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+Î? $

AUTOPUMAÿ@!Â.0¡!autopuma,œ1%*–½ÿ.00,f1% ,l1%\*30!\½ÿ,d1.0½ÿ,k1.0! AUTOPUMA.CNF½ÿ,d1.0Â%½ÿ,#1*‹! AUTOPUMA.CNFÂ.0 Â-c1.% ¸ÿ.(“% ¸ÿ.(¢0 ¡-r1. ¸ÿ+©&BP žÿ.%®.$ ¨ÿ.®*a0­ÿ% ¨ÿ,H1.­ÿ!*K%®.(W0 žÿ­ÿ-r1.% žÿ.(#&BP  ™ÿ.0-®1!*ï¨ÿ.(*¨ÿ.00,f1% ,l1%\*0!\¨ÿ,d1.0¨ÿ,d1.0¨ÿ,k1.0!r¨ÿ,(1 ûÿ. ûÿ%*n0% %¨ÿ! Cannot open ,>1.0%¨ÿ,–1.%+­Â.0 ûÿ0¡,h1¡,!1%*¤0 ™ÿ¡-r1.% ™ÿ.(v0 ûÿ,1.&B00%,l1,@10%,l1%:*Û ûÿ% ûÿ.0 ûÿ,l1%\*ó%+M (G 0 ûÿ,l1%.*G 0 ûÿ%,l1%\* %+M (G 0 ûÿ%,l1%.0 ûÿ%,l1%\*G %+M %+M &B0,f1 ûÿ.$ öÿ. ûÿ*– 0  -¨ 1.0¡% öÿ,K1. öÿ.(l 0!end% öÿ,K1.&BP
P/ÿ.  ‡ÿ.!¡./ÿ!*Ù
0% %/ÿ,—1 –ÿ. –ÿ%*Æ
0/ÿ,f1 –ÿ.0 ÿ –ÿ%/ÿ,n1.(ä
!all ÿ. ÿ!all*ø
% Œÿ. ÿ!every* % ‡ÿ. ÿ! configure¡!*1  ÿ¡. ÿ!reset*P 0¡%% ÿ-E1. ÿ!r1x Œÿ¥ ‡ÿ*} 0¡%¥!r1x-E1. ÿ!r2x Œÿª ‡ÿ*ª 0¡%ª!r2x-E1. ÿ!tox*Ë 0¡%¹!tox-E1. ÿ!sbbs Œÿ¾ ‡ÿ*ú 0¡%¾!sbbs-E1. ÿ!tot Œÿ¯¹ ‡ÿ*< 0¡%¯!tot-E1.0¡%¹!-E1. ÿ!ic Œÿ´ ‡ÿ*g 0¡%´!ic-E1. ÿ!dct Œÿà ‡ÿ*” 0¡%à!dct-E1. ÿ!trg Œÿ ‡ÿ*½ 0¡%½!trg-E1. ÿ!ecl*å 0¡%å!ecl-E1.% *ÿ. *ÿ Œÿå% ‡ÿ*-
0¡%%!ecl-E1. ÿ!eclx Œÿê ‡ÿ*\
0¡%ê!eclx-E1. ÿ!pkey Œÿs ‡ÿ*œ
0¡%s!pkey-E1.0¡%n!-E1. ÿ!bkey Œÿ} ‡ÿ*í
0¡%}!bkey-E1.0¡%x!-E1.0¡%‚!-E1. ÿ!hkey ŒÿŒ ‡ÿ*>0¡%Œ!hkey-E1.0¡%‡!-E1.0¡%‘!-E1. ÿ!skey Œÿ› ‡ÿ*0¡%›!skey-E1.0¡%–!-E1.0¡% !-E1. ÿ!vb Œÿù%ô% ‡ÿ*Õ0¡%ù!vb-E1.0¡%ô!-E1. ÿ!uds Œÿ! ‡ÿ*£¡!*0! ¡,d1.0!uds:¡,d1.0! ,%­ÿ-A81.0­ÿ¡,d1.0!,¡,d1.0­ÿ&,G1.0!,­ÿ,d1.0­ÿ¡,d1.0! ,%­ÿ0-A81.0­ÿ¡,d1.0!,¡,d1.0­ÿ+,G1.0­ÿ¡,d1. ÿ!st Œÿ ‡ÿ*Î0¡%!st-E1. ÿ!dly Œÿþ%
 ‡ÿ*þ0¡%þ!dly-E1. ÿ!noload*% ‚ÿ. ÿ!cfn ŒÿÂ!Â! AUTOPUMA.CNF ‡ÿ*‰¡!*\0! ¡,d1.0!cfn:¡,d1.0¡,d1. ‚ÿ*‰0!,0¡,d1. ÿ!clog Œÿ] ‡ÿ*Ù0¡%]!clog-E1.¬!*Ù0!,¡,d1.0¬¡,d1. ÿ!reg Œÿ ‡ÿ*"¡!*0! ¡,d1.0!reg:¡,d1.0
¡,d1. ÿ!esc Œÿœ ‡ÿ*O0¡%œ!esc-E1. ÿ!chg*ˆ0¡%—!chg-E1.0¡%i!pchg-E1.( ÿ!box*½0¡%’!box-E1.0¡%d!-E1.( ÿ!exit*ã0¡%³!exit-E1.( ÿ!end*0¡%%!end-E1./ÿ!*20 –ÿ/ÿ,l1% *% –ÿ.(
0 –ÿ%/ÿ,1.% Œÿ./ÿ!)–
&BP,!*Ð!*¼0! ,d1.0,d1.!:©ÿ. % % %* 0­ÿ ,G1.0©ÿ,d1.0­ÿ,d1.(p %*C©ÿ­ÿ.0 %­ÿ,`1.0%%­ÿ,`1.0­ÿ,d1.(p %*p0%­ÿ -Ö01.0©ÿ,d1.0­ÿ,d1.&BP
ÿ0,f1 âÿ.  kþ.0%! AUTOPUMA=,j1 ñÿ. ñÿ%*T0 ñÿ% %,1.% öÿ.0 öÿ,l1% *s öÿ.([ öÿ âÿ
*€+$0% öÿ,—1 ìÿ. ìÿ%*£ âÿ ìÿ.0%: öÿ,—1 çÿ. çÿ%*Æ âÿ çÿ. çÿ ìÿ
*Ø çÿ ìÿ. ìÿ öÿ ìÿ.0×ÿ ìÿ öÿ,n1.0×ÿ,g1. öÿ ìÿ öÿ.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ.×ÿ!reset kþ*<%¥.%ª.%¹.%¯.%´.%à.%å.%ê.%s.n.%}.x.%
þ.%;.%.%.%p .0-ž*1.%³.%®.%.%œ.! AUTOPUMA.CNFÂ.% kþ.×ÿ!tot*¾ ûÿ%:*»0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0%„ÿ-L21¯.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*»0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1¹.(J!×ÿ!trg* ûÿ%:*ý0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1½.(J!×ÿ!dct*C ûÿ%:*@0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0%„ÿ-L21à.(J!×ÿ!cfn*ü ûÿ%:*ù0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,k1.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*¿0! :, öÿ%wÿ-û61 öÿ.0wÿ,c1 fþ.(Æ% fþ.„ÿ!„ÿ fþ% fþ%*ñ0%„ÿ-c1.„ÿÂ.(J!×ÿ!uds*Ä ûÿ%:*<0! , öÿ%-û61 öÿ.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*Á0! , öÿ%0-û61 öÿ.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*ù00,c1&.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*Æ0! , öÿ%0-û61 öÿ.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*ö0! , öÿ%wÿ-û61 öÿ.0wÿ,c1+.(Á0! %wÿ0-û61 ñÿ.%&.0wÿ,g1.wÿ!exit*6%&.(–wÿ!hangup*P%&.(–wÿ!send*h%&.(–wÿ!script*‚%&.(–wÿ!dos*–%&.&%*©%&.(¹0 ñÿ%%0,1.þ+.(J!×ÿ!tox* ûÿ%:*0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1¹.(J!×ÿ!sbbs*^ ûÿ%:*T0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1¾.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ.([%¾.(J!×ÿ!ic*§ ûÿ%:*0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1´.(¤%´.(J!×ÿ!ecl* ûÿ%:*ç0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1å.(î%å.0,1*ý%ï.(J!×ÿ!st*I ûÿ%:*?0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1.(F%.(J!×ÿ!vb*Ù ûÿ%:*Ö0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1ù.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*Ç0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1ô.(Öùô.%ù.(J!×ÿ!dly* ûÿ%:*0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0%„ÿ-L21þ.(J!×ÿ!r1x*\ ûÿ%:*Y0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1¥.(J!×ÿ!r2x*œ ûÿ%:*™0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1ª.(J!×ÿ!eclx*Ý ûÿ%:*Ú0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1ê.(J!×ÿ!pkey*k ûÿ%:*,0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0%„ÿ,l1s.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*a0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1n.(hn.(J!×ÿ!bkey*S ûÿ%:*º0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0%„ÿ,l1}.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*þ0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1x.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ.(x. ûÿ%,*I0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1‚.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ.(P%‚.(J!×ÿ!bdly*” ûÿ%:*‘0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1‚.(J!×ÿ!hkey*| ûÿ%:*ã0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0%„ÿ,l1Œ.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*' 0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1‡.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ.(. ‡. ûÿ%,*r 0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1‘.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ.(y %‘.(J!×ÿ!skey*J! ûÿ%:*Ë 0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0%„ÿ,l1›.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*!0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1–.–* !%.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*J!0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1 .×ÿ!clog*Õ! ûÿ%:*™!0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0%„ÿ,c1].0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ.!APLOGb. ûÿ%,*Ò!0! , öÿ%¬-û61 öÿ.¬ª.($×ÿ!reg*\" ûÿ%:*Y"0! , öÿ%
-û61 öÿ.0%%!AP!AAAA00
.0%!Invalid registration code,–1.($×ÿ!esc*¦" ûÿ%:*œ"0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1œ.(£"%œ.($×ÿ!chg*%# ûÿ%:*ò"0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1—.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*"#0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1i.($×ÿ!box*¤# ûÿ%:*q#0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1’.0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%,*¡#0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1d.($×ÿ!exit*ï# ûÿ%:*å#0! , öÿ%„ÿ-û61 öÿ.0„ÿ,c1³.(ì#%³.($×ÿ!end*$%®. öÿ âÿ
*$+$0 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%^*0$ öÿ.(`$ pþ ûÿ pþ*H$% pþ.(`$ ûÿ%" ûÿ%'*`$ ûÿ pþ. öÿ. öÿ âÿ
ûÿ pþ% ûÿ% )$ öÿ âÿ
)[&BPÿ —þ.% .! configure­ÿ.0¡­ÿ-„&1 ¡þ. ¡þ%
¡!small*@& ¡þ+ƒ&0%!3Small config script cannot configure small Autopuma,–1.%+ƒ&&BPPPP
0­ÿ%$,H1.0Zÿ%$,H1.0ÿ%$,H1.0´þ%$,H1.0-§31.0Ÿþ!apname,œ1%*H(!AUTOPUMAŸþ.0Ÿþ,1 ¯þ. ¯þ%*Š(0%!Could not load Autopuma,–1.% ¯þ.(
)0-]51.*Ì(0%!Autopuma is not responding,–1.% ¯þ.(
)0%!Autopuma has not been loaded,–1.% ¯þ.0­ÿ%$,K1.0Zÿ%$,K1.0ÿ%$,K1.0´þ%$,K1. ¯þ+E)&BJ % ©ÿ.!*ô)! ³ÿ.0³ÿ,d1.0! ³ÿ,d1.0%µ%³ÿ,`1.0%Æ0³ÿ,f1% ³ÿ,`1. ©ÿ**0    ,˜1 ®ÿ. %%*3*0 %%    ,1.0 %%    ,1.!*i*0   %³ÿ,T1. ®ÿ+p*&BP ‡ÿ.% .00,f1% ,l1%\*D+0!\,d1.Œÿ.0! telix.cnfŒÿ,d1.0!rŒÿ,(1 ûÿ. ûÿ%*~+%+R-0 ûÿ!mback=-S-1.0 ûÿßÿ!mback-°/1 öÿ. öÿ%*½+0ßÿ,c1{*. öÿ%*ó+0 ûÿßÿ!mbar-°/1 öÿ. öÿ%*ó+0ßÿ,c1€*. öÿ%*+,0 ûÿßÿ!mbback-°/1 öÿ. öÿ%*+,0ßÿ,c1…*. öÿ%*b,0 ûÿßÿ!mbold-°/1 öÿ. öÿ%*b,0ßÿ,c1Š*. öÿ%*™,0 ûÿßÿ!mbord-°/1 öÿ. öÿ%*™,0ßÿ,c1*. öÿ%*Ð,0 ûÿßÿ!mfore-°/1 öÿ. öÿ%*Ð,0ßÿ,c1”*. öÿ%*-0 ûÿßÿ!msel-°/1 öÿ. öÿ%*-0ßÿ,c1™*.0 ûÿ,1.…*%*.€*%™* .{*%”*.{*%Š*. ‡ÿ .&B0 ,-1 öÿ.0%% ,,1.0 ,-1 ûÿ. ûÿ öÿ % ìÿ. ìÿ*ï-% ìÿ. öÿ ìÿ öÿ. öÿ.0¯ÿ,h1 âÿ. öÿ âÿ
*. öÿ âÿ.0% öÿ âÿ ,,1.0  âÿ¯ÿ,+1. âÿ. öÿ.0 âÿ¯ÿ,l1 çÿ. âÿ çÿ%
)=. öÿ çÿ%
)û- çÿ%
*~. öÿ.0% öÿ ,,1.0 0Æÿ,h1Æÿ,!1.0¯ÿ0,f1%Æÿ,n1.¯ÿ */ ìÿ% ªÿ%*ã.% ìÿ.0% öÿ ,,1.(/% ªÿ. öÿ ¥ÿ. ûÿ öÿ ñÿ. öÿ ûÿ. öÿ ñÿ öÿ.(z/¯ÿ
*f/ ìÿ% ªÿ%*G/% ìÿ.0% ¥ÿ ,,1.(c/0 ,-1 öÿ.% ªÿ. öÿ ¥ÿ.(z/% ìÿ.0% öÿ ,,1. ìÿ)Ò-&B2‚/!*%0‚/*0™/.!‚/.%+Õ0(%0‚/ *%0%+Õ0!‚/.0 0Ëÿ,h1Ëÿ,!1%*z0Ëÿ‚/.0%=%‚/,—1 Æÿ.0% Æÿ‚/,`1.‚/
*•0%+Õ0!‚/.(Ô00™/0™/,h1 Æÿ%Ëÿ,n1.‚/*Ï0™/.!‚/.%+Õ0(Ô0%+Õ0&B %*
1!00:00:00.(ù1 #Q *-1%.0 ,r1.(ù1 ìÿ. ìÿ$ öÿ. ìÿ$%< ñÿ. ìÿ%< ìÿ.!.0åÿ öÿ,G1. öÿ% *€1!0.0åÿ,d1.0!:,d1.0åÿ ñÿ,G1. ñÿ% *·10!0,d1.0åÿ,d1.0!:,d1.0åÿ ìÿ,G1. ìÿ% *î10!0,d1.0åÿ,d1. *J2% ûÿ. ûÿ% % %
0 ûÿ,l1%00 ûÿ,l1%:*=2 ûÿ.(20 ûÿ%,1.&B êÿ.0êÿ,c1 ûÿ.0%:%êÿ,—1 öÿ. öÿ%*G30 öÿ%%êÿ,1. ûÿ%<0êÿ,c1 ûÿ.0%:%êÿ,—1 öÿ. öÿ%*030 öÿ%%êÿ,1. ûÿ%<0êÿ,c1 ûÿ.0%:%êÿ,—1 öÿ. öÿ%*-30 öÿ%%êÿ,1. ûÿ%
0êÿ,c1 ûÿ.(D3 %
*D3 ûÿ%< ûÿ.(z3 % %*e3 ûÿ%< ûÿ.(z3 %*z3 ûÿ$ ûÿ. ûÿ+3&B ûÿ. .0 ,1. ûÿ+¦3&BPÿ¦þ.$ ûÿ.0¦þ,f1%P
*N50¨ÿ%P%¦þ,n1.0%P%¦þ,1.0¨ÿ% ûÿ,K1. ûÿ.(50¦þ% ûÿ,K1.&BP$ ûÿ.!.0¨ÿ% ûÿ,H1.0¨ÿ,f1%P*ÿ50¨ÿ,d1. ûÿ.0¨ÿ% ûÿ,H1.(Ò50¨ÿ,d1.&B  ìÿ.  çÿ.0,f1 öÿ. ìÿ%e*[6%L öÿ % ìÿ.(o6 ìÿ%f*o6%L öÿ ìÿ. çÿ%e*6%
çÿ. ìÿ öÿ% ñÿ.0 çÿ% ñÿ çÿ ìÿ,˜1 ûÿ.0%% çÿ% ñÿ çÿ ìÿ,1.0%% çÿ% ñÿ çÿ ìÿ,1.0 çÿ% ìÿ%,T1. ûÿ+ú6&B^"'0ÃÿÆÿ,d1.0Æÿ,d1.  ìÿ.0 ìÿ,l1 ñÿ. ñÿ ûÿ öÿ0 ñÿ%,—1%*,8 öÿ ñÿ%^*¤7% öÿ.(8 öÿ ñÿ ûÿ*½7% ûÿ.(8 öÿ ûÿ ñÿ%' ñÿ%"*â7 ñÿ ûÿ.(8 öÿ0 ñÿ,@1*û7 ñÿ%Ÿ ñÿ.0 ñÿ çÿ,`1. çÿ.% öÿ. ìÿ.0 ìÿ,l1 ñÿ.(m70% çÿ,`1. ìÿ+@8&B  ûÿ.0 ûÿ,l1 ñÿ. ñÿ*ú8 ñÿ%
*–80%^ öÿ,`1. öÿ. ñÿ%@ ñÿ.(Ð8 ñÿ%^ ñÿ%" ñÿ%'0 ñÿ%,—1%*Ð80%^ öÿ,`1. öÿ.0 ñÿ öÿ,`1. öÿ. ûÿ.0 ûÿ,l1 ñÿ.(g80% öÿ,`1.&B!.0,f1 ñÿ.% öÿ. öÿ ñÿ
*‹90 öÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ%
ûÿ%~ *k90 ûÿ-91.(ƒ90!^,d1.0 ûÿ-¾91. öÿ.(39&B0,f1 ûÿ.0  ûÿ,`1.0% ûÿ%,`1.&B0éÿ ,G1.0éÿ,d1.&B0ñÿ!flipport,œ1* :0ñÿ,c1 öÿ.(.:% ûÿ% öÿ. öÿ*M:0,21 ûÿ.0 öÿ,^1.0 ûÿ,^1.%+S:&B
ÿäÿ.0ÀÿÒÿäÿ-n<1.0Òÿäÿ-i?1.0Àÿäÿ-Û=1 ûÿ. ûÿ%*æ;% öÿ. öÿ*(<0 ûÿ-R=1 ûÿ.Òÿ.0ÀÿÒÿ-n<1.0Àÿäÿ ûÿ-„>1*(<% öÿ. öÿ*f<0Òÿäÿ-?1.0³ÿ  äÿ,n1.³ÿ*_<% öÿ.(f<% öÿ. öÿ+m<&B0,f1 ûÿ.% öÿ. öÿ ûÿ
*6=0 öÿ,l1 ñÿ.0 ñÿ,F1*Î<%A ìÿ.% çÿ.(=0 ñÿ,E1*é<%a ìÿ.% çÿ.(=0 ñÿ,C1*=%0 ìÿ.%
çÿ.(=% ìÿ.% çÿ.0 ìÿ öÿ,`1.0 çÿ öÿ,`1. öÿ.(š<0% ûÿ,`1.0% ûÿ,`1.&B%ÿ ûÿ. ûÿ öÿ. öÿ# öÿ. öÿ . ûÿ$ ûÿ. ûÿ öÿ. öÿ$ öÿ. öÿ#ÿÿÿ öÿ. öÿ . ûÿ#ÿ)‰= +Ú=&B0,f1 çÿ.% ìÿ. ìÿ çÿ
*|> ûÿ öÿ.0 ìÿ,l1 âÿ. âÿ%*>>$ âÿ.0 ìÿ,l1 ñÿ. ñÿ âÿ
*\>%+ƒ> ûÿ âÿ ûÿ. ûÿ ñÿ ûÿ. ìÿ.( > ûÿ+ƒ>&B0,f1 ñÿ.0% ñÿ,`1. ñÿ*ý> ñÿ.0 ñÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ öÿ.0 öÿ ñÿ,`1. ûÿ . #ÿÿÿ .(¬> +?&B0,f1 ñÿ. ñÿ*g? ñÿ.0 ñÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ% *d?0 ñÿ,l1 öÿ.0 öÿ ûÿ ñÿ,`1.( ?&B0,f1 ñÿ. ñÿ*Ë? ñÿ.0 ñÿ,l1 ûÿ. ûÿ% *È?0 ñÿ,l1 öÿ.0 öÿ ûÿ ñÿ,`1.(„?&B

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: