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Filename : YAKWIN.H

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//contains header information for the yakWindows classes; at this
//stage, just yakWindowPane
#ifndef YAKWIN.H
#define YAKWIN.H

#include "stddefs.h"
#include "xlib.h"

class yakWindowPane
word x, y, width, bWidth, height, myOffset; //bwidth is width in nibbles
far byte * myGraphicData;
far byte * myGraphicData2;
yakWindowPane(void) {x = y = bWidth = height = myOffset = 0; myGraphicData = NULL;};
yakWindowPane(word x1, word y1, word x2, word y2);
~yakWindowPane() {delete myGraphicData;};
void reSave(word x1, word y1, word x2, word y2, word offset);
void save(word x1, word y1, word offset);
void save(word offset);
void save(void);
void restore(word offset);
void restore(void);

class yakWindow : public yakWindowPane
static yakWindow * killPointer;
enum flags {isSizeable = 0x01, isDraggable = 0x02, isCloseable = 0x04, isTemporary = 0x08};
word myNumber;
flags myFlags;
byte titleBarColor, textColor, boxColor;
char title[80];
yakWindow * nextWindow, * prevWindow;
static yakWindow * bottomWindow, * topWindow;
static yakWindow * activeWindow;
yakWindow(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2);
void open(void);
void close(void);
void showActivated(void);
void showActivated(word offset);
void showDeActivated(void);
void showDeActivated(word offset);
virtual void draw(word offset); //redefine this one!
virtual void draw(void);
void shuffleToTop(void);
virtual word interpretMouseClick(void);
virtual word interpretKeyStroke(char myChar);
void drag(void);
void size(void);
virtual int isSelected(void);
virtual int isDragSelected(void);
virtual int isSizeSelected(void);
virtual int isCloseSelected(void);
static void drawAll(void);
static void drawAll(word offset);
static void selectToTop(void);
static word advance(void);