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Welcome to TC-Tools!

First I would like to answer some questions you might have
about TC-Tools and then I will give some hints and tips for
utilizing the TC-Tools libraries.

Source Code and Copyrighted???

Thats right the TC-Tools software is copyrighted and at the
same time I am releasing the source code. This essentially
means I keep my rights to the software and future updates to
the software without stopping you from being able to use and
see the source code. I would appreciate it if you inform me
via GENIE Mail (my GENIE address is MIKE.MCCABE) of any
problems you encounter with the TC-Tools software so I can
correct them in future releases of TC-Tools.

Does the Copyright stop you from distributing the software?

No not at all! please distribute it to your hearts content!
All I ask is that the library remains as a full system and
does not get picked to pieces. This means you can not distribute
the software in pieces its all or nothing.

Does it Cost Anything?

No not a dime, not even a penny! But I am not above accepting
charity in any manner or form. If you want to send money or software
developed by you I will not send it back.

Can I modify the Software?

Yes, for your own use and for distribution as part of another
program but you can not make modifications to the software and
then turn around and sell it as a Turbo-C enhancement library
in any shape or form. This includes shareware. Any permanent
changes to TC-Tools should come from me. If you have a suggestion
or fix then send me a copy of your code and if it works and is
a good idea I will put your name on it and include it in the
TC-Tools library.

Whats in store for the future?

Thats a good question. I am looking at a communications system,
a pull-down menu system, mouse interfacing, disk handling, and
possibly a graphics windowing system. They will eventually all
be written and I have no set date for completion or order set
down as to which will be first. Anybody want to make suggestions?
By releasing the source code I have also set myself up for updates
to come out in source only so future upgrades unless major should
end up being shorter downloads which should please everybody.

Which Versions of Turbo will TC-Tools work with?

TC-Tools will work right out of the box with Turbo-C version 2.0
and with minor modifications Turbo-C version 1.5 but will never
and I repeat never work with version 1.0 - mainly because of the
lack of the BGI system.

The software in the archive consists of many routines both
source and object. I have tried to set the system up for easy handling
but you must be careful. For those who do not have an assembler I have
included special batch files that should not destroy the object files from
the routines that use in-line assembly and the one assembly language routine.
It is probably best if you look at the batch files and library response
files to get a good feel for how the system is layed out.

Due to Borland not allowing transfer of BGI information in .OBJ format
you will have to convert the .BGI files into .OBJ format and include
them in the libraries yourself. I have included copies of the .BGI
files incase you have lost yours. TC-Tools is setup to look for the far
versions of the BGI. If you follow the commands listed below then you
should have no problems.


IBM8514F.OBJ and PC3270F.OBJ to the directory where the TC-Tools
libraries are and use the following commands:

tlib tctoolss.lib +attf +cgaf +egavgaf +hercf +ibm8514f +pc3270f
tlib tctoolsm.lib +attf +cgaf +egavgaf +hercf +ibm8514f +pc3270f
tlib tctoolsc.lib +attf +cgaf +egavgaf +hercf +ibm8514f +pc3270f
tlib tctoolsl.lib +attf +cgaf +egavgaf +hercf +ibm8514f +pc3270f
tlib tctoolsh.lib +attf +cgaf +egavgaf +hercf +ibm8514f +pc3270f

If you want to be able to use the batch routines I provided in
the source archive then copy these object files into your TC-Tools
source directory as well and they will automatically link into
the libraries anytime you link the whole library.

If you are still stuck with version 1.5 then you must replace the BGI
drivers that are in the archives with the version 1.5 files.
These files should be run through BGIOBJ with the far switch as explained
above. If you use the following command it will link in all the BGI
.obj files created above into the libraries. Look at the batch file
to be sure of what you are typing.

TCTOOLS3 drive:\path to .objs

This batch file will re-create the libraries with the version 1.5
BGI objects.


Included in the archive is 4 files that make up the 140 page document
for the TC-Tools library. These files are converted to ASCII from
a wordprocessor and should not give you problems printing them out.
The documentation is as complete as I could make it with the exception
of examples for each and every call. If you want examples look at the
test programs TVIDEO.C, TWINDOW.C and TKEYS.C They are not commented
but should prove useful in seeing how the system works and they should
test all aspects of the system. Anyway here is the order the document
files should be printed.

TCTOOLS.TIT - Title Page
TCTOOLS.TOC - Table of Contents
TCTOOLS.BOD - Document Body - This is the long one

In the files TCTOOLS5.ARC, TCTOOLS6.ARC and TCTOOLS7.ARC are each a
test routine already linked that I used for debugging the different
areas of the library. TCTOOLS5.ARC is the video tester. TCTOOLS6.ARC
is the window tester and TCTOOLS7.ARC is the keyboard tester. These
files contain the executable, the project file and the commented source
for these test programs. Unfortunately there is not a glossy demo
program as yet but I am working on one.

Also something else of interest to TC users will be the file TCTGRAPH.ARC
which is an example program including source for a graphics chart system
I am working on to be part of the TC-Tools system. With the two graphics
routines linked in the user can select a size and the program will
display a clamped pie graph and bar graph on the screen.

I hope you enjoy using and looking at this code. And if you have any
problems I am more than happy to answer them via GENIE Mail or you
can catch me on the Borland RTC on Sunday Nights between 8:00pm and 9:00pm



Mike McCabe

(C)opyright 1988

All Rights Reserved

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