Category : Communication (modem) tools and utilities
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AceComm & Utilities (Tm)

Version 1.51

"Leading Software Technology" for todays hi-speed modem

Evaluation copy 05/17/93

Utility Name : ACTL.EXE (Assemble CTL)

Description : Assembles ACE.CTL into ACE.PRM file

You may edit ACE.CTL using a PLAIN ASCII TEXT editor, or
compile ACE.CTL as it is, and edit the PRM file directly from
inside of AceComm's PRM-data area.

ACTL.EXE is used for initializing a -new- ACE.PRM file. ACTL
reads the ACE.CTL file, compiling it's information into a NEW
ACE.PRM file. Therafter all PRM data is editable from inside
AceComm. ACE.CTL is an ascii text file.

- ACE.PRM file
AceComm reads, and stores it's data in a control file nemed
ACE.PRM. This file contains the information about your system,
such as port #, baud capability, modem commands, MACRO
definitions, etc. AceComm is very configuratiional. Your
configured data is stored in ACE.PRM

- ACE.PRM Location
ACE.PRM may be located in another directory, so long as it is
in the same direectory with ACE.EXE. If ACE.PRM is not in the
same directory with ACE.EXE, it must be in the current

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Archive   : ACE151.ZIP
Filename : ACTL.DOC

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