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Late breaking comments

o I have not tried compiling and executing all source files with NDEBUG
*not* defined. When NDEBUG is not defined, many assertions in the code
get enabled and will give error messages if they fail. Recent
revisions may have made some of these assertions invalid.

o On systems with ints longer than 32 bits, there were some minor
portability problems reported in the past. I suggested some fixes (which
are incorporated in the current distribution) but was unable to confirm
if they worked. If you get zoo 2.0 working on a Cray, CDC, or similar
machine with very large ints, please let me know.

o Handling of pathnames longer than 255 characters is probably not robust
at this time. Zoo should be able to handle pathanmes of up to 510
characters, with the filename part and the directory prefix part each
being 255 characters or less. But it will probably choke on any pathname
that is longer than 255 characters.

o The **IX "file" command, at least on System V Release 2 and on 4.3BSD,
can be made to recognize zoo archives. Instructions are in the file