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/* windows.h */
#define ROWS 25
#define NORMAL 0x0700
#define REVERSE 0x7000
#define MONO_BASE 0xB000
#define COLOR_BASE 0xB800
#define PAGE_SIZE (0x10 * cols / 80)
#define YES 1
#define NO 0
#define ON 1
#define OFF 0
#define LEFT 75
#define CTRL_W 23
#define UP 72
#define DOWN 80
#define PGDOWN 81
#define PGUP 73
#define INS 0x52
#define DEL 0x53
#define RIGHT 77
#define HOME 71
#define END 79
#define ESC 27
#define ALT_B 48
#define F1 59
#define F2 60
#define F3 61
#define F4 62
#define F5 63
#define F6 64
#define F7 65
#define F8 66
#define F9 67
#define F10 68
#define CTRL_END 0x75
#define FUNC_KEYS F1:case F2:case F3:case F4:case F5:case F6:case F7:\
case F8:case F9:case F10

typedef unsigned int VideoLocation;

typedef struct {
int top, left, bottom, right;
} Rectangle;

typedef struct {
int row, col;
} Cursor;

typedef enum {single, doubl, none} Border;

typedef struct window {
Rectangle rect;
Cursor cursor;
Border bord;
int open;
int attribute;
int rows, cols;
int data_size;
int *data;
char *title;
struct window *prev, *next;
} Window;

typedef struct {
char *str, *prompt;
int size;
char *specials;
int alpha;
int num;
int promptAtt, dataAtt;
Cursor promptLoc, dataLoc;
int position;
int length;
} Field;

/* declarations for window functions */
void addChar(int, Field *, Window *);
void backspace(Field *, Window *);
void beep(void);
void clearToEnd(Field *, Window *);
void crs_off(void);
void crs_on(void);
void delChar(Field *, Window *);
void fatCursor(void);
void fieldEnd(Field *, Window *);
void fieldLeft(Field *, Window *);
void fieldRight(Field *, Window *);
void fieldStart(Field *, Window *);
int getField(Field *, Window *);
void showField(Field *, Window *);
void thinCursor(void);
void toggleInsert(void);
void w__scroll(Window *, unsigned int);
void w_border(Window *);
void w_center(char *, Window *, int);
void w_clear(Window *);
void w_close(Window *);
Window *w_create(unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int,
Border, char *);
void w_dispose(Window *);
void w_draw(Window *);
void w_error(void);
int w_getch(void);
void w_init(void);
void w_link(Window *);
void w_memcpy(VideoLocation, void *, int);
void w_open(Window *);
void w_putc(int, Window *);
void w_putcrs(Window *);
void w_puts(char *, Window *);
void w_putw(int, VideoLocation);
void w_refresh(void);
void w_scroll(Window *, int);
void w_select(Window *);
void w_setmem(int, void *, int);
void w_show(Window *);
void w_title(Window *);
void w_unlink(Window *);

/* declarations for global variables defined in windows.c */
extern Window *main_w, *top_w;
extern int layers_w, *vidMem, insertFlag, snowFlag, beepFlag;
extern unsigned char cols;

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