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June 01, 1987

TURBO-C Version 1.0


This utility creates incredibly quick multi-level windows as
library calls in Turbo-C programs for IBM PC/XT/AT compati-
bles. They work on MDA, CGA, and EGA adapters in any column mode
(40/80/etc.). This utility uses the quick screen writing utilities,
also in library form. Users are encouraged to participate in the free
Teamware concept with the release of these functions. As of this
release all of the functions are available in WINDOW10.LIB. Once the
library functions are commented they will be released as teamware.
The Q utilities were transformed from TURBO PASCAL inline to
external assembly using BORLAND's rules.asi macro assembler header


Compile and run the tutoring program WTUTOR10.C to get a feeling
for features and speed. Also QDEMO10.C can be compiled to give the
user a feel for features of the Q UTILITIES. The library functions
and demos were compiled with the SMALL model and all ERRROR checking


In this version, WINDOW10.ARC contains:

!! : File that insists you get a copy of WINDOW10.ARC.
wtutor10.c : Demo of WINDOW10.LIB which also gives a tutorial
of user instructions.
qdemo10.c : Demo of the Q UTILITIES also in WINDOW10.LIB.
qbench10.c : A timing program that shows "screens/second" for
the Q utilities.
wtutor10.exe: Executable version of windowing demo
qdemo10.exe : Executable version of Q UTILITIES
qbench10.exe : Executable version of timing program
qdemo10.prj : Project file used to build qdemo10.exe
wtutor10.prj: Project file used to build wtutor10.exe
qbench10.prj: Project file used to build qbench10.exe
window10.doc: This document.
qutil10.doc : Document on Q UTILITIES
wind10s.lib: Library of window functions and Q UTILITIES.
WINDOW FUNCTIONS: (see appendix)
wiattr(); creates color attribute on fore/back
initwindow(): initilizes window environment
makewindow(): makes a window on the screen
titlewindow(): title a window with text
removewindow(); removes last window by make
scrollwindow(): scrolls a window up or down
qinit(): intialize Q utilities, DO not call
if you call initwindow();
Q UTILITIES: (see qutil.doc)
windprot.h : Header file with prototypes for all of the
functions in window10.lib.
w1.h : Header file with type definitions.
color.h : Header file with color definitions.


extern licurrent. -- Keeps track of the window currently being used.
If you have more than one window displayed and want to swap the active
window without removing it, two indexes are then required.
licurrent can be changed by the user; li should not be changed.


With the release of this utility, I hope to introduce the concept
of Teamware. These utilities are FREE, so don't worry. Many pro-
grammers have done some superior individual efforts and have
benefited many. But the problem is just that - they are individual
efforts that as packages are not compatible with other individual
efforts. And many of the programs are released as copyrighted so
that others cannot use them in certain contexts. It seems that if
users have other expertise and discover ways to combine each others
utilities, the benefits can improve greatly. This is what these
utilities have done.

As Teamware, users CAN and are encouraged to:

1. Use the utilities to enhance their programs and applications
in both private and commercial contexts.
2. Combine, create, and edit other utilities and re-release them
as Teamware by permission of the previous author(s)/editor(s).
3. Enhance shareware programs provided they are applications that
in no way represent or advertise the power of the utilities
themselves, but shall credit the use of Teamware.
4. Ask about questionable use of the utility.

As Teamware, users CANNOT:

1. Distribute the utilities for profit.
2. Combine, create, and edit other utilities and re-release them
as Shareware or for any profit as enhanced utilities.


Actual window routines are to be commented and released at a later
date by the author.

*** Global variables zoomeffect and shadoweffect can be changed at any
time to either zoom (explode) the window or put up a shadow. The
shadow as of this version can either be left or rigt.

WTUTOR10.C covers most of the instructions for use. For instance
the window functions can work on up to 8 display pages depending
on your video card. Turbo-C functions only work on the first
page, page 0. This is where Q screen utilities come in. They will
work on any page. Even though the window functions will seem to make
a Turbo-C window on say page 3, the standard procedures of printf,
fputf,puts, etc. will not work there. You must then use Q
screen utilities for those pages.

There may be later versions of WINDOW1x.LIB, so use the latest one.

Remember that a Turbo-C window cannot have less than 2 rows or


No liabilities are assumed if the user misuses these utilities.


The initial program was developed by Michael Burton in his copy
of WINDO.INC, ver 2.4. The program was edited by permission and
re-released as WINDOW30.ARC (TURBO PASCAL).

Copyright (c) 1986 by James H. LeMay, Michael Burton (TURBO PASCAL)
Copyright (c) 1987 by Michael G. MLachak (TURBO-C)

These procedures are public domain under the Teamware concept.
If there are any problems, please let me know.
T U R B O ---- C
Michael G. Mlachak, 4318 Stewart Court, East Chicago, IN 46312
1-(219)-397-8952 (after 6:00 PM CST) CIS: 76327,4210
T U R B O ---- P A S C A L
Jim LeMay, 6341 Klamath Rd., Ft. Worth, TX 76116
1-(817) 732-7150 (after 1730 PST), CIS 76011,217

Michael Burton, 15540 Boot Hill Rd., Hayden Lake, ID 83835
1-(208)-772-9347 (after 1800 PST)
Special effects concepts were graciously suggested by:

Rick Fothergill, 141 Oak Hill Road, Pittsfield, MA 01201
Data: 1-(413)-499-7245, CIS 76210,443


Functions and there parameters:
Refer to for prototypes and W1.H for type

wattr,battr,attribute: is any color attribute <=255;
wiattr() may be called to create an attribute
based on foreground and background.
fcolor,bcolor: any color defined in COLOR.H
begrow,endrow,row,rows: any legal row 1 -25
col,cols: any legal column 1 -80
direction : any direction defined in W1.h (DIRTYPE)
st : any string of type str80
justify : can be (left, center,right) -- for top of window
(bottom) -- for bottom center
(nodir) -- restores bottom line of window
btype: can be any border type defined in W1.h (BORDERS).

int wiattr(fcolor,bcolor);
void initwindow(attribute);
void makewindow(row,col,rows,cols,wattr,battr,btype);
void removewindow(void);
void scrollwindow(int begrow,endrow,direction);
void titlewindow(justify, st);


Version 1.0 (6-1-87)
. Initial routines
. Released under the teamware concept.

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