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*** Zinc Interface Library Demonstration ***

This demonstration program was created using standard Zinc Interface
Library routines. Zinc Interface Library is a full-featured, user
interface class library designed specifically for C++. This tool
set fully exploits the power and flexibility of object-oriented
programming (OOP).

To run the demonstration program insert the diskette into the desired
drive and type DEMO.

The recommended list price for Zinc Interface Library is US $199.95
plus shipping and handling. Source code is available to registered
users for $200. To order call 1-800-638-8665 (TOOL) or contact:

Zinc Software Incorporated
405 South 100 East, Suite 201
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062 USA

General: 1-801-785-8900
FAX: 1-801-785-8996
BBS: 1-801-785-8997 (2400, 8, N, 1)