHLÿÂ.0%%%-\(1.0Â%-Ž11.0%-ܐ1. ûÿ%*ÂIÂLÿ.Â!*;I! AUTOPUMA.CNFLÿ.0%€% %%%%0Â,h1Lÿ! Save configuration to what file? ûÿ-ŒO1%*¬ILÿÂ.0Â,k1.0Â-þ71.0Â%-Ž11.0Â%-Ž11.0%-ܐ1.(PK ûÿ%* J0%%KU%% % %!Unload Autopuma?-¥y1%* J%³.+SK(PK ûÿ%*&J0%%%-\(1.(PK ûÿ%*PK% öÿ.%
ñÿ.0% ñÿ öÿ!Enter registration number!Register Autopuma-7†1 ÿ.0%%%% ñÿ% öÿ%%0
-œg1 ìÿ.0 ÿ,™1. ìÿ%*PK0%%!AP!AAAA00
K0%!Invalid registration code,–1.(HK0%!1Autopuma is registered. Thanks for your support!,–1.0%-\(1.(y;0 ÿ-ܐ1.%+bK&BP  Õÿ.0U% % %}ÿ,a1.0%U% }ÿ,`1.!*aLPZ% xÿ.  xÿ %*DL xÿ.0% xÿK%U% -‰91.KU  Ðÿ.  Úÿ. %*¿L0PZ% K%}ÿ,T1.0%PZ% K% -Æz1 Úÿ.(ØM % % %*ØM0%   Ðÿ!-‰91. %*M0éÿ ,G1. Õÿ%$$  Õÿ.(`M %* *ÈP Úÿ.0 Úÿ ûÿ4ÿ,T1.0 Úÿ ûÿ,T1. /ÿ_
*QKU_ ûÿ.P  Úÿ.(>QK% ûÿ.PZ% Úÿ.0 Úÿ ûÿ4ÿ,T1.0U% % %4ÿ,a1.0%U% 4ÿ,`1.‡ÿ.0 Úÿ ûÿ4ÿ,T1.0 %% Úÿ ûÿU% /ÿ‡ÿ-œg1 *ÿ. *ÿ%*±Q‡ÿ. /ÿ_
*ÿ%*ÓQ0 -Ž11. *ÿ+ÚQ&B22KU_ ‘ÿ.P % Œÿ.0Ëÿ!CNothing Hangup Exit DOS command Script Receive File Send Text -{…1. %
*æR0!: Ëÿ,d1.0Ëÿ,d1._% ‡ÿ.0Ëÿ,f1 ‡ÿ *S0–ÿ ‡ÿ%Ëÿ,n1.(SËÿ–ÿ.0–ÿ -Ž11.&B<Pÿ  €þ.  {þ.K% ñÿ.PZ% öÿ.…þ.0%%%%
Úÿ(S!nhedsrt!CNothing Hangup Exit DOS command Script Receive File Send Text €þ! Command List-{1 ûÿ. ûÿ%*«U ûÿ+†X ûÿ €þ.!Seconds to delay before ‡ÿ. ûÿ%*îU!NothingÚÿ.(X ûÿ%*V!HangupÚÿ.0!
hanging up‡ÿ,d1.(X ûÿ%*‰V!
Exit with Úÿ.0$@#%%ÿ öÿ ñÿ0…þ,c1Úÿ-cK1 ûÿ. ûÿ%*tV0…þ ûÿ,G1.0!exiting‡ÿ,d1.(X ûÿ%*éV0$ÿ#0…þ,h1…þ!Enter DOS command to run%-ŒO1 ûÿ.0!running command‡ÿ,d1.(X ûÿ%*NW0$ÿ#0…þ,h1…þ!Enter Telix script to execute%-ŒO1 ûÿ.0!starting script‡ÿ,d1.(X ûÿ%*¥W0$ÿ#0…þ,h1…þ!Enter text to send%-ŒO1 ûÿ.0! sending text‡ÿ,d1.(X ûÿ%*X0%%$@#%…þ!Receive with what protocol?%-ŒO1 ûÿ.0!starting download‡ÿ,d1. ûÿ% €þ% *NX0$@#%%ÿ öÿ ñÿ {þ‡ÿ-cK1 ûÿ. ûÿ%*NX ûÿ {þ. ûÿ%*^X%+†X0 {þ…þ €þ -ÛQ1.…þ. {þ% €þ+†X&BK ûÿ.P öÿ.U ñÿ.Z ìÿ._ çÿ.% K.%P.%3U.%%Z.%_.PZ Ýÿ.KU âÿ.0 Ýÿ âÿPK,˜1 Óÿ.%i%d% Øÿ.d%*^Y Øÿ%% Øÿ.(fY0d,™1.0 Øÿ-ÒY1.0-^1.0 Ýÿ âÿPK,˜1d.%i.0 Óÿ,™1.%¸.0%,1. ûÿK. öÿP. ñÿU. ìÿZ. çÿ_.&B % ›ÿ. % –ÿ. % ‘ÿ. ‘ÿ*´ZPZ öÿ.KU ûÿ.0% öÿ ûÿPK!Auto-Download Protocols- †1.PZ% öÿ.KU ûÿ. ûÿ_ çÿ.U_ % Øÿ.% ìÿ. ìÿ%
–ÿ*‚\ ›ÿ*`[P% ìÿ âÿ.!A·ÿ.0%@ ìÿ%·ÿ,`1.0 âÿK%·ÿ,T1.0 âÿK%!-,T1.K% Ýÿ. ìÿ%*¦[ ›ÿ*Ž[0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!MPt/Puma-‰91. –ÿ*£[0ns ìÿ-o]1.(z\ ìÿ%*î[ ›ÿ*Ó[0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!BiModem-‰91. –ÿ*ë[0‚x} ìÿ-„\1.(z\ ìÿ%*6\ ›ÿ*\0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!HS/Link-‰91. –ÿ*3\0‘‡Œ ìÿ-„\1.(z\ ìÿ%*z\ ›ÿ*b\0%. âÿ Ýÿ Øÿ!Zmodem-‰91. –ÿ*z\0 –› ìÿ-]1. ìÿ.(ñZ&B0ßÿ  -£]1.0!, ßÿ,d1.0×ÿ ,G1.0×ÿßÿ,d1.0!
second delayßÿ,d1.0ßÿ -Ž11.&B0ßÿ  -£]1. *a]0!, resume w/Internalßÿ,d1.0ßÿ -Ž11.&B0éÿ  -£]1.0éÿ -Ž11.&B
!. *ä]0 %,`1.0%%,`1.0!, ,d1. *÷]!Onóÿ.(^!Offóÿ.0óÿ,d1.&BP@ ÿ.PZ% ÿ.KU_ ìÿ.0%-ܐ1 +ÿ.PZ% çÿ.%*Hc0U% % %”ÿ,a1.0%U% ”ÿ,`1.0%% çÿKU% çÿ% K%,1.0 çÿK%!*Select a protocol (Return or Esc to exit),T1.0,=1 ûÿ. ûÿ% ûÿ%
*â_+Hc(b`0 ûÿ,|1 ûÿ. ûÿ%@%
*W` ûÿs*`% ûÿ.(T` ûÿ}*)`% ûÿ.(T` ûÿŒ*=`% ûÿ.(T` ûÿ›*Q`% ûÿ.(T`+9_(b` ûÿ%@ ûÿ.P% ûÿ &ÿ. ûÿ%*Ç`0ns!MPt/Puma ûÿ-Xc1 öÿ. öÿ%*¸` öÿ%n. öÿ%s.0ns ûÿ-o]1. ûÿ%*˜a0x}!Bimodem ûÿ-Xc1 öÿ. öÿ%*†a öÿ*^a0$@%$ %%( ÿK%‚!(Time in seconds to wait for upload files-cK1 ñÿ. ñÿ%*^a ñÿ‚. ñÿ% öÿ%*†a öÿ%x. öÿ%}.0‚x} ûÿ-„\1. ûÿ%*ib0‡Œ!HS/Link ûÿ-Xc1 öÿ. öÿ%*Wb öÿ*/b0$@%$ %%( ÿK%‘!(Time in seconds to wait for upload files-cK1 ñÿ. ñÿ%*/b ñÿ‘. ñÿ% öÿ%*Wb öÿ%‡. öÿ%Œ.0‘‡Œ ûÿ-„\1. ûÿ%*Ec0–›!Zmodem ûÿ-Xc1 öÿ. öÿ%*3c öÿ*ÿb0$@%$ %%( ÿK% !(Use Internal Zmodem to resume downloads?-cK1 ñÿ. ñÿ%*ÿb ñÿ . ñÿ% öÿ%*3c öÿ%–.–*(c%. öÿ%›.0 –› ûÿ-]1.(9_0 +ÿ-ܐ1.%+Wc&B#KU_ ìÿ.P % çÿ.  âÿ.  Ýÿ.! Letter for ·ÿ.0·ÿ,d1.0! protocol·ÿ,d1.0$@%%%% çÿ ìÿ ·ÿ-cK1 öÿ. öÿ%*¸d öÿ . %*Jd% .(¸d! Enable Auto-·ÿ.0·ÿ,d1.0! downloads?·ÿ,d1.0%%% çÿ ìÿ ·ÿ-cK1 öÿ. öÿ%*°d öÿ .(¸d âÿ . öÿ%*Ëd%+Ùd(Ød  %+Ùd&BPPPP
0­ÿ%$,H1.0Zÿ%$,H1.0ÿ%$,H1.0´þ%$,H1.0-‘1.0Ÿþ!apname,œ1%*žf!AUTOPUMAŸþ.0Ÿþ,1 ¯þ. ¯þ%*àf0%!Could not load Autopuma,–1.% ¯þ.(`g0-·’1.*"g0%!Autopuma is not responding,–1.% ¯þ.(`g!noload*`g0%!Autopuma has not been loaded,–1.% ¯þ.0­ÿ%$,K1.0Zÿ%$,K1.0ÿ%$,K1.0´þ%$,K1. ¯þ+›g&BÿP
 ¿ý.% .  Îý.% <þ.  µý. $@ ûý. $ ñý. #€ Éý. #% °ý. # Äý. #% Fþ. $ÿ%% ìý. $ÿ% çý. $  ìý çý öý. #*Ãj0  -þv1. öý*k çý*Ýj0žþ ,G1.(ñj ìý*ñj0%žþ -0Ž1.0žþ,f1 Øý.(k  Øý. %%
*"k % Ýý.(*k  Ýý. µý%*;k Øý µý.0 µý% %Kþ,a1.0% µýKþ,`1.þþ.0þþ,f1 þ. %  þ *ˆk þ Aþ.(k  Aþ. þ µý Aþ µý%
*Îk Aþ µý% þ. þ µý þ *Îk þ µý þ.% 7þ.0%-ܐ1 âý. Îý*ök0 Îý%
,v1 þ. 7þ*Ím Aþ þ µý
*!l Aþ µý Aþ þ þ.(3l Aþ þ
*3l Aþ þ. °ý*nl þ Aþ þ*Ll þ. þ þ µý Aþ þ µý% *nl þ. þ þ*l% ºý. þ þ -þ. -þ µý *l µý -þ. ºý*Öl -þ µý
*Öl0«þ µý -þ %Kþ,n1.0    -þ«þ,T1. ºý þ Fþ*²m -þ µý
*ùl þ (þ.(m þ µý (þ. þ þ*m þ -þ.(7m <þ Aþ
*/m <þ -þ.(7m Aþ -þ. (þ -þ (þ.0«þ (þ -þþþ,n1. °ý*’m þ -þ þ*tm0%%«þ,`1. þ µý þ *’m0% (þ% «þ,`1.0    -þ þ «þ,T1.% ºý.0   Aþ þ ,81. þ þ. þ Fþ Aþ þ
þ,s1 #þ. Aþ þ*n% -þ.(!n0 Aþþþ,l1 -þ.0,ˆ1%ÿ (þ. #þ (þ -þ 7þ
þ%*zn þ*Vn% -þ.(]n%Û -þ. (þ -þ*wn0 -þ Ýý$,‹1.(˜n #þ (þ -þ*˜n0 -þ $,‹1.
þ.(Ãn #þ 7þ*Ãn0%
þ. Aþ þ*ïn% -þ.(þn0 Aþþþ,l1 -þ.0 -þ $,‹1.0%,1.% Óý.0,<1 7þ. Îý*‹o 7þ*^o0 þ,s1 Óý. Óý*[o Éý*To% 7þ.([o%
7þ.(‹o Äý*uo0 Îý%
 þ,u1.(‹o% Îý.0 þ,t1.% þ. 7þ%*—o+•v Aþ <þ. þ 7þ%  7þ$
7þ%~  Aþ Øý
*1qþþžþ. þ þ.0  7þ-(x1 -þ. -þ%*÷o+•v -þ*p -þ 7þ. ûý*p% Aþ.% þ.% ºý. Aþ þ*Mp0 7þ Aþþþ,`1. þ.0% þþþ,`1.(¢p Fþ*”p0% Aþþþ! ,>1.0 7þ Aþþþ,`1. þ Øý*Œp0% þþþ,`1.(‘p þ.(¢p0 7þ Aþþþ,`1. Aþ. öý þ Øý ìý þ% Øý *q% -þ. ìý*äp0þþ-¦1 -þ.(öp çý*öp0þþ,c1 -þ. -þ% -þ  *qžþþþ. þ þ. <þ Aþ.$ 7þ.% þ.(Žv þ*=q+•v(Žv 7þ% 7þ%*Wq% þ.(Žv 7þ%*nqþþ.+¥v(Žv 7þ$+N 7þ$-J 7þ$p 7þ$r 7þ$N 7þ$J*Is çý ñý*&r0þþ,c1 -þ. 7þ$+N öý% -þ 
*Ùq -þ.(ìq 7þ$-J -þ*ìq -þ.0þþ -þ,G1.0þþ,f1 þ. Aþ þ *r þ Aþ.% ºý.% <þ.(Fs ìý ñý*Fs0þþ-¦1 -þ. 7þ$N öý% -þ$  *lr -þ$ -þ.( s 7þ$J -þ$
*r -þ$ -þ.( s 7þ$p öý% -þ%<  *¸r -þ%< -þ.( s 7þ$r -þ%<
*Ør -þ%< -þ.( s 7þ$+N öý% -þ 
*ùr -þ.( s 7þ$-J -þ* s -þ.0%þþ -þ-0Ž1.0þþ,f1 þ. Aþ þ *8s þ Aþ.% ºý.% <þ.(Žv 7þ$R*as% Fþ Fþ.(Žv 7þ$S*‘s Aþ þ
*‡s0% Aþþþ,1. þ.% ºý.(Žv 7þ%*Ás Aþ*·s Aþ. þ.0% Aþþþ,1.% ºý.(Žv 7þ$G*Õs% Aþ.(Žv 7þ$O*ês þ Aþ.(Žv 7þ$M 7þ%*
t Aþ þ
t Aþ.(Žv 7þ$K 7þ%*,t Aþ*)t Aþ.(Žv 7þ$t 7þ%*°t Aþ þ
*ut0 Aþþþ,l1 -þ. Aþ.0 -þ,@10 -þ,C1*rt+ut(=t Aþ þ
*­t0 Aþþþ,l1 -þ. Aþ.0 -þ,@10 -þ,C1*ªt+­t(ut(Žv 7þ$s 7þ%* u Aþ*Ìt Aþ. Aþ% *u Aþ.0 Aþþþ,l1 -þ.0 -þ,@10 -þ,C1*u Aþ.+u(Ìt(Žv 7þ$m*eu Aþ þ
*[u0 Aþþþ,l1 -þ. þ.0% Aþþþ,1.0 -þ,@10 -þ,C1*Xu+[u(u% ºý.(Žv 7þ%*Áu Aþ% *·u Aþ.0 Aþþþ,l1 -þ.0% Aþþþ,1. þ.0 -þ,@10 -þ,C1*´u+·u(nu% ºý.(Žv 7þ$u*êu0% Aþþþ,`1. Aþ þ.% ºý.(Žv 7þ$w*#v Aþ.0 Aþ%þþ,1. þ Aþ þ.% Aþ.% ºý.(Žv 7þ%*Pv0%%þþ,`1.% Aþ.% þ.% ºý.(Žv 7þ%*~vþþ.% Aþ.0,f1 þ.% ºý.(Žv 7þ%*Žv% þ.% ûý. 7þ%
 7þ%)ök ¿ý .0 âý-ܐ1.
þ,t1. þ*Ñv0 þ,t1.þþ. Óý*åv%+ýv 7þ%*÷v%+ýv(üv%+ýv&B% Ýÿ.0,f1 ìÿ. $ÿ% öÿ. $ÿ%% ñÿ. $  ñÿ öÿ ûÿ. ûÿ*’w ìÿ  *w0% ,`1.  ìÿ.(¨w0,c1  *¨w% Ýÿ. Ýÿ%*x% çÿ. Ýÿ% çÿ ìÿ
*x0 çÿ,l1 âÿ.0  âÿ-(x1 Ýÿ. Ýÿ% *x0 âÿ çÿ,`1. Ýÿ%. çÿ.(¸w Ýÿ%* x!. Ýÿ+'x&B0 ,E1*cx %*`x %*Xx % ûÿ.(`x% ûÿ.(y0 ,F1*™x %*–x %*Žx %  ûÿ.(–x% ûÿ.(y0 ,C1*¸x %*µx% ûÿ.(y % *Öx %@*Óx% ûÿ.(y %:*ôx %*ñx% ûÿ.(y %* %?*y $*y% ûÿ.(y0 %! -_!@#$%f{}'',—1%*Ny % *Ky% ûÿ.(y %\*ly %*iy% ûÿ.(y %.*Šy %€*‡y% ûÿ.(y $*y% ûÿ. ûÿ+¤y&B  çÿ.0,61 Óÿ.0,71 Øÿ.0,f1 ñÿ.  ñÿ%%%%% öÿ.  ñÿ% âÿ. âÿ% Ýÿ.0 % öÿ  ,˜1 ûÿ.0%% % öÿ  ,1.0%% % öÿ  ,1.0 % %,T1.0  % âÿ -Æz1 çÿ.0 Øÿ Óÿ,81.0 ûÿ,™1. çÿ+Åz&B0%%%%äÿ,`1.0%%%äÿ,`1.0%%%%äÿ,`1.0%%%%äÿ,`1.0%%%äÿ,`1.0%%%%äÿ,`1. % ûÿ.0%   ïÿäÿ!yn!Yes No ûÿ-ö}1 öÿ. öÿ%
*’{ öÿ+œ{(›{% öÿ +œ{&BH0,f1 âÿ.0tÿ âÿ%%,m1.tÿ!*t|0tÿ-7„1.0 âÿ%%tÿ,m1.0,f1% Ýÿ.0,f1 Óÿ. Óÿ Ýÿ *¡| Óÿ Ýÿ.0%%tÿ,l1 Øÿ. % Îÿ. Îÿ Éÿ.% ûÿ. ûÿ âÿ
*}0 ûÿ%tÿ,l1 ñÿ. ñÿ Øÿ *ú| ñÿ Øÿ. ûÿ.(Ì| Øÿ Ýÿ *} ñÿ Ýÿ.(5} Ýÿ Øÿ %% ¿ÿ. Îÿ ¿ÿ Îÿ. Óÿ*U} Éÿ Ýÿ Óÿ % Éÿ.% Äÿ. Ýÿ% Ýÿ.0%  âÿ%  Ýÿ  - †1 çÿ. Óÿ*¦}0 % Éÿ,T1.0
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*¶›%+ݛ ûÿ âÿ ûÿ. ûÿ ñÿ ûÿ. ìÿ.(f› ûÿ+ݛ&B0,f1 ñÿ.0% ñÿ,`1. ñÿ*Wœ ñÿ.0 ñÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ öÿ.0 öÿ ñÿ,`1. ûÿ . #ÿÿÿ .(œ +^œ&B0,f1 ñÿ. ñÿ*Áœ ñÿ.0 ñÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ% *¾œ0 ñÿ,l1 öÿ.0 öÿ ûÿ ñÿ,`1.(zœ&B0,f1 ñÿ. ñÿ*% ñÿ.0 ñÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ% *"0 ñÿ,l1 öÿ.0 öÿ ûÿ ñÿ,`1.(ޜ&B

  3 Responses to “Category : Communication (modem) tools and utilities
Archive   : AP121.ZIP
Filename : APSCNFG.SLC

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: