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PLAYSPKR.COM Version 1.1 07/29/90

Pulse Width Modulator for PC's Speaker

Copyright (C) 1990 by Cygnus Data Systems
Daniel A. Durbin

PLAYSPKR.COM is a program written in assembly language that may be used
by software developers and incorporated into their porgrams to provide
personalized voice responses to augment screen messages and as an
alternative to that impersonal annoying speaker beep. PLAYSPKR.COM uses
a pulse width modulation technique to reproduce amazingly high quality
audio sound on the PC's speaker. The effective bandwidth of the
reproduced speech is 4 Khz which is sufficient to equal the quality found
on telephone lines.

The digitized voice files that PLAYSPKR.COM plays to the speaker are

binary files created with an 8 bit D/A converter at a clock rate of 8
kbytes per second. There are a few products on the market which have the
capability to create these files. One of them is the DigiPhone which is
primarily designed for a voice mail function and is availble from Cygnus
Data Systems for $125. The play software is included free of charge with
the DigiPhone.

PLAYSPKR.COM is currently available in assembly language source code and
C source code will be available soon. The PLAYSPKR.ASM source code is
available free of charge with the purchase of the DigiPhone, or as a
separate source code package to those who already have the hardware to
record the digitized voice files. For ordering information, see

If you have a special requirement and need more information, please feel
free to contact me via mail, my BBS, or voice phone number.

Cygnus Data Systems

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