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/* dos.h

Defines structs, unions, macros, and functions for dealing
with MSDOS and the Intel iAPX86 microprocessor family.

Copyright (c) Borland International 1987,1988,1990
All Rights Reserved.
#ifndef __DOS_H
#define __DOS_H

#if __STDC__
#define _Cdecl
#define _Cdecl cdecl

#ifndef __PAS__
#define _CType _Cdecl
#define _CType pascal

/* Variables */
extern int const _Cdecl _8087;
extern int _Cdecl _argc;
extern char **_Cdecl _argv;
extern char **_Cdecl environ;

extern int _Cdecl _doserrno;

extern unsigned _Cdecl _heaplen;
extern unsigned char _Cdecl _osmajor;
extern unsigned char _Cdecl _osminor;
extern unsigned _Cdecl _psp;
extern unsigned _Cdecl _stklen;
extern unsigned _Cdecl _fpstklen;
extern unsigned _Cdecl _version;

#define FA_RDONLY 0x01 /* Read only attribute */
#define FA_HIDDEN 0x02 /* Hidden file */
#define FA_SYSTEM 0x04 /* System file */
#define FA_LABEL 0x08 /* Volume label */
#define FA_DIREC 0x10 /* Directory */
#define FA_ARCH 0x20 /* Archive */

#define NFDS 20 /* Maximum number of fds */

struct fcb {
char fcb_drive; /* 0 = default, 1 = A, 2 = B */
char fcb_name[8]; /* File name */
char fcb_ext[3]; /* File extension */
short fcb_curblk; /* Current block number */
short fcb_recsize; /* Logical record size in bytes */
long fcb_filsize; /* File size in bytes */
short fcb_date; /* Date file was last written */
char fcb_resv[10]; /* Reserved for DOS */
char fcb_currec; /* Current record in block */
long fcb_random; /* Random record number */

struct xfcb {
char xfcb_flag; /* Contains 0xff to indicate xfcb */
char xfcb_resv[5]; /* Reserved for DOS */
char xfcb_attr; /* Search attribute */
struct fcb xfcb_fcb; /* The standard fcb */

struct COUNTRY {
int co_date;
char co_curr[5];
char co_thsep[2];
char co_desep[2];
char co_dtsep[2];
char co_tmsep[2];
char co_currstyle;
char co_digits;
char co_time;
long co_case;
char co_dasep[2];
char co_fill[10];

struct DOSERROR {
int de_exterror;
int de_class;
char de_action;
char de_locus;

struct dfree {
unsigned df_avail;
unsigned df_total;
unsigned df_bsec;
unsigned df_sclus;

struct fatinfo {
char fi_sclus;
char fi_fatid;
int fi_nclus;
int fi_bysec;

struct devhdr {
long dh_next; /* Next device pointer */
short dh_attr; /* Attributes */
unsigned short dh_strat; /* Driver strategy routine */
unsigned short dh_inter; /* Driver interrupt routine */
char dh_name[8]; /* Device name */

struct time {
unsigned char ti_min; /* Minutes */
unsigned char ti_hour; /* Hours */
unsigned char ti_hund; /* Hundredths of seconds */
unsigned char ti_sec; /* Seconds */

struct date {
int da_year; /* Year - 1980 */
char da_day; /* Day of the month */
char da_mon; /* Month (1 = Jan) */

struct WORDREGS {
unsigned int ax, bx, cx, dx, si, di, cflag, flags;

struct BYTEREGS {
unsigned char al, ah, bl, bh, cl, ch, dl, dh;

union REGS {
struct WORDREGS x;
struct BYTEREGS h;

struct SREGS {
unsigned int es;
unsigned int cs;
unsigned int ss;
unsigned int ds;

struct REGPACK {
unsigned r_ax, r_bx, r_cx, r_dx;
unsigned r_bp, r_si, r_di, r_ds, r_es, r_flags;

typedef struct {
char ds_drive; /* do not change */
char ds_pattern [13]; /* these fields, */
char ds_reserved [7]; /* Microsoft reserved */
char ds_attrib;
short ds_time;
short ds_date;
long ds_size;
char ds_nameZ [13]; /* result of the search, asciiz */
} dosSearchInfo; /* used with DOS functions 4E, 4F */

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
int _Cdecl absread (int __drive, int __nsects, long __lsect, void *__buffer);
int _Cdecl abswrite(int __drive, int __nsects, long __lsect, void *__buffer);
int _Cdecl allocmem(unsigned __size, unsigned *__segp);
int _CType bdos (int __dosfun, unsigned __dosdx, unsigned __dosal);
int _Cdecl bdosptr (int __dosfun, void *__argument, unsigned __dosal);
struct COUNTRY *_Cdecl country (int __xcode, struct COUNTRY *__cp);
void _Cdecl ctrlbrk (int _Cdecl (*handler)(void));
void _Cdecl delay (unsigned __milliseconds);
void _Cdecl disable (void);
int _Cdecl dosexterr (struct DOSERROR *__eblkp);
long _Cdecl dostounix (struct date *__d, struct time *__t);
void __emit__();
void _Cdecl enable (void);
int _Cdecl freemem (unsigned __segx);
int _Cdecl getcbrk (void);
void _CType getdate (struct date *__datep);
void _Cdecl getdfree(unsigned char __drive, struct dfree *__dtable);
void _Cdecl getfat (unsigned char __drive, struct fatinfo *__dtable);
void _Cdecl getfatd (struct fatinfo *__dtable);
unsigned _Cdecl getpsp (void);
int _Cdecl getswitchar (void);
void _CType gettime (struct time *__timep);
int _Cdecl getverify (void);
void _Cdecl harderr (int _Cdecl (*handler)());
void _Cdecl hardresume (int __axret);
void _Cdecl hardretn(int __retn);
int _Cdecl inport (int __portid);
unsigned char _Cdecl inportb(int __portid);
int _Cdecl int86 (int __intno, union REGS *__inregs, union REGS *__outregs);
int _Cdecl int86x (int __intno, union REGS *__inregs, union REGS *__outregs,
struct SREGS *__segregs);
int _Cdecl intdos (union REGS *__inregs, union REGS *__outregs);
int _Cdecl intdosx (union REGS *__inregs, union REGS *__outregs,
struct SREGS *__segregs);
void _Cdecl intr (int __intno, struct REGPACK *__preg);
void _Cdecl keep (unsigned char __status, unsigned __size);
void _Cdecl nosound (void);
void _Cdecl outport (int __portid, int __value);
void _Cdecl outportb(int __portid, unsigned char __value);
char *_Cdecl parsfnm (const char *__cmdline, struct fcb *__fcb, int __opt);
int _Cdecl peek (unsigned __segment, unsigned __offset);
char _Cdecl peekb (unsigned __segment, unsigned __offset);
void _Cdecl poke (unsigned __segment, unsigned __offset, int __value);
void _Cdecl pokeb (unsigned __segment, unsigned __offset, char __value);
int _Cdecl randbrd (struct fcb *__fcb, int __rcnt);
int _Cdecl randbwr (struct fcb *__fcb, int __rcnt);
void _Cdecl segread (struct SREGS *__segp);
int _Cdecl setblock(unsigned __segx, unsigned __newsize);
int _Cdecl setcbrk (int __cbrkvalue);
void _Cdecl setdate (struct date *__datep);
void _Cdecl setswitchar (char __ch);
void _Cdecl settime (struct time *__timep);
void _Cdecl setverify (int __value);
void _Cdecl sleep (unsigned __seconds);
void _Cdecl sound (unsigned __frequency);
void _Cdecl unixtodos (long __time, struct date *__d, struct time *__t);
int _CType unlink (const char *__path);

/* These are in-line functions. These prototypes just clean up
some syntax checks and code generation.

void _Cdecl __cli__ (void);
void _Cdecl __sti__ (void);
void _Cdecl __int__ (int __interruptnum);
unsigned char _Cdecl __inportb__ (int __portid);
void _Cdecl __outportb__(int __portid, unsigned char __value);

#define disable() __emit__( (char)(0xfa) )
#define enable() __emit__( (char)(0xfb) )

#define geninterrupt(i) __int__(i) /* Interrupt instruction */

#define outportb __outportb__
#define inportb __inportb__

/* some other compilers use inp, outp for inportb, outportb */
#define inp(portid) inportb(portid)
#define outp(portid,v) outportb(portid,v)

extern unsigned _Cdecl _ovrbuffer;

#if !__STDC__
int cdecl far _OvrInitEms( unsigned __emsHandle, unsigned __emsFirst, unsigned __emsPages );
int cdecl far _OvrInitExt( unsigned long __extStart, unsigned long __extLength );

char far *cdecl getdta(void);
void cdecl setdta(char far *__dta);

#define MK_FP(seg,ofs) ((void _seg *)(seg) + (void near *)(ofs))
#define FP_SEG(fp) ((unsigned)(void _seg *)(void far *)(fp))
#define FP_OFF(fp) ((unsigned)(fp))

#ifdef __cplusplus
void interrupt (far * _CType getvect(int __interruptno)) (...);
void _CType setvect (int __interruptno, void interrupt (far *__isr) (...));
int inline _Cdecl peek(unsigned __segment, unsigned __offset)
{ return (*((int far*)MK_FP(__segment, __offset))); }
char inline _Cdecl peekb(unsigned __segment, unsigned __offset)
{ return (*((char far*)MK_FP(__segment, __offset))); }
void inline _Cdecl poke(unsigned __segment, unsigned __offset, int __value)
{ (*((int far*)MK_FP(__segment, __offset)) = __value); }
void inline _Cdecl pokeb(unsigned __segment, unsigned __offset, char __value)
{ (*((char far*)MK_FP(__segment, __offset)) = __value); }
void interrupt (far * _CType getvect(int __interruptno)) ();
void _CType setvect (int __interruptno, void interrupt (far *__isr) ());
#define peek(a,b) (*((int far*)MK_FP((a),(b))))
#define peekb(a,b) (*((char far*)MK_FP((a),(b))))
#define poke(a,b,c) (*((int far*)MK_FP((a),(b))) = (int)(c))
#define pokeb(a,b,c) (*((char far*)MK_FP((a),(b))) = (char)(c))

#ifdef __cplusplus


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