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Version 2.01 October 31, 1987

1. DROP_TSR - will check to see if a resident program is loaded on top
of your routine and if there isn't it will remove the program from
memory and immediately exited.

2. TOP_TSR - will return TRUE if there are no other memory resident
programs loaded on top of yours.

3. LOADED - has been changed so that a function pointer does not have
to be passed.

4. A bug has been fixed in the interrupt exchange routine which was
causing a lockup. The way I had it before was all the interrupts
between 0x34 & 0x7f were shifted to 0x30 & 0x7b. (Oops!) A few
systems just did not appreciate having their interrupts molested in
this manner. I guess some machines just have no sense of humor!

5. Now while your resident program is running all critical errors are
ignored. This prevents the user from selecting "Abort" on a
critical error and crashing the system.

6. A bug has been fixed which caused the call BRIGHT (MONOCHROME) to
produce an underlined attribute in the Turbo C library.

7. The Program Segment Prefix is set to your program when the resident
portion is called up. This means you are not restricted by the
program you interrupted as to the number of files you can have open.

8. Still haven't been able to get the FCLOSEALL to operate correctly.
I thought the PSP swapping would do the trick, but this bug is
rather stubborn.

Keep the letters coming! If I don't hear about the problems it will
take that much longer for me find them and get them fixed.

Remember: Your compiled programs will only work on DOS 3.0 or later.
Version 2.00 October 22, 1987

Features available with the KyCorp Memory Resident Library.

1. GO_RESIDENT - Just specify the routine to be made resident and the
three keys that you want to call it up.

2. LOADED - Checks to see if your routine has already been made memory
resident. Uses the function pointer address as the signature so that
multiple routines compiled with this library can be run together
without interference.

3. WINDOW - a convenient structure to define a display window for routines
such as MAKE_WINDOW, SAVE_WINDOW, and EXCH_WINDOW. An unlimited number
of windows can be defined and layered on top of one another.

4. DIS_STR - one of the direct screen display routines. All the video
routines send there data to the proper video segment by determining
whether the display is monochrome or color and the active page.
Updates to the screen are snow-free by default (see SCREEN_SPEED).

5. STACK_SIZE - a global variable for setting the size of the stack for
the resident routine.

6. There is a library for both Microsoft and Turbo C. Both libraries were
compiled with the same source code so they will operate exactly the
same regardless of which compiler is being used.

7. No restrictions on any function with the exception of FCLOSEALL ().
For some reason this function just does not want to operate correctly
while a routine is resident. Files may still be closed individually
without any problems. If you have any information as to why this
particular function doesn't work I would appreciate hearing from you.

-Mark C. Peterson
KyCorp Information Group, Inc.

Send electronic correspondence to:
70441,3353 on CompuServe

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