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Summary of Changes from Zoo version 1.51 to version 2.0.

- New modifiers to the list commands permit several new output

- Timezones are handled.

- A bug was fixed that had made it impossible to individually update
comments for a file whose name did not correspond to MS-DOS format.

- The shared library on the **IX PC can be used.

- VAX/VMS is now supported reasonably well.

- A comment may now be attached to the archive itself.

- Extracted files can optionally be forced to overwrite existing
read-only files.

- Extracted files will not overwrite newer existing files unless
specifically requested.

- File attributes (lowest nine mode bits) are preserved for **IX

- Multiple generations of the same file are supported.

- Zoo will now act as a pure compression or uncompression filter on a
single input data stream.

- A bug was fixed that could cause removal of a directory link by the

- The ability of Zoo to recover data from damaged archives is greatly

Summary of Changes from Zoo version 2.00 to version 2.01.

- A bug was fixed that had caused the first generation of a file to
sometimes unexpectedly show up in archive listings.

- A bug was fixed that had caused the MS-DOS version to silently skip
extracting files for which there was not sufficient disk space; an
error message will now be given.

- A bug was fixed that had sometimes made it impossible to
selectively extract a file by specifying its name, even though all
files could be extracted from the archive by not specifying any
filenames. This occurred when a file had been archived on a
longer-filename system (e.g. AmigaDOS) and extraction was attempted
on a shorter-filename system (e.g. MS-DOS).

- A change was made that will make zoo preserve the mode (file
protection) of a zoo archive when it is packed. This is effective
only if zoo is compiled to preserve and restore file attributes.
Currently this is so only for **IX systems.

- A bug was fixed that had caused an update of an archive to not
always add all newer files.

- Blanks around equal signs in commands given to "make" were removed
from the mk* scripts for better compatiblity with more **IX
implementations including Sun's.

-- Rahul Dhesi 1988/08/25