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name wrap
; wrap.asm - routine to rotate a window right or left
; void wrap (shiftwin *win, int num);
; where shiftwin is a structure:
; typedef struct {
; int x1, y1, x2, y2;
; char attr;
; } shiftwin;
; coordinates are 1-relative
; and num is a positive number to shift right,
; or a negative number to shift left.
; NOTES: calling this routine with any of the parameters outside legal values
; for your type of display will cause unpredictable results.
; The routine assumes an 80-column screen. Actually, the assumption
; made is that the address of cell x,y+1 is the address of cell
; x,y + 160.

ifdef __COMPACT__
.model compact
ifdef __HUGE__
.model huge
ifdef __LARGE__
.model large
ifdef __MEDIUM__
.model medium
ifdef __SMALL__
.model small

extrn _scrseg:word
extrn _getscr:proc
extrn _shift:proc
extrn _getofs:proc


_wrap proc
call _getscr ;get screen information
push si
push di
push bp
mov bp,sp
sub sp,180 ;make space for local variables
push es ;save cause we're gonna use it
mov ax,ds
mov es,ax
mov si,word ptr [bp+8] ;si points to shift window
;[si+0] = x1
;[si+2] = y1
;[si+4] = x2
;[si+6] = y2
;[si+8] = attr
;[bp+10] = num
cmp word ptr [bp+10],0
jnz wrap1
jmp all_done ;if 0, don't do it
wrap1: jge wrap_right
push word ptr [si+0] ;left
push word ptr [si+4] ;right
mov ax,word ptr [bp+10]
neg ax
mov bx,-1
jmp short do_wrap
push word ptr [si+4] ;right
push word ptr [si+0] ;left
mov ax,word ptr [bp+10]
mov bx,1
; SI is address to copy from
; DI is address to copy to
; AX is #colums to wrap
mov word ptr [bp-174],ax ;save count
mov word ptr [bp+10],bx ;save direction
mov ax,word ptr [si+2] ;top row
pop bx
call _getofs
mov word ptr [bp-176],di ;save dest address
mov ax,word ptr [si+2]
pop bx
call _getofs
xchg si,di
mov word ptr [bp-178],si ;save source address
mov bx,word ptr [bp+8] ;address of win spec
mov ax,word ptr [bx+6] ;AX = y2
sub ax,word ptr [bx+2]
inc ax ;AX is number of rows
mov word ptr [bp-180],ax ;save #rows
xchg ax,cx
; The basic algorithm is:
; For each column to be wrapd
; copy the column to the save area
; call _shift to shift the screen
; copy from save area to vacated column
lea ax,word ptr [bp-170]
mov di,ax ;dest is save area
push ds
mov ax,word ptr _scrseg
mov ds,ax
rl1: movsw ;move char+attr
add si,158
loop rl1 ;and loop till done
pop ds
; call _shift to do the work
mov ax,word ptr [bp+10]
push ax ;num on stack
mov ax,word ptr [bp+8]
push ax ;address of win spec
call _shift ;do the shift
pop cx
pop cx ;cleanup stack
cld ;I guess shift screws things up
lea ax,word ptr [bp-170]
mov si,ax ;source is save area
mov di,word ptr [bp-176] ;dest is screen
mov cx,word ptr [bp-180] ;#columns
push es
mov ax,word ptr _scrseg
mov es,ax
rl2: movsw ;move char+attr
add di,158
loop rl2
pop es
dec word ptr [bp-174] ;decrease column count
jz all_done
mov si,word ptr [bp-178]
mov cx,word ptr [bp-180]
jmp short wrap_loop
pop es
mov sp,bp
pop bp
pop di
pop si
_wrap endp
public _wrap

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