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// This is a simple program to demonstrate one way to scroll a page
// up or down using mode X.

// To compile it use large model and link with xlib06l.lib, one idea
// to make things speed up is to modify the page flip routine source
// and remove all loops (I believe there are two). This can make the
// difference between 30fps and 60fps!!

// Enjoy.

#include "xlib_all.h"

#define FARPTR(x) (MK_FP(FP_SEG(x),FP_OFF(x)))

void load_pallete(void);
void load_mapsprites(void);
void put_map(int);

char far * Sprite[1]; // Sprite table
int counter; // Global counter
char buff[5000]; // Temporary buffer for loading sprites

char far * // from xlib6
AllocatedSprite(int width, int height, int logical_width, char far * bitmap)
char far * result;
int size;
result = farmalloc((width * height * 7) / 2 + 25);
if (result == 0) {printf("\n out of memory \n");exit(0);}
size = x_compile_bitmap_32(logical_width, bitmap, result);
return farrealloc(result, size);

void load_pallete() // load pallete from raw file
FILE *k;
int i;
unsigned char r,g,b;
k = fopen("mac.pal","rb");
for (i=0; i<256; i++){
r = fgetc(k);
g = fgetc(k);
b = fgetc(k);

void load_mapsprites()
FILE *k;
int i,l;
unsigned char c;
for (l=0; l<=0; l++){ // loop for the number of sprites to load
for (i=0; i<4; i++)
fgetc(k); // strip size header
for (i=2;i<18;i++) // make first line all 0's -- why? I dont know it just works better, expirimentation is great!!
buff[i] = 0;
for (i=18;i<274;i++) // actually read spite data
buff[i] = fgetc(k);
buff[0] = 16; // set up sizes for compilation
buff[1] = 17;
Sprite[l] = AllocatedSprite(buff[0], buff[1], 80,FARPTR(buff)); // compile it

void put_map(int i)
register int k,j,r;
r = (16 - (i % 16))+16; // compute offset of tiles to screen
for (j=0;j<21;j++)
for (k=0;k<16;k++)
x_put_cbitmap((j << 4),(k<<4)+r,HiddenPageOffs,Sprite[0]);

struct time begin,end;
int i=0;
load_mapsprites(); // load sprite(s)
free(buff); // free sprite buffer
x_set_mode(1,320); // set X mode
load_pallete(); // load pallete
x_set_tripplebuffer(798); // set up triple buffer
gettime(&begin); // get start time
do { // loop
put_map(i++); // draw a page
x_page_flip(0,32); // look at page just drawn
counter++; // inc global counter
} while (!kbhit()); // until anykey hit
gettime(&end); // get end time
x_text_mode(); // exit X mode
printf("number of frames = %d\n",counter); // figure it all out
printf("begin time = %d - %d - %d\n",begin.ti_min,begin.ti_sec,begin.ti_hund);
printf("end time = %d - %d - %d\n",end.ti_min,end.ti_sec,end.ti_hund);
printf("frame rate = %d\n",

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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