Category : C Source Code
Archive   : SHERLOCK.ZIP
Filename : CPP.MAK

Output of file : CPP.MAK contained in archive : SHERLOCK.ZIP

# Turbo C make file for cpp.exe
# -mc: COMPACT memory model
# -c: compile to .obj
# -C: Allow nested comments
# -N: Check for stack overflow
# March 14, 1988
# cpp.exe also depends on slxxx.obj and prfxxx.obj (see cpp.lnk)

bcc -mc -c -C -I. -DTURBOC -DNO_SHERLOCK $*.c

cpp.exe: cpp.obj glb.obj tok.obj dir.obj def.obj \
mst.obj sys.obj mem.obj utl.obj str.obj pr.obj
tlink @cpp.lnk

cpp.obj: cpp.c cpp.h enum.h

glb.obj: glb.c cpp.h enum.h

tok.obj: tok.c cpp.h enum.h

dir.obj: dir.c cpp.h enum.h

def.obj: def.c cpp.h enum.h

mst.obj: mst.c cpp.h enum.h

mem.obj: mem.c cpp.h enum.h

sys.obj: sys.c cpp.h enum.h

str.obj: str.c cpp.h enum.h

utl.obj: utl.c cpp.h enum.h

pr.obj: pr.c cpp.h enum.h