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Chapter 13 LICENSE

AceComm is not a Public Domain program and is not free. AceComm
is copyright (C) 1990-1993 by MGP Programming Services.

Non-registered users of this program are granted a limited 30 day
license to evaluate the programs suitability for their
requirements. Any usage of AceComm beyond the evaluation time
period requires registration of each copy of the program used.
Use of non- registered copies of AceComm beyond the original
evaluation period is prohibited.

AceComm may NOT be modified in any respect, for any reason,
including but not limited to, de-compiling, disassembling, or
reverse engineering of the program. The opening title screen,
help screens, and all other proprietary program output must never
be altered, removed, bypassed or modified by any means.

You are free to distribute the PUBLICLY AVAILABLE evaluation
version of AceComm to others subject to the above restrictions
and also the following:

A. No fee is charged for its use.

B. No renumeration may be accepted for AceComm. This does
not apply to computer access charges the system
operators (Sysops) of or organizations owning bulletin
board systems, on line services, etc... may charge

C. AceComm must be copied in unaltered form, complete with
files containing license information, the FULL
documentation and all accompanying files. The
self-extracting archive distributed by MGP Programming
Services must not be altered in ANY respect.

D. All shareware houses/distribution firms must make
explicitly clear that the diskette purchase containing
any shareware program has NOT registered the software
with the author MGP Programming Services Software/Michael
G Phelps.

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Chapter 13 LICENSE

System Operators may make AceComm available for download only if
the above conditions are met. The archive (Acemmdd.EXE)
distributed by AceComm or an equivalent archive may be made
available only in complete form. Refer to FILELIST.DOC to verify
complete package contents. If the contents appear altered or not
complete, you may obtain the latest release of AceComm directly
from MGP Programming Services by sending a formatted diskette
labeled with the word "AceComm". Please include $5 for handling.

The latest version of AceComm is also available on Compuserve.

Commercial distributors of "Public Domain", "Shareware", and/or
User Supported software may distribute AceComm subject to the
above conditions only after obtaining WRITTEN permission from MGP
Programming Services. This condition statement supersedes all
previous agreements.

Please refer to the section entitled registration/ordering
section for additional information on registration, corporate
site-licensing and related topics.

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Chapter 13 LICENSE

The above license statement does not apply to the REGISTERED
version of AceComm. The registered software of MGP Programming
Services is protected under United States Copyright and Trademark
Laws. It must be treated just like a book with certain
exceptions as follows:

A. MGP Programming Services authorizes the making of archival
copies of the registered software for the sole purpose of
backing-up your software and protecting your investment
from possible loss.

B. The medium on which the registered software is recorded is
transferred to the customer, but not the title to the

C. The customer may resell or distribute unmodified copies of
the registered software provided the customer has
purchased from MGP Programming Services one copy of the
registered software for each one sold or distributed.
The provisions of this software license shall also be
applicable to third parties receiving copies of the
registered software from the customer.

D. By saying, "just like a book", MGP Programming Services
means that the registered software may be used by any
number of people and may be freely moved from one
computer location to another so long as there is
ABSOLUTELY NO POSSIBILITY of it being used at one
location while being used at another. Just like a book
that cannot be read by two different people in two
different locations at the same time.

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Chapter 14 ACECOMM User Support

Contacting the author

You can contact the author by any of the following

- Voice phone number (602) 846-4563

- COMPUSERVE User ID 75120,3306

- BBS (602) 846-2940
MAXIMUS, v32bis, 23 hours + NMH

NetMail to Michael G Phelps

I am currently using my dime to distribute this echo until
it can be placed onto the BACKBONE. Ask your local FIDONET

See ACEORDER.FRM for information obtaining commercial AceComm

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Archive   : ACE151.ZIP
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