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Updates To AceComm & Utilities (Tm)

ViewKeyCombos MACRO was expanding MACRO args and MACRO
functions, now skips this as it isn't needed and was an

Scroll Back Buffer lines are no longer buffered when they are
blank lines. ESC[2J was causing several blank lines be
buffered. ESC[J (clear to end of screen) wasn't buffering
anything, which left holes in the buffer. It now buffers

Documented the %n "Expandable MACRO functions" at the end of

Added a new variable "Seconds between re dials" was a hard
coded 28 clock ticks (1.65 seconds). The variable is not yet
available from the .CTL file, currently it is to be found in
the PRM-data Area under "General Controls". The default
setting is 1 second. It can be toggled to 0 - 12 seconds.
The Dialing specific variables in "General Controls" will be
eventually moved to a "Dialing Specific Controls" menu.

I had broken the MACRO (send ascii file) back when
adding hostecho into the function. It had sent the modem out
function a 0 count for bytes to send. I fixed the problem,
now sends a text file to the modem properly. Also
changed the display for bytes sent to be displayed on the
xstatus line, where it won't overwrite the screen.

The Del function inside File Lister would drag the menu up
leaving a "bottom of the box" to become duplicated on displays
of less than a screen full of filenames. It now displays
correctly. Also added a Yes/no prompt before actually
deleting the file, previous deleted files with a touch of the
key. DOS doesn't always do a proper job of 'un delete'.

Corrected ACECOMM'S Ymodem sending unit to correctly send from
a LISTFILE (ACE.BCH). My ymodem was quitting after the first


03/20/93 * Release
First ever public release, very limited distribution intended
to increase user feedback for last few months of production
before the official 1'st version release targeted by 06/01/93


ACTL was finding KEYWORDs in comments. ACTL used to scan for
a KEYWORD as a text pattern. ACTL now scans for a KEYWORD as

The result of ACTL finding KEYWORDs in comments was causing
erratic assignments be made to KEYWORDs in the PRM file. This
also fixed the problem: when NodeList was un commented in the
ACE.CTL file, ACTL created ACE.PRM in the \ directory.
normally root directory) Rather than encompassing KEYWORD in
say {KEYWORD} I chose to use CR LF KEYWORD SPACE

Menu display for the ZONE:NET/NODE prompt was given a short
argument (in the code) for the field length. This cause only
the ZONE:NET part of ZONE:NET/NODE to be displayed.

ACE.DOC file, the menu screen snap shots included decimal 15
character, which caused printers to mis print the character.
I changed my format utility to replace the 15d with '>'.

03/24/93 FIX
Updates to the dialing/FON-list area include:

- fixed scrambled display on less than a screen full of
records in FON file.

- fixed Que dialer, it froze when more than screen full of
records Q tagged.

- Last dialed records will be added to the Q tagged list

03/26/93 FIX
Found a BUG in the PRM-data Area. Serial port selection was
writing 1 byte to where ever an un-initialized variable
address was pointing (long address). This went un-noticed on
3 computers here, and by all testers prior to the first
release (03/20/93). When I restored an old motherboard in an
AT this problem caused serious problems with the BIOS and
required re booting the machine.

03/26/93 FIX
CTRL A-Z keys were not processing any MACRO assignments. I
fixed this prior to the date above, forgot to update this


03/27/93 * Release
Another very limited distribution release designed for more
feedback, and the serial port selection FIX.


04/01/93 FIX
ACTL.EXE was not detecting the Port definition when assembling
a .CTL file into ACE.PRM.

04/01/93 FIX
Previous work in the FON list area caused the bottom line of
the display to be dragged around, duplicated and numbered in

04/06/93 ADD
Added FLOW control to the terminal area. Large data streams
such as doing a "read continuous" from message area would be
coming in faster than could be displayed at 9600 and above.

A capture file would show where the receive buffer wrapped
having become full. Rather than stop displaying the
characters coming in, XON/XOFF and RTS/CTS handshaking was
added to the terminal area, effectively slowing the HOST down
so that no more data would be lost. Large data captures would
can be speeded by simply not displaying them. This option may
be added in the future.

04/07/93 FIX
The MACRO processor was over writing itself when it

a) was executing inside a script file, and an area MACRO was
called, (autoD would trigger ). The Scr would abort
after the area MACRO. MACRO processor now saves it's data
before processing a new MACRO stack, while already in another
MACRO stack.

b) one MACRO stack called another MACRO stack

04/09/93 ADD
ACECOMM, after a carrier detect from the Dial menu, will send
EMSI_CLI HDRS for 5 seconds. EMSI_CLI HDRS are used with
Mailer front ends to skip through to the BBS, by passing the
usual several second -wait-for-ESC key-prompt-. Binkley and
Front Door recognize this HDR. DBridge, as of this write,
does not.

04/10/93 ADD
Added a menu option inside FON list.

"UnMark_All" ACECOMM will mark records that have been dialed,
similar to Q tag. The menu option clears all D tag and Q tag

04/11/93 ADD
Added the "Control Flags Menu" inside FON Record Setup Area.

- Toggle for EMSI_CLI (mailer front end handshaking)

- Toggle for Que tagging dial attempts to the re dial Que

04/11/93 CHANGE
ARJ file compress utility is replaced with the freeware LHA213
SFX (self extracting) compressor


04/11/93 * Release
This is probably the last limited release before the official
1'st version release.

(Earlier versions were necessary to widen the feedback arena)


04/11/93 to 04/24
I work on the ACECOMM code every day, while watching what
makes MS SMARTDRV cross link files, I managed to loose the
last several days entries into this file. It was worth it, I
found out alot about SMARTDRV, made ACECOMM play by SMARTDRV
rules, learned that what caused problems is fixed in MS DOS 6
SMARTDRV versions.

04/24/93 FIX (SMARTDRV)
Added file data 'flush' code into ACECOMM. SMARTDRV was
causing files become cross linked, the problem would develop
after EXEC calls while data was in SMARTDRV buffers. Reason
may be related to (see next FIX) excepting that this problem
did not crop up unless ACECOMM'S SWAP flag was set where it
calls Ralf Brown's SPAWN functions.

Note: ACECOMM is written in 100% assembly language. The only
source code used in ACECOMM not written by author
Michael G Phelps, is the SWAP functions. These
functions, written by Ralf Brown (INTER LIST) are the
most reliable of SWAP code I have used.

04/25/93 FIX
EXEC/SWAP functions () restores all original ISR
vectors it grabs at start up. After the EXEC call, the
ACECOMM custom vectors are put back into use. My "restore
original" code was not restoring critical error 024h, and so
when the custom vectors were put back again, the code saved
the ACECOMM ISR, not original DOS ISR to critical error vector
storage variable. My critical error handler lends partial
control to DOS by a long jmp instruction to the original saved
ISR vector. Which pointed to my custom vector after the first
EXEC call. This loop was fixed by restoring int 024h vector
along with all the rest, so that the original vector is
preserved across multiple restore/replace calls. clear as

04/26/93 ADD
AceComm now supports multiple KeyBoarDs (KBD). The keyboard
is mapped out with MACRO(s) assignments. AceComm can load KBD
files whenever the user wants a new keyboard. KBD files can
be associated with Fon.Records. AceComm will load a
Fon.Record's KBD file with successful Dial/Connect, and
restore the original KBD file on Disconnect.

05/05/93 ADD
AceComm's PopUp REF now has an option to "Print_Template"
keyboard assignments to file, or directly to printer.

05/15/93 FIX
Loading a second KBD file was causing problems because the first
KBD file's DOS file handle was not saved properly.

After discovering problems in SIO with to high locked port rates,
I noticed that my version 1.5 (05/15/93 and prior) contained "debug"
code enabled in the SIO ISR function. This would cause fast locked
port rates to begin spinning out of control, was most noticeable on
a 386 SX and slower with locked port above 19.2k. AutoD trigger for
EMSI_REQ would cause my test machine to get caught in a loop for up
to several minutes.
Commenting out the "debug" code brings the SIO functions back to
working well on the same test machine at locked port rates to 57.6k
(which is the fastest my modems will allow)

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