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The C Users' Group welcomes submissions for inclusion in the
C public domain library. Please sign and return the following information
with your submission. Thank you.


For CUG Library Contribution

We can not distribute your submission without this release.
Please fill out, sign and return this form. Don't hesitate to
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The submitted materials are:

____Of unknown origin or status.

____(Someone else's Public Domain or Shareware)
To the best of my knowledge currently in the public domain
or authorized for distribution as shareware.

____(My Public Domain)
Written by me and hereby placed into the public domain.
Permission is hereby granted to The C Users' Group to distribute
the submitted materials freely for non-commercial personal use.

____(My Shareware)
Written by me and protected by certain copyright restrictions
clearly specified in the files constituting the submission.
Permission is hereby granted to The C Users' Group to
distribute the submitted materials, without royalty or
other compensation, and to charge their normal distribution
fee for such distribution, provided that my copyright restrictions
are included unchanged in each copy distributed.



Please avoid sub-directories, squeezed files, library files or other
compacted formats. CUG appreciates and prefers submissions with
cataloging headers on all text files (See the sample below and our directory
for the additional information.)

TITLE: Diskette sector editor;

DESCRIPTION: "Lets you view, edit and write back a diskette sector.

It needs a 24*80 cursor-addressable terminal, and requires
your custom CLRSCREEN() and GOTOXY() functions. The
definitions of these functions appear early in SE.C.

Compiling requires SENTER.C, included on the diskette.
Also included are SE.DOC and SE.SUB.";

KEYWORDS: Disk, utility, editor, sector;
SYSTEM: CP/M-80, V2.2;
WARNINGS: "Requires Version 2.x of CP/M.
SE is not designed to work with systems using the DEBLOCK
routine in the BIOS to handle physical sectors larger than
128 bytes, so if you have such a system, and want to use SE,
you must modify the routines in SE which write back the edited
sector. The BitMap command is not implemented.";

AUTHORS: Jan Larsson;
COMPILERS: BDS C, v1.43 and 1.5a;

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