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The TesSeRact Development Tools

Shareware Release


The TesSeRact CXL User Interface Development System
Version 6.02 -- September 21, 1992
The TesSeRact Screen Designer
Version 2.03 -- September 21, 1992
The TesSeRact Printer Control System
Version 2.02 -- September 21, 1992
The TesSeRact Compression System
Version 2.02 -- September 21, 1992
The TesSeRact File Management System
Version 2.02 -- September 21, 1992

Copyright 1987-92, Innovative Data Concepts, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

Innovative Data Concepts, Inc.
122 North York Road
Suite 5
Hatboro, PA 19040
Voice: 1-215-443-9705
Orders: 1-800-926-4551
FAX: 1-215-443-9753

For installation instructions, please see INSTALL.DOC

This package contains the complete shareware versions of TCXL 6.02, TSD 2.03,
TPRINT 2.02, TCOMP 2.02 and TFILE 2.02, including small memory model
libraries for your compiler. If you are downloading these files from a
BBS, please make sure you have dowloaded the correct files:

TDT-1.ZIP -- Installation and General Utilities
TDT-2.ZIP -- TCXL Shareware Materials
TDT-3.ZIP -- TPRINT, TCOMP and TFILE Shareware Materials
TDT-4.ZIP -- TSD Shareware Materials

OPTIONAL FILES (at least one required):
TDT-5.ZIP -- Borland C++ 3.x Small Model Libraries
TDT-6.ZIP -- Borland C++ 2.x Small Model Libraries
TDT-7.ZIP -- Turbo C++ Small Model Libraries
TDT-8.ZIP -- Turbo C 2.0 Small Model Libraries
TDT-9.ZIP -- Microsoft C 7.x Small Model Libraries
TDT-A.ZIP -- Microsoft C 6.x Small Model Libraries
TDT-B.ZIP -- Microsoft C 5.x Small Model Libraries
TDT-C.ZIP -- Zortech C/C++ 3.x Small Model Libraries
TDT-D.ZIP -- Watcom C 8.5 Small Model Libraries
TDT-E.ZIP -- TopSpeed 3.02 Small Model Libraries

If you downloaded these files, unZIP them into a single directory,
and run the INSTALL program.


Do not attempt to install *both* the BCC 2.x and BCC 3.x libraries --
the files have the same name! The same rule goes for TCC and TC 2.0.

After completing the INSTALL process, you must set up Programmer's
Super-Maint for use with TCXL:

There are two environment variables that need to be set in order
to build the library and sample programs with SM. You should
set these as follows:


xx is: T2 -- Turbo C 2.0
TC -- Turbo C++ 1.0 or later
BC -- Borland C++ 2.0 or later
M5 -- Microsoft C 5.1
M6 -- Microsoft C 6.x
QC -- Microsoft QuickC 2.5
M7 -- Microsoft C 7.x
ZT -- Zortech 3.0
WC -- Watcom 8.5
TS -- TopSpeed

yy is: TA -- Borland Turbo Assembler
M5 -- Microsoft Macro Assembler Version 5.1
M6 -- Microsoft Macro Assembler Version 6.0
QC -- Microsoft Quick Assembler Version 2.5 (QCL)
OA -- SLR Systems OPTASM
NA -- No Assembler (currently requires PKUNZIP on path)


(path) is the path to your compiler's library directory, without
a trailing backslash.
The LPATH macro is only required for Borland compilers
at this time; however, we recommend you set it
for future compatibility.

Then run the MAKEDEMS.BAT file to build your libraries.

To run the demo programs, run TCXLDEMO.EXE.

If you are using the Zortech compiler, ENTDEMO and STRDEMO may not link
correctly due to the way Zortech implements floating point libraries. To
allow these demos to link, add one line to ENTDEMO.SMF and STRDEMO.SMF as

Z:\LIB\INT.OBJ& <--- insert this line, using the correct
TVMSTUB.OBJ& path for the location of INT.OBJ on
your system.

Additional README information is available in the following files after


Documentation files for the various products are stored in:


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