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Using Turbo-C from Borland with my EGA graphics routines.

I planned to spend all day converting my EGA graphics routines from Microsoft C
to Turbo-C. It took only a few minutes. The biggest problem is getting TurboC
to scan my EGA library during it's linking phase. Just putting it in the LIB
directory did not work. Using the LIB program (comes with Microsoft assembler)
I merged my EGA with the Turbo-C CS library and it worked. If you don't have
the LIB program, you then must exit out of Turbo-C and use the TLINK program.
Also you must make TC non-case sensitive (/N for TLINK, OPTION menu for TC).

Steps to follow:

1. Copy the MCEGA.H to the Turbo-C INCLUDE directory.

2. Copy the EGA.LIB to the Turbo-C LIB directory.

3. If you have the Microsoft LIB program goto step 8, else goto step 4.

4. Compile the DEMO.C program using TC (Compile to .OBJ).

5. Exit TC and run TLINK as follows:

TLINK /n lib\c0s demo,demo,,lib\ega lib\emu lib\maths lib\c0

6. Enter DEMO and it should run (Did for me!).

7. All Done!

8. Make sure you have a backup of the CS.LIB file.

9. Merge the CS.LIB with the EGA.LIB


10. Start TC, select OPTION/LINKER Not Case Sensitive.

11. Compile to .EXE file then Run!

I have done both methods and it works for me. I have only spent two hours
with Turbo-C and there may be a better way. All asm source code is available
for twenty dollars ($20.00) from me (address in the EGA.DOC file). Have Fun!

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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